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Download All Lava Stock Rom Firmwares || Fully Tested

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We collect And Share All Lava Stock Roms here. If you have Any Lava Stock Or Custom firmware Please give us A Link to And help Others to fix their Phones. You Are Able to use Below Stock Roms when your Phone needed to unroot. Rolback, full system restore, Or when Phone dead. Also i want say. we have dedicated guide line for All these Phones.

  1. Lava Iris 880 MT6737M 7.0.zip sp link
  2. Lava ARC101 MT6261 S103 20160621 MIRA.zip (Miracle Box) link
  3. Lava Spark I8 V1.1 M010 20171009 MIRA.zip (Miracle Box) link
  4. Lava Flair P3 MT6572 V11 2016052.zip sp link
  5. Lava Grand 2C MT6735 S112 20170801.zip sp link
  6. Lava Z91 MT6739 20180102 7.1.zip sp link
  7. Lava A3 Mini MT6737T S116 05062017.zip sp link
  8. Lava Z80E MT6737M V1.0 S304 20171125 7.0.zip sp link
  9. Lava W7 AIS S104 20171122 5.1 SPD.zip fp link
  10. Lava Z60E MT6737M V1.0 S209 20171122 7.0.zip sp link
  11. Lava Z50 MT6737M V1.0 S003 20171116 8.1.0.zip sp link
  12. Lava X50M S210 SPD 20161025.zip fp link
  13. Lava P7 Plus MT6580 07292016 6.0.zip sp link
  14. Lava P7 Plus MT6580 29072016 6.0.zip sp link
  15. Lava X28 Plus S101 20160829 5.1 SPD.zip fp link
  16. Lava X28 Plus S107 20170111 5.1 SPD.zip fp link
  17. Lava X28 Plus S110 20170309 5.1 SPD.zip fp link
  18. Lava A51 S105 20161120 6.0.zip fp link
  19. Lava A44 MT6737M S113 20170928 7.0.zip sp link
  20. Lava R1 Lite MT6737M 29092017.zip sp link
  21. Lava Iris N320 MT6575 S102 20121106.zip sp link
  22. Lava Iris 50 MT6580 V2.0 S106 20170927 6.0.zip sp link
  23. Lava A1 MT6737M V1.0 EGY S109 20170928.zip sp link
  24. Lava 360 MT6572 29072015.zip sp link
  25. Lava 500 MT6572.zip sp link
  26. Lava Iris X8s MT6582 82M INT S104 20150918.zip sp link
  27. Lava Iris 512 MT6572 22042016 5.1.zip sp link
  28. Lava Iris 360 MT6572 09072016.zip sp link
  29. Lava Iris 360 MT6572 02152016 4.4.2.zip sp link
  30. Lava Iris 360 MT6572 S107 20150625.zip sp link
  31. Lava Iris 360 Thai H003 TH S103R MT6572 14032016.zip sp link
  32. Lava R1 MT6737M 05192017 6.0.zip sp link
  33. Lava Iris 821 MT6580 10242016 6.0.zip sp link
  34. Lava A77T V4.0 M001 20170815.zip fp link
  35. Lava X28 S112 20160828.zip fp link
  36. Lava Iris 705 MT6580 01062017 5.1.zip sp link
  37. Lava Iris 705 MT6580 5.1 04082017.zip sp link
  38. Lava Iris 600 MT6572 13062016 5.1.zip sp link
  39. Lava Iris 30 MT6572 5.1.zip sp link
  40. Lava Iris 810 TH S103 MT6580.zip sp link
  41. Lava B1 SW14 20160121.zip fp link
  42. Lava A2 MT6737M S101 20170512 7.0.zip sp link
  43. Lava A2 MT6737M S101 20170525 7.0.zip sp link
  44. Lava A3 MT6737M S101 20170617 7.0.zip sp link
  45. Lava A3 MT6750 EGY S111 2017A19 6.0.zip sp link
  46. Lava A3 MT6750 INT S114 20161125 6.0.zip sp link
  47. Lava A77 S103 20170617 7.0.zip fp link
  48. Lava A97 2GB Plus IN 2 16 V4.0 M003 20170630 7.0.zip fp link
  49. Lava A97 2GB Plus IN 2 16 V4.0 M004 20170707 7.0.zip fp link
