8 Beginner Combat Tips for Hogwarts Legacy

8 Beginner Combat Tips for Hogwarts Legacy

8 Beginner Combat Tips for Hogwarts Legacy

Are the dark wizards giving you a hard time? Or are the goblins gobbling you up? We have some beginner combat tips for Hogwarts Legacy that’ll make your life easier in the magical wizarding world.

Hogwarts Legacy does an admirable job explaining its mechanics but gamers tend to miss out on key details when being bombarded with tips and tricks. And if you have yet to get the game, be sure to grab a Razer Gold Pin from OffGamers here to top up beforehand!

8 Beginner Combat Tips for Hogwarts Legacy

Here are some simple yet effective tips that can make combat in Hogwarts Legacy a breeze, even when facing enemies higher than your player level:

Learn About Your Enemies

Fighting an enemy the first time will unlock their card in the “Collections” section of the pause menu. While it may seem like simple lore unlocks at first, the written details are a goldmine of information. The collections menu lists all the information about the enemy, this also includes their weaknesses.

For example, if you are having trouble defeating Inferi (the zombies who don’t seem to take damage), you’ll need to use one of your fire spells. It’s generally a great practice to learn about your enemies, especially if they are giving you a hard time.


It may seem like you have limited options both in combat and exploration spells at the start. This is done to guide you towards the main story quests that unlock more spells and allows you to use advanced mechanics. Talents unlock a little into the story but are an invaluable way of making your wizard or witch powerful. You can think of Talents as skill points. There are a couple of categories of skills you can choose to invest in.

The biggest advantage of spending the talent points is a visible increase in your spell powers. You can put a point in Accio Mastery and the spell will pull all enemies around your target to you, providing a perfect setup for more crowd damage. You can pull multiple enemies to you with Accio Mastery and then set them all on fire with Incendio Mastery which sends out a ring of flames whenever cast.

Use Stealth

It may be a surprise but you can sneak around in Hogwarts Legacy. The Disillusionment charm unlocks early on in the story and allows you to go almost invisible. This also allows you to sneak up on enemies and take them out in stealth. Petrificus Totalus enables you to make short work of unaware enemies.

If you want to take down a bunch of enemies, there is a Stealth Talent tree that allows you to become even stronger. Slot in points and you can take down multiple foes with just one Petrificus Totalus. We’ve been able to clear out whole bases with stealth in Hogwarts Legacy, it is somewhat overpowered. It even damages enemies of higher level, so always start an open-world encounter with stealth.

Protego is Your Friend

The sooner you master the shielding charm the better every combat encounter will be. The shield charm Protego requires timing to be fully effective. Cast it at the last moment and you’ll not only do area-of-effect damage around you but also damage melee attackers and send back projectiles to the enemies. You can time it better when you see the orange “wizard sense” tingling on your character. You have to time it right to reap multiple rewards.

Keep the Protego button pressed after blocking an attack to cast Stupefy which stuns the enemy. This allows you to damage the enemies without the worry of them retaliating immediately. It’s a powerful combo to have that doesn’t deal damage outright but can increase your chances of winning.

Know When to Dodge

Knowing when to dodge is key to getting out of fighting magical enemies without a scratch. The red “alert” on your character’s head means it’s time to roll out of harm’s way. Some attacks are just so powerful that even the shielding charm is useless against them. If a troll is bashing a club on your head, it’s best to simply move out of harm’s way.

You can upgrade your dodge to a short-distance teleport increasing your dodge range. This is also great if you quickly want to close the gap between you and your target. You can upgrade it in the Core talent tree by slotting a point in Swift.


You’ll need to keep your gear updated if you want to be effective. Swap to new gear items whenever you get the chance, gear provides you with more defence so you can take more damage and also increase your firepower and health.

Some high-rarity gear comes with Trait Slot that can give you an additional perk. For example, it can give a little boost to your Imperio damage or increase your Ancient Magic Meter fill rate.

Ancient Magic

Your character in Hogwarts Legacy is special, even by wizarding standards. You have special access to Ancient Magic which requires a meter to be filled before use. String combos in the game and the meter will fill up, then use Ancient Magic to deal incredible amounts of damage. Make sure you have the meter filled up before taking on harder foes.

More Spell Slots

If you find just 4 useable spells too little, then don’t worry. Once you unlock Talents, you can have up to four spell sections easily accessible during combat and exploration. The spell sets can be unlocked in the Core Talent tree. The first two spell sets are available at level 5 while the last one unlocks at level 16. So you’ll have plenty of spells to cast.

Make sure to have a spell of each type slotted to destroy color-coded enemy shields. The yellow ones are vulnerable to control spells like Glacius, red shields take damage from damage spells, and so on.


These were some beginner combat tips for Hogwarts Legacy. Hopefully, you’ll have a great time taking out magical beasts and evil wizards armed with this knowledge. Do send us an owl if you have any more questions or just want to give more tips and tricks. 

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