Guide for using LG bridge for LG devices.

Hwo to use LG Bridge with your LG Phones

Hwo to use LG Bridge with your LG Phones

Hwo to use LG Bridge with your LG Phones

Hello Everyone! Welcome to flash stock ROM. Today, I’m providing you the detailed post which will include the detailed sequential steps to be followed to use the LG bridge with your LG phones. Sit back and enjoy the post, feel free to drop any comments on queries if any.

What’s LG Bridge?

It is a software cab be run on your windows or MAC OS and lets you restore, update and even to back up the data on your phone, and can also transfer the files from your device to computer without the aid of data cable. It is very easy to use and handle. Today, in this post I’m going to tell you the ways to download and install it, step to back up the data, restore your phone and to transfer the files without data cables.

  1. Downloading and installing LG bridge on your Computer
  2. Enter LG bridge on your computer browser and hit enter, go to the website and then to the help page.
  3. Download the LG bridge software on your computer depending on your OS.                                                
  4. Click next on the prompted permission for downloading screen.
  5. Accept the terms and conditions and hit next.
  6. Install the application once it is done with the downloading part.                                                           
  7. Click next while installing for everything and click on finish once it is done.
  8. Go to start menu and search for the application and open it.
  9. At the top left corner, you should be able to see LG Airdrive.
  10. Click on the same.
  11. Click on sign with google on the displayed page and enter the email address.                                                   
  12. Enter the password and login.
  13. Select allow, select the proper date of birth and click on save.
  14. Tick the terms and conditions statement and select ok.


Backing up the data on your LG phone using LG bridge

  • Connect the device to the Computer where you have installed the LG Bridge at using the LG cable.
  • Go to the USB file notification and click on file transfer.                                                                                        
  • Open the LG bridge application from your desktop.
  • Click on LG back up , as shown In the image.
  • Check all the files which you want to back up.                                                                                                    
  • Hit ok . The data back up process should start.


Restoring the LG phone using LG bridge

  1. Connect the LG device to the computer using USB cable.
  2. Go to notifications from top dropdown and select file transfer and click on just once.
  3. Open LG bridge from your computer. The device should be connected and should be showing the same on the computer.
  4. Click on LG backup and select Restore option at the bottom.
  5. Select the backup that you want to restore your phone and click next.
  6. The files would be prepared for the same, hit start once its done.
  7. The files will be restored.

Wireless data transfer between your device and system

  • On the LG device, go to settings.
  • Go to Network and then hit on Share and connect option.                                                                                    
  • Search for the option LG Airdrive and click on sign in.
  • Select sign in with google and enter the email address and password and proceed.                                   
  • Accept the terms and conditions if proceed in the middle and proceed.
  • Now, open LG drive application on Computer and click on connect.
  • Click on view files and select internal storage in that.
  • Now, you should be able to drag and drop the files whichever you want to transfer.


 I hope the post came in handy for the flashing. If you are facing any issues in following any of these steps, then feel free to drop a comment. One of us from our team will get back to you quickly. Also, go through the other posts as well. Thanks!

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