CompTIA Security+ Certification: The Best Bet To Building Your Cybersecurity Career

CompTIA Security+ Certification: The Best Bet To Building Your Cybersecurity Career

CompTIA Security+ Certification: The Best Bet To Building Your Cybersecurity Career

Would you like to advance your career in IT security? Are you a beginner looking for a certification to validate your cybersecurity skills? If so, the CompTIA Security+ designation is your best bet to getting things done. It is one of the core certificates provided by this reputable vendor for the 220-1001 who are eager to launch a career in cyber security, as well as master certify their key expertise in performing functions related to security.

Is This CompTIA Certification Worth It?

Simply said, yes, it is! With cyberattacks on the rise, the demand for competent security professionals has increased exponentially. That is why having official cybersecurity certifications from reputed organizations will help you score a job in this sought-after field. 

While there are numerous certificates to choose from, not all of them are recognized and accepted in top-notch companies around the world. Nonetheless, 220-1002 is one of the few organizations that offer accreditation programs that meet the expected standards. Hence, for individuals who would like to advance into intermediate-level jobs in cybersecurity, the Security+ designation is definitely worth a try. 

What makes it even more tempting is that according to public data provided on, the Security+ certificate holders have an average salary of SY0-601 per year. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for other higher-paying jobs. Even as a Security Engineer you can raise your salary prospects to a whopping $133k with the right amount of experience, skills, and motivation.

Furthermore, earning the CompTIA Security+ accreditation sets you on the right track for the CompTIA cybersecurity pathway. In other words, after obtaining this certification you can set your sights on more advanced certificates such as N10-007 and CompTIA PenTest+, to step into higher cybersecurity managerial roles. You can learn more about them on the vendor’s official website.

Earning The CompTIA Security+ Qualification

It’s not a secret that you will have to pass exam SY0-601 to obtain the Security+ certification. This CompTIA evaluation will validate your knowledge and skills in assessing and implementing appropriate security solutions, monitoring secure hybrid environments such as cloud, IoT, and mobile as well as responding effectively to security events and incidents. 

In order to pass this test, SY0-501 provides an array of products and training recourses such as eLearning instructor-led course, to help you prepare comprehensively for the final evaluation. Attending these training classes will help you get a better grasp on the identification of attacks and vulnerabilities, and understand how to implement the right protocols and risk mitigation techniques. 

Moreover, keep in mind that this certification will be valid for three years from the moment you successfully pass the SY0-601 exam.


So, if you are an entry-level IT specialist with at least a few years of experience in the security scope of the IT industry, this is the perfect accreditation path to break through to higher positions. Moreover, the CompTIA Security+ certification is not just an addition to your CV but a journey to help you gain solid expertise and sufficient training in cybersecurity which will provide you with excellent career prospects.

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