Can You Attach a Microphone to the iPhone?

Can You Attach a Microphone to the iPhone?

Can You Attach a Microphone to the iPhone?

YouTube has the largest collection of audio-visual content ranging from videos, podcasts, and vlogs to much more. Around 122 million people use the platform daily and consume all kinds of content. It is no secret that great content sells, but not all content is created equally. It takes stunning visuals with amazing audio to make something worthy of views.

Do you want to know the best part? You can create great content by attaching an external microphone to your iPhone.

Why Buy an External Microphone?

When talking about smartphone camera quality, the iPhone remains undefeated. You can shoot 4K videos at 60fps with sharp and dynamic colors. The iPhone’s optical image stabilization, paired with its software, makes the videos crisp and buttery smooth.

All that goes to waste when you want to record a vlog, but the audio is washed out with random noise.

Using an external microphone allows you to record clear audio to match the visuals. If you are looking for a lavalier mic for iPhone, there are many options to pick from.

What Kind of Microphone Works Best with an iPhone?

There are many microphones available on the market, and here are some factors to consider when buying a microphone for your iPhone.

  • Wired Vs. Wireless, What Works Best?

Wired options come with a lot of hassle and have less applicability. For starters, not all come with lighting port compatibility. You may need to use an extender or jack to connect the receiver.

  • Standard or Lavalier Microphones?

Suppose you want to produce content; it’s best to use a digital wireless microphone. The mini or lavalier microphone is a compact device that can connect to any audio recording source and transmit the audio for clear recording. Lavalier microphones can be hidden from the video frame very easily. You also have more mobility when using a mini microphone. You can move easily and shoot active videos for sports or other content. You can find a lavalier mic for mobile phone (both iPhone and Android) on the market.

  • Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a must in a digital external microphone. Active and passive noise cancellations keep the noise to a minimum. This quality comes in extremely handy when you are producing content in outdoor situations. While noise cancellation is important, it is also not always needed. Great microphones come with options to toggle the noise cancellation, giving you more control over the content you want to produce.

  • Versatile Content Shooting

A mini digital wireless microphone allows for more versatility in content creation. They are a great option for recording in the gym or daily vlogs. They can stay easily concealed while doing their job with amazing efficiency.

  • Fast Connectivity

Some microphones require additional steps to connect to an iPhone. It is tiresome to get through the process every time you want to use the microphone. Plug-and-play microphones come with preinstalled software which makes connecting to a device easier. They can connect in seconds and are very compact. Some lavalier mics for Android and iPhone don’t come with this feature, so do look out.

  • Fast Charging, Always

Slow charging was the game of the early 2000s; buying a microphone with no fast-charging support is not a good idea. Portable microphones come with decent battery timing, but they can’t last forever. Just put them in the charging case when you are done, and they will charge while you edit your work. Most charging cases come with USB-type C compatibility.

  • Portability Is Key

If you want to shoot content on your iPhone, make sure the microphone you buy is portable. The less bulky the charging case and microphone, the easier it is top-shoot content at various places with minimum hassle. Standard microphones are less portable due to their size. In contrast, wireless microphones tend to be better at portability.

  • Good Latency

Audio delay is a pain to synchronize and can ruin shot content. Good microphones offer reliable audio latency with no audio delay. It makes creating and editing content very easy. Most options on the market come with poor latency. They record poor-quality audio, which can’t even be fixed by editing.

The Best Option for Your iPhone


Great-quality external microphones save you time and effort. The Hollyland Lark C1 offers great compatibility, quality, and connectivity in a compact package.

The Lark C1 comes in two variants: RX and TX. Both offer an ultra-sleek design with active charging capability and much more.

Let’s check the features of Lark C1.

  1. Apple MFi Certification

The Lark C1 comes in separate variants for iOS and Android. The iOS version is certified by Apple and is part of their MFi program. It is officially verified for safe and secure use with the iPhone. This allows the Lark C1 to give you a smooth plug-and-play experience. Most microphones don’t offer this and can be harmful to your iPhone.

  1. Charging and Recording, At the Same Time

The TX and RX both have active charging capability. When the battery is low, you can easily connect them to a power source and keep recording. All this with great sound quality and no wires.

  1. Speaker Play for Quality Check

HollyLand Lark C1 RX makes checking recordings easy with the speaker play function, which can be enabled in the LarkSound app. Other options have you unplug the microphone for a quality check. In comparison, the Lark C1 connects to your iPhone’s speaker and gives you easy access to check your recording.

  1. Easy Noise Cancellation

You can easily activate the Lark C1’s noise cancellation with the click of a button. So you can record with or without background noise with ease.

  1. 32 Hours of Performance

The Lark C1 Duo offers a total active time of 32 hours through the charging case. Each TX has 8 hours of charging, giving you almost a full day of recording with ease.

  1. Low Latency & Huge Range

The Lark C1 offers a range of 650ft (200m) with 0.02s of latency. Many lavalier microphones come with a small range and high latency. These qualities make or break a microphone, as the audio quality and coverage heavily depend on these factors.

Bottom Line

lark-c1-iphone-micThe Lark C1 by Hollyland is equipped with robust features and offers Apple-verified compatibility. The microphone is a complete package that makes it worth buying. It is by far the best digital wireless microphone available on the market.

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