Enable OTG support for your android device Easily

Enable OTG support for your android device Easily

In this page we are going to provide you the guide on The way to Enable OTG Cable
connection on Any android Smartphone. OTG which is also known as “ON THE GO” is basically a feature where you can connect your pen drive/ Keyboard/ Mouse/ external Hard drive/ USG Head phones/ USB Speakers to Your Samsung galaxy, Sony, Oppo, HTC, Huawei, Acer, Lenovo, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Gionee, Vivo, Panasonic, Verykool android phone using OTG support feature.

Here is this is the right place for you, if you want to,

  1. Enable OTG Cable support in your android device.
  2. Connect OTG cable to any android device.

OTG is basically feature which support hardware.

If your phone doesn’t support this feature,then you can’t get it to work.
These days most of the smart phones in our hands,already come with OTG Support enabled by default.

Enable OTG support for your android device Easily

But some smartphones are there which are needed to enable OTG support in Android phone manually. So here we are going to guide you on How Enable OTG feature in any android smartphone without root.


What is OTG Support in Android Mobiles?

OTG support also known as ON THE GO support is a feature in android smartphones
that will allow you to connect USB pen drives,Printers,Mouse and almost every
USB device to your android smartphone.

Do you think that all smartphones support USB OTG?

Exactly not.Because OTG was found in 2001 and since then lots of companies
are using this feature in their android Smartphones.Many smartphones came with
OTG supported hardware but this was disabled by the companies.So because of that
we need to Activate OTG support manually.

Is there any way to add OTG support to Android mobile without root?

of course. You can add OTG support on Non rooted android devices.But As i already mentioned
earlier that OTG support for andriod mobile depends on Hardware.

P.S: this guide will only work for the smartphones which have OTG supported Hardware.

Before you go ahead with OTG Support,You should remember few things:

  • This experiment may be dangerous to your Smartphone
  •  You require an USB OTG Cable
  • If after OTG,You feel  your device is heating,stop the process immediately.
  • Do not use OTG for long time.Because some smartphones may  heat up and
    end up burning Motherboard or chipset due to high voltage supply in host mode.

Here it starts.

  • The first thing you should do is to Download USB OTG Supporter Checker app from play store.
    (This is to Check whether your smartphone Supports OTG or Not.)
  • You will see an option like “Check USB OTG support” once you open the app.
  • Once the process, you will get a message called “Checking”.
  • Finally it will provide you a Notifications telling”Your device supports OTG Support”.
  • Now you can conform that your device supports OTG so that you can proceed further.

Remember,In some smartphones which have given The Stock file manager,doesn’t support OTG so it makes the users to think that their smartphones does not support OTG.
You can use a Es file explorer to use OTG in a non rooted smartphone.

Follow these steps bellow

  • Download Es file explorer from play store
  • Connect the USB OTG cable with the device attached which you want connect to android.
  • Insert the OTG cable in charging port.
  • Open Es file explorer(you will get a notification asking”Enable USB OTG support”.
  • The Es file explorer will show you USB storage Folder as soon as you tab on YES.
  • Open the folder and you will get all files and folder.
  • It is over now.You have succesfully Enable OTG support in android mobile.

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