Easy Ways to fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode:

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IPhone Stuck: If you didn’t connect in the headphones at the time, is your iPhone still in headphone mode? The majority of iPhone users find that their devices cannot play audio over the speaker yet clicking the volume buttons causes the “Headphones” indication to remain visible above the volume slider.

IPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode: 1. Plug in and exit

Even if you’ve tried several times, it’s still worthwhile to attempt since there is a problem in the iOS system. That occasionally causes it to forget that your headphones are not attached to the iPhone. Simply start by plugging your headphones in and out seven or eight times, making sure that each time you connect them in you can clearly hear the audio. Before connecting in your headphones once more, you should double-click the home button to make sure no background applications are running.

IPhone Stuck : 2. Take off your iPhone’s case.

Most of the time, you don’t pay attention to your iPhone’s case, which might be the cause of your iPhone stuck in headphone mode since the case’s cutout doesn’t fit the headphone port precisely enough to prevent it from blocking the audio jack’s route. As a result, you can try taking the cover off your phone to check if your iPhone stays in headphones mode.

IPhone Stuck: 3. Test out different headphones.

Because other brands and types of headphones may not be entirely compatible with your iPhone, if you currently use another brand of headphones you might want to think about switching to the original Apple EarPods. Whether you’re using the original headphones, try requesting some from your pals to see if yours are broken.

IPhone Stuck : 4. Clear the port on your headphones

Grab a flashlight and check your headphone jack for any obstructions by shining it inside. Your iPhone is likely to believe that there is dirt or debris in the socket as it is attached to headphones. In light of this, you should thoroughly clean the headphone port with cotton buds or a BIC pen while taking care to prevent water damage to your device.

IPhone Stuck : 5. Force the iPhone to restart

Giving your iPhone a hard reset is one of the simplest ways to resolve any software-related problems. This is how to accomplish it.

1) Prior to the iPhone 6s,

2) For the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus,

3) For the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max, and XR.

IPhone Stuck: 6. Switch to Airplane Mode

This is a quick and simple remedy for the iPhone’s headphone mode problem. Put your smartphone in airplane mode if you’ve tried restarting it and it hasn’t worked. Toggle on the Airplane mode option, go to Settings > Airplane mode, or swipe up to reach the Control Center.

7. Capture a Sound

Numerous customer reviews and actions demonstrate that after recording an audio, they were able to resolve the problem of the gadget becoming stuck in headphone mode. In truth, this approach is simple to use; all you have to do is open the camera app on your iPhone and take a video or use an audio recording software like Garage Band or Voice Memos.

8. Use headphones and music apps

This is another helpful suggestion to solve the issue. Connect the headphones first, then launch iTunes (or another program, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc.), choose a song to play, and then wait for the device to automatically lock its screen. Unlock it after that, then quit iTunes.

9. Establish a Bluetooth Speaker connection

Try pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth speaker or a set of Bluetooth headphones. Because they are wireless, you can use them without plugging anything in, and your phone will be able to detect the speaker and will know when you unplug it as well.

10. Verify a Few Settings

Call Audio Routing, a secret accessibility feature, controls whether voice calls and FaceTime audio calls have audio. You can try this technique if none of the aforementioned fixes appear to be effective. Select “Interation” from the list under Settings > General > Accessibility, click on the “Call Audio Routing” option, and then select “Automatic” from the list.

11. Remove iPhone from Headphone Mode Without Losing Data

The professional and potent iOS system recovery tool Joyoshare UltFix iOS System Recovery will help you restore your iPhone if you’ve tried all the ways listed above but it’s still stuck in headphone mode. It supports all iOS versions including the newest version iOS 16. You can following below steps to fix the iPhone stuck in headphone mode with Joyoshare UltFix.

Step 1: Open Joyoshare UltFix on the computer, and put the iPhone in DFU mode and connect the iPhone to it. select the iOS System Repair option and then click the Start button.

Step 2: Select Standard Repair Mode to repair your iPhone stuck on headphone mode issue.

Step 3:   Click the Download button.

Step 4:   After the download is completed, click the Start Standard Repair button to fix your iPhone issue.

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