Different sensors of Android Devices


Different sensors of Android Devices

Different sensors of Android Devices and How to Use Them

Smartphones these days are integrated with such awful applications which are getting improved day by day. They are having features which makes us feel the whole world at the tip of our fingers. Today, I’m going to give you a guide which gives you the handful of knowledge about the different sensors and their uses.

List of different censors in smartphones and their uses

  1. Accelerometer: The sensor is used to determine the direction along the three axes. It also measures the acceleration that the handset is experiencing relative to free fall. Apps generally use this data to tell whether the phone is in landscape or portrait mode. This is also used during most of the games.Accelerometer
  2. Gyroscope: 



    The app that provides orientation information with greater precision. It is also used by Google’s sky map for mapping what constellation you are pointing at. It can also measure up to six directions at a time.

  3. Light Sensor: It is the reason why the screen brightness adjusts automatically. You can also test by keeping the phone in dark.
  4. IR blaster: It can control almost all the household devices which work on remotes. A great feature which allows you to have everything at the tip of your finger.                                                                
  5. Barometer: A sensor which is used to find the pressure in the room or the area you are in.
  6. Finger print sensor: A newly introduced in market and an effective. The unlocking of the device has become easier now. It allows you to have an extra edge over other mobiles which don’t have this feature in terms of security.                                                                                                                                   
  7. Pedometer: A fitness app which is mainly used to find the number of steps you have taken. The accuracy of this is too high. It I higher even than accelerometer.
  8. Temperature sensor: As the name itself suggests, it recognizes the temperature of the device whether it is high or normal

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