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Stock ROM vs Custom ROM: Which one should I go for?

Stock ROM vs Custom ROM in Android: Which one should I go for?

Android is the most widely used operating system in the world. Be it be the User interface, user friendly nature or any other reasons, it has already made people fall in love with it by its uniqueness. The proof is that more than half of the mobile phones has Android based operating system.  Android has beaten windows long back and there is no turn back after that.


Since the Android features are Open source, it has given the provisions for and individual development based on their own need. This is the reason for many different technological arrivals in the market. One such change is the Custom ROM’s which comes with extra features making the look immensely different and impressive. When we say ROM in PC or computers, it might just be the read only memory and the normal one. But, when we quote the same in mobiles/tablets, it does mean a lot for everyone.

Stock ROM vs Custom ROM

Today, in this post I’m going to clearly explain the differences between the stock ROM against the Custom ROM.

Stock vs Custom ROM

In a layman term, we know what customizing mean. Changing the things accordingly based on our needs. Whereas, Stock ROM is something which comes originally when the mobiles phones are bought new or delivered. So, the pure version of the manufacturers is called the stock ROM. Most of the mobile manufactures takes this Stock ROM and make some modifications accordingly making it unique from one another, giving it their own feather touch.

Anyone can buy the Android phones with stock ROM’s from internet at a very less price. There are many such online stores available. The main reason for the different user interface for different mobiles is this Stock ROM.  But, the customized ROM’s are quite different from these stock ROM’s and gives more control for the developers. Let’s try to know what to choose and which one would be a clever choice!

Stock ROM- Reasons to choose:

What is Stock ROM

  1. Warranty: Yes! This is another source of calling the mobile genuine. And having a warranty has become very common these days. Everyone likes to be on the safer side, this is the main reason why people go for stock ROM heavily.Stock ROM vs Custom ROM
  2. Security Reasons : Stock ROM offers the better security associated with it, since they are mostly developed by the giant companies and is free from any kinds infections against virus, malwares etc. Stock ROM vs Custom ROM
  3. Unique features: Stock ROM’s comes with different features which are not found in the normal Android Operating system. Customer launcher, screen drawer are some examples
  4. Apps from Manufacturers: Manufacturers usually go for a survey before creating the neediest applications. So, the apps which come from manufacturers are the most required ones. So, going for Stock ROM’s would ease out some other works. For instance, the SIRI app launched recently in android devices is user friendly an there are many other Apps which has taken a firm root in market.


Custom ROM- Why Should one choose it?

What Is Custom ROM


  • Access:

It is an upgraded version of pure android Operating system developed by community of developers around the world. This gives control of root access to the users strengthening the hold of customers on their own phone, whereas the stock hinders their customers from doing so.

  • Better Performance:

Better Performance:

Customizing the apps up to the base level not only gives the freedom but also improvises the user attraction towards it. These Custom ROM’s do not come up with preinstalled Applications. It allows the individual to optimise apps on their own, restrict the usage, permission settings etc.

  • New-Updates every now and then

Everyone has the normal tendency to get bored after the frequent use of the User interfaces, apps or anything be it be. Using long term would make it less interactive. To keep everyone using it efficiently, Custom ROM rolls out the new updates very often.

Everyone has their own perspective to look the things at. The heated debate between the comparisons is on the run continuously. But, one can select one on their own depending on their requirement.

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