12 Top-Rated Promo Products to Gift the Gamers

12 Top-Rated Promo Products to Gift the Gamers

12 Top-Rated Promo Products to Gift the Gamers

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing business today. A survey by Statista shows that global revenue of global gaming app will reach 74.6 billion dollars by 2020. Another survey from the source reveals that the gaming industry in American market valued at 17.68 billion dollars in the year 2016. These statistics demonstrate that there is ample room for the game companies to invest in this industry.

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But any business needs an effective marketing strategy to scale its business. So before you roll out new gaming products, you need to consider these promo products to increase the visibility of your business:

1. Pixel Glasses

These glasses are a savior for gaming addicts who are always hooked on to the screen of their smartphone or desktop PC. You can gift these shades to those gamers with a logo of your company. They will be thankful to you for protecting them from the eye strain and the headache that is caused by the pain in the eyes. So whenever they don the glasses in public, they will sport the logo of your company.

2. VR Glasses

VR Glasses do the magic for gamers. And since more companies are investing in the VR technology, you can also insinuate that you are a tech-enabled gaming company. With a VR device, you can allow your potential customers to immerse into a virtual environment so that they can kill time during a long-haul flight or while they travel the best places in the world.

This fantastic promo item will change their perspective of reality, and they will see the world in a virtual environment. At the same time, the gamgers will be flashing logo of your brand and giving free publicity to your business.

3. Gaming Headset

A headset can make or break a gaming experience. Veteran gamers understand the significance of a good headset. By giving a high-quality logoed headset to your potential customers, you can create a strong first impression of your business.

If your potential customers plug in the headphone in the gaming device, they should be able to feel a palpable sound. The experience will make them recall the name of your company, and the custom velcro patches on the headset will catch the attention of the onlookers.

4.Screen Protector

Gamers are paranoid about their device. No wonder so many of them apply a screen protector on their desktop PC, smartphone, and laptop to keep them safe from scratches and stains. To make this job easier for the gamers, you can gift your customers a screen protector with a logo of your company that they can use on the screen of their gaming devices to avoid the accidental nicks and spills that could damage the screen. And it is a cost-effective promo product, so you will not burn a hole in your pocket.

5.Bluetooth Speaker

A good speaker can enhance the gaming experience and take it to the next level. Nowadays, a Bluetooth speaker is the hottest product for media and entertainment industry. It frees up the gamers from the hotchpotch of wires, and they can carry it to the different places. This gives them freedom of mobility and they are able to move the speakers to their personal space or in a car without getting interrupted by the wires.

6.Retro Game Controller

The era of arcade gamers was the best period for the gamers. With this vintage promo product, you can offer some great retro games to your clientele, and they will remember your company for this gesture. If you want to give some good retro gaming experience to your customers, then this promo product is your best bet.

Just as the apparel brands designs the custom embroidered patches on the front of the garment to increase the visibility of their brand identity, you should put the logo on the front of the game controller so that the onlookers can easily see the brand identity of your company.

7. Customized Branded Watch

Gaming is an addiction, and it can be a big waste of time if you are an impulsive gamer. A watch can be an excellent promo product to remind your potential customers the value of time. To help your customers keep an eye on the time, you can give away a customized branded watch with the logo of your company.

8. Vinyl Skin

Vinyl skins look fantastic on laptops and smartphone and allow the gamers to make a fashion statement. Besides, they protect the body of gaming devices from scratches and marks. You can gift a customized vinyl skin to your customers with attractive imagery to catch the eyes of the users. The logo should be placed on the most prominent part of the skin.

9. Game Controller Shaped Stress Reliever

Playing too many games causes cramps and muscle pain to the gamers, and this is when this promo product eases the stress in their body. This promo product is made from a malleable material, so the user can press it to relax muscles before he gets ready for the next gaming session.

10. Bean Bag

Gaming can be harmful to gamers. Sitting for long hours can hurt the back and cause sprain on joints. To help make life easier for your customers, you can gift them a beanie bag with custom embroidered patches of your company. It should be big enough to accommodate a person so that he can sit comfortably for lengthy gaming sessions. You can give these bean bags in a trade show or exhibition to promote your business to a bigger audience.

11. Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is another useful promo item that provides neck support to gamers while they are engaged in long-hour gaming. Besides, the gamers can take a power nap in between the gaming sessions to rejuvenate the mind and body to get more control and focus on the game. A neck pillow is wrapped around the neck, so you can place a logo and company name on either side of the pillow to make them visible to the viewers.

12. Gamer Gloves

Gamer Gloves are a new thing, but they look cool on hands of the gamers. You can use this item as a promo product to give your customers more control on the joystick. A pair of gamer glove with the logo of the company will minimize the chances of slippage due to moisture in the hands, and the gamers will be able to get a stronger grip on the stick.

The gaming business is a billion-dollar industry. If you want to turn heads of your target buyers, you need to gift them these promo products.

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