Healthy back, more energy: why back pain makes you less productive

Healthy back, more energy: why back pain makes you less productive

Healthy back, more energy: why back pain makes you less productive

Back pain not only causes physical discomfort, but can also affect our quality of life and productivity. People who suffer from chronic back pain often feel exhausted and find it harder to concentrate. In addition, there are often restrictions in everyday life, for example when climbing stairs or lifting. If you want to regain your quality of life and productivity, you should pay particular attention to your back health. Valuable exercises and tips can be found here.

Combining work and training: Standing desks as a smart solution

There is often little or no time to go to the gym or work out at home. However, health awareness can easily be promoted during working hours. The solution is a standing desk. It helps relieve tension and strengthens the muscles. Standing encourages us to adopt a natural back posture. The spine is relieved and does not put pressure on the lower back as it does when sitting. Standing has another advantage: improved blood circulation. We notice this particularly when it comes to energy. While sitting inevitably makes us sleepy, our legs fall asleep or our energy levels drop, we almost feel energized when standing. The blood can circulate, and our body is better supplied with oxygen. The result is increased creativity, as our brain also gets its increased oxygen supply.

Exercises to strengthen the back muscles

There are some exercises that strengthen the back without using weights. One of the best known is the cat routine. This involves assuming a position on all fours and alternately raising and lowering the back towards the arch. This promotes flexibility in the spine and strengthens the muscles in the entire back.

We know Superman not only from the films of the same name, but also from sporting exercises. In a prone position, the arms are raised at the same time as the legs and held for a few seconds. This exercise is particularly challenging but extremely effective. It strengthens the upper and lower back muscles as well as the glutes at the same time.

Do your own plank challenge

Planks are particularly good for the entire back musculature. Due to its individuality, the exercise is excellent for both beginners and advanced users. If you’d like to, start slowly to build up your stamina and extend your time. For example, it is best to start with a short period of time, such as 20 seconds, and increase this time one by a few seconds each day. The goal could be to plank continuously for up to two minutes within a month. 

It is important to ensure that the body forms a straight line during the exercise and that the abdomen remains tight to maximize effectiveness. A daily progress log can provide additional motivation and help to visualize your progress. Regularity is the key to success with this challenge; even on days when you feel less energized, you should try to do the plank exercise. This not only strengthens your back muscles, but also improves your general posture and increases your sense of well-being.

Integrate back exercises into everyday life

Watching television, cooking, brushing your teeth or waiting can also be used for back exercises. The commercial breaks during your favorite film, for example, are ideal for stretching your back and stretching all extremities. Cooking and baking can also be combined with a short workout. While chopping vegetables, stirring food or rolling dough, standing on one leg supports your posture. When waiting for the bus, at the supermarket checkout or at the doctor’s, the muscles can be alternately tensed and loosened. This also helps with training.

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