8 Different Ways Businesses Use WhatsApp for Customer Service

Why is WhatsApp becoming an Essential Platform for Businesses?

Why is WhatsApp becoming an Essential Platform for Businesses?

In today’s fast-paced world businesses need to be present on every channel to cater to the varying customer base. Leading brands worldwide are choosing WhatsApp to communicate with the customers. Using a digital channel for customer service allows businesses to provide effective support.  

Furthermore, WhatsApp CRM Integrations provide several additional functions which makes it better suited for medium to large businesses.

The platform can be used by businesses in different ways to enhance their customer support service. 

1. Automate Basic Tasks with Chatbots

WhatsApp Chatbots can be used to automate basic tasks such as tracking order status, confirming appointments, sending captivating welcome messages, answering frequently asked questions and more. This allows the customer care team to focus more on tasks that require human intervention. The chatbots also work 24/7 to provide immediate solutions to common customer requests.

2. Incorporate Product Catalog into Your Business Profile 

Incorporating your product catalog into your WhatsApp business profile allows customers to ask questions about specific offerings. This can help assist customers looking for recommendations.

3. Collect Customer Feedback 

Customer feedback is valuable for any business to improve their products and services. WhatsApp is an excellent platform to reach out to customers and collect their feedback. The conversational nature of this platform makes it ideal to collect customer feedback.

Customers feel comfortable sharing opinions on a platform that they use regularly which makes the feedback honest and candid. Also, users are likely to respond to messages on WhatsApp compared to other platforms.

4. Send Instant Notifications

WhatsApp API can be used to send reminders and notifications to customers. These notifications can be sent for bookings, payment reminders, order status, etc. WhatsApp notifications have a high open rate which increases the chance of user engagement and response. 

5. Create Broadcast Lists

You can add your customers to a broadcast list to send the same message to multiple customers in one go. This saves time and effort while increasing the reach of your message. It can be useful to make announcements about special offers and promotions. However, it is important not to overuse this feature which can make users unsubscribe from your messages.

6. Use WhatsApp Status to Reach your Customers Directly 

WhatsApp status can be an interactive way to reach your customer directly. Update your WhatsApp status for the latest information on your brand. It can also be used to keep customers updated with special offers and promotions. The ever-changing content can be a great way to boost the reach of your brand and keep customers engaged. It also entices customers to know about your business.

7. Connect with Other Business Tools

WhatsApp Business API allows companies to integrate other business tools with the platform. This allows companies to store customer-related information in one system. This also allows you to gather useful insights for improved customer engagement and efficient operations. The integration with other tools can create a potent combination to manage and analyze customer interactions over various platforms.

For instance: WhatsApp CRM allows businesses to interact with customers from a single dashboard and provides a platform to store customer conversations in one place.

8. Simplify the Booking Process

Many businesses are already using WhatsApp to simplify the booking process for concert tickets, doctor appointments, travel tickets and more. Customers can easily make a booking with the messenger. It proves a useful feature for people who are busy. They no longer need to download the app or browse the website to find the booking option.

How can your Business be Found on WhatsApp? 

Using a WhatsApp QR code for your business can be the easiest way for your business to increase its discoverability. You can display the WhatsApp code on your website and other digital properties to make it easier for your customers. 

You could also display phone number for your WhatsApp support on your digital properties to help customers interact with you on WhatsApp. You need to be clear about the different ways your customers can reach you on WhatsApp. 

Why is WhatsApp becoming an Essential Platform for Businesses?

WhatsApp is quickly becoming a vital tool for businesses across the globe to grow their presence and interact with their customers. Embracing this powerful tool provides businesses a platform to directly interact with the customers which automatically leads to higher conversion rates and profits. With the majority of customers already active on the platform, it is relatively easy for business to stay in touch with their customers.  

It is proving especially useful for industries such as healthcare which heavily on direct messaging to interact with patients. It can be used for sending invoices, scheduling appointments, etc. 


WhatsApp adds value to your customer service strategy to boost engagement and put your business on the right track. The wide range of features makes it a powerful tool for customer service. Furthermore, integrations such as CRM WhatsApp enable businesses to reach customers like never before by providing added functionality. This is something that Kommo has been delivering to its long list of clientele regularly and efficiently, which you can also make use of. Consult the WhatsApp CRM experts and know how they can help you in your brand outreach process.

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