How to stalk your partner on Instagram?

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How to stalk your partner on Instagram?

Ethically, stalking someone is unethical.

But it is fun. You can spy on your friends, family, ex, and even on your current partner. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Almost all of us become curious about our loved ones in many situations, it’s natural. We want to spy on our siblings when we find them smiling at their phones, or we stalk our friends when they are not telling us they are dating someone.

Most probably, we stalk our partners only when we find slight changes in their behavior. Everyone has a fear of losing their partner, there could be many reasons for losing your partner in a relationship. But most likely the biggest reason is cheating.

It is a sure thing that we have gone through this many times in our life, where we wanted to spy on our siblings, friend, ex, or partners but we did not have ways to do it earlier.

But now in 2021, we have many ways to stalk someone. There are many free online Instagram stalking tools that allow us to spy on someone anonymously.

Social media is the most common place where your partner can get a chance to cheat on you.  In fact, it is the only way of communication your partner can use for cheating. Because chatting on the phone can cause problems for him/her.

Using Instagram or Facebook is safe, you can talk to anyone without leaving a trace record. 

Additionally, social media gives you more chances to make excuses. Because anyone can follow you on social sites. It needs no explanations if you ask your cheating partner why he/she is following someone.   

A bit of sincere advice to all who are suffering this condition in the relationship that doesn’t let this toxic relation ruin your mental peace. Let it go. But only if you are sure about the third person. 

But if you are not then be a detective first. Make sure your partner is cheating on you or you are just assuming this. So in this case, if you want to stalk your partner to save your relationship it would not be unethical. In actuality it is, but from your heart, you will know it is not.

Want to stalk your partner. Right? So, without wasting time let’s start learning to stalk someone without letting them know.

5 tips to stalk your partner on Instagram

Instagram is the most commonly used social media platform. And your partner could have so many excuses to defend himself/herself here so most probably they are using Instagram for such creepy things.

Moreover, stalking on Facebook is easier so they won’t take risks. Stalking your partner on Instagram openly could make your relationship worse. So the first thing to keep in mind, don’t let them know. 

So here we go, the best tips to stalk your partner without letting him/her know. 

# 1;

If you have access to his profile, then explore it each and everything visible. All little details in his pictures even he is alone in this picture. Zoom out and look at everything in the background.

# 2;

Read all comments on his photos, all means all– find all complements and suspicious comments. Make a list and then visit all those profiles. If they all are public it is good but if not, then be patient, please. There must be a clue you can use to reach the truth. 

Check all public profiles comments. Where he/she is commenting frequently. Keep an eye on such accounts.

# 3; 

Use the google image search option to find him/her in any photo you are not familiar with. If you find any then again zoom out and check each and everything.

# 4; 

Use a contact number or Gmail if you have one instead of a name. Probably you find any other social media account associated with a number or Gmail.

# 5; 

Lastly, if you are frustrated from this all and you could not find anything from all methods. Then move the advance step– Use Instagram stalker. 

Best Instagram stalking tools 

One problem leads to many solutions. So, as we have such issues, we have their solutions too. There are many apps and websites providing free features to stalk someone on Instagram. Let’s have a brief description and guide to use these Instagram stalking tools.

Top 5 Instagram stalking tools:

A list of the best Instagram stalking tools is given below, with step by step guide to use them. Let’s start stalking like a pro

  • Gramvio
  • privatephotoviewer
  • Socialdownloadmanager
  • Dumpor

1- Gramvio

Gramvio is an Instagram stalker. It is accessible from all around the world. This tool helps you to find Instagram stories, locations, posts, and also tags of any Instagram user.

How to use:

A step-by-step guide on how to use gramvio Instagram stalker is written down. 

  • Open your Instagram and find your partner account. Copy the username of your partner.
  • Open gramvio in google. It is easily accessible by all devices. Now paste that Instagram user’s name you want to stalk in the search bar. 
  • Click on the search button right next to the search bar for PC or laptops. And for Android users, it will show right under the search bar.
  • All the posts, stories, videos and locations start showing under the search bar. Additionally, followers and followings are also starting to show you there. It shows you the actual number of posts, even the deleted ones.


This is the best tool ever to stalk an Instagram profile anonymously. It allows you to watch stories, posts, followers, and following new subscriptions.

Moreover, it also provides you the service of monitoring any Instagram profile all time without letting them know, their old and new likes, comments, and all other potential changes that anyone can make in an Instagram account.

Furthermore, the best feature of this tool is you can access even the deleted stories from that account. But you have to add credentials to that account.

That’s why it is on the top of the list of best tools for stalking Instagram.

How to use:

The method to use this tool is given below

  1. Open your Instagram
  2. Find that account you want to monitor anonymously
  3. Now copy the username of your partner or anyone you want to stalk.
  4. Open the Insta Stalker website and paste the username in the text field box.
  5. Click on the button next to the bar, it will start searching for you.
  6. Once the search is done, you will get all the required details about your desired account.

3- privatephotoviewer

This is a perfect tool to stalk your ex or your partner who has blocked you with a lame excuse or after a fake fight. Just to keep you away from his/her life.

This tool allows you to preview activities of all accounts that have blocked you no matter for what reason.

Now, you don’t need to make a fake account to stalk your partner, just open this website and put credentials here and you’re done. Let this website do stalking for you.

 How to use:

Learn how to use privatephotoviewer in few simple steps

  1. Open the website by typing name in Google.
  2. Now open Instagram and copy the targeted account username.
  3. Paste username in the text field box.
  4. Confirm users by scrolling across all the given matches.
  5. After finding your desired account, click on it and you will get all the necessary details about it.

4- Socialdownloadmanager

The most used website for stalking purposes. Because of its services.  But, because of overloaded requests sometimes it stops responding and you have to wait for hours or might be a day to stalk your partner through this website.

Although it is a good website from the services aspect, it is not recommended when we are desperately waiting for results.

But again, a benefit of using this app is it shows a chart of complete statistics of the last 12 post scrolls down, most liked and commented post and all other media start showing on your screen including IGTV videos.

How to use:

  1. Copy the user name from Instagram.
  2. Paste the username in the search bar and click the button right under the bar.
  3. After getting a message, the required profile was found. Click on start stalking to get the profile media.

5- Dumpor

An easy-to-use Instagram stalking tool, that allows you to stalk any public account in just a few seconds.

It shows you complete profile information, including posts, reels, followers, following, and also tagged posts. So you can easily find if someone is tagging your partner in their posts.

How to use:

Working on the same process as all above-mentioned tools are doing.

  1. Copy Instagram profile username.
  2. Open the website and paste the username in the bar.
  3. Click on the search icon right in front of the bar.
  4. Your desired profile will start showing under the bar.

Final thoughts:

It is a brief guide to find your cheating partner. And if you find your partner cheating on you, don’t waste your time and feelings on this relationship.

Hope you will find the perfect partner you deserve. 

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