  50. Lava A97 IPS S111 20170516.zip fp link
  51. Lava Grand 2 S106 MT6735 170809 5.1.zip sp link
  52. Lava Iris 40 MT6572 TH S110 17E23 5.1.zip sp link
  53. Lava Iris 40 MT6572 20180211 7.0.zip sp link
  54. Lava Iris 41 MT6570 INT S103 17G27 6.0.zip sp link
  55. Lava Iris 41 MT6570 S106 20171017 7.0.zip sp link
  56. Lava Iris 60 MT6737M INT S180 20170502 7.0.zip sp link
  57. Lava Iris 820 MT6580 6.0.zip sp link
  58. Lava Iris 820 MT6580 16032016 6.0.zip sp link
  59. Lava Iris 820 S107 TH.zip (thailand) sp link
  60. Lava PC5002XL MT6737M S101 20170522 7.0.zip sp link
  61. Lava PC5002XL MT6737M S101 20170606 7.0.zip sp link
  62. Lava Vox 4S V2.0 S101 20170713 7.0.zip fp link
  63. Lava Y10 MT6737M S101 20170621 ENG.zip sp link
  64. Lava Y30 1 V1.0 M01 MT6737M 20170628 ENG IN 7.0.zip sp link
  65. Lava Y30 MT6737M S101 20170614 7.0.zip sp link
  66. Lava Y30 MT6737M S101 20170617 7.0.zip sp link
  67. Lava Z5 MT6737M S100 20170613.zip sp link
  68. Lava Z60 MT6737M V1.0 S111 20170730 7.0.zip sp link
  69. Lava Z70 MT6737M V1.0 M001 20170704 7.0.zip sp link
  70. Lava Z70 MT6737M V1.0 M002 20170803 7.0.zip sp link
  71. Lava Z70 MT6737M V1.0 M003 20170817 7.0.zip sp link
  72. Lava Z80 MT6737M V1.0 S110 20170801 7.0.zip sp link
  73. Lava Z90 MT6737M S199 20170629 7.0.zip sp link
  74. Lava Z90 MT6737M S199 20170629 NOGMS.zip sp link
  75. AIS Lava Iris 60 MT6737M V1.0.2 7.0.zip sp link
  76. Lava Iris 702 MT6580 S107 20160624.zip sp link
  77. Lava Iris 605 GP MT6572 S109 20161020 5.1.zip sp link
  78. AIS Lava Iris 500 MT6572.zip sp link
  79. Lava Z25 S109 MT6750 20170306.zip sp link
  80. Lava Z10 S113 MT6737M 20170315.zip sp link
  81. Lava Z10 S210 MT6737M 20170923.zip sp link
  82. Lava V5 S210 MT6735 20160823.zip sp link
  83. Lava X50 S211 20170110.zip sp link
  84. Lava X50 S108 SPD 20160602.zip sp link
  85. Lava X50 Plus S112 SPD 20161114.zip fp link
  86. Lava X50 Plus S114 SPD 20170309.zip fp link
  87. Lava X50 Plus S115 20170328.zip fp link
  88. Lava A73 S112 20170322.zip fp link
  89. Lava A68 S110 20170307.zip fp link
  90. Lava A67 S116 20170214.zip fp link
  91. Lava A59 S114 20170213.zip fp link
  92. Lava A59 S112 20160513.zip fp link
  93. Lava A55 S109 20170302.zip fp link
  94. Lava A50 S105 20161128.zip fp link
  95. Lava A32 V21 20160826.zip fp link
  96. Lava Iris 758 MT6735 5.1.zip sp link
  97. Lava N350 S018 MT6575 20121101.zip sp link
  98. Lava A52 S112 MT6572 20160623.zip sp link
  99. Lava Pixel V2 Plus MT6735 5.1.zip sp link
  100. Lava V2 3GB S211 20161221 MT6735M.zip sp link
  101. Lava A48 S0013 20160819 8GB ROM.zip fp link
  102. Lava X81 S114 20160701.zip sp link
  103. Lava X81 S117 20160807.zip sp link
  104. Lava X17 S107 20160622.zip fp link
  105. Lava X17 S109 20160810.zip fp link
  106. Lava Iris 870 MT6735M 6.0.1.zip sp link
  107. Lava Iris 800 MT6582.zip sp link
  108. Lava A97 S110 20160825.zip fp link
  109. Lava A97 S115 20161209.zip fp link


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