Europe will require USB-C chargers. Apple isn’t happy


For Thursday, the European Union proposed new rules that would mandate USB-C connections on smartphones, tablets, cameras, phones, portable speakers, and handheld video gaming consoles.

Apple (AAPL), which utilizes its own “Lightning” connector on the iPhone, has suffered a setback as a result of the change. While the new laws may take years to implement, Apple may be forced to make adjustments to its flagship device.

“Incompatible chargers have been stacking up in European customers’ drawers for a long time. We gave industry ample time to develop their own solutions; now is the time for legislative action to establish a standard charger “Margrethe Vestager, the EU’s technology commissioner, said in a statement.

“This is a significant victory for our customers and the environment, and it aligns with our green and digital goals,” she continued.

According to the European Commission, the bloc’s executive arm, EU individuals possess three mobile phone chargers on average. However, 38% of users have been unable to charge their phone on at least one occasion due to a lack of the proper charger.

According to the Commission, €2.4 billion ($2.8 billion) is spent yearly on standalone chargers that are not included with electronic gadgets.

For more than a decade, European regulators have pushed the tech industry to standardize chargers. The number of mobile phone charging ports on the market has decreased from 30 to three in that period.

“We will continue to work with stakeholders to assist find a solution that preserves customer interest,” Apple stated.

“We continue to be concerned that rigid legislation mandating only one kind of connection stifles rather than encourages innovation, harming customers in Europe and throughout the world,” the firm said in a statement.

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