Facts about employment in the UAE: What makes you want to work in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is among the richest countries in the world. High oil revenues (40% of GDP) and the intention to become the center of world tourism added up to one big reason why in just 10-15 years an almost desert has turned into a state with developed infrastructure and a rapidly growing economy. Now the territory of the Emirates is decorated with modern high-rises, amusement parks, shopping centers, and well-kept gardens. The authorities are investing money in the construction of investment real estate, the development of tourism, agriculture, and international trade. At the same time, almost 90% of the jobs are taken by foreigners. 

That is why finding and getting a job with the UAE is not a problem. Before looking for jobs in the UAE, remember that this is a Muslim country. Even despite the desire to Europeanize, traditions are respected here. For example, women are allowed to walk in any clothes on the street, but in some organizations in pants or a short skirt may not be allowed. And during Ramadan it is forbidden to eat or drink in public places before sunset. You can start your job search in the UAE by browsing local websites, newspapers and magazines. You can also contact an agency, but be prepared to pay a rather large commission for employment. On average, you will have to pay 600-1000 dollars.

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Facts you need before accepting a job in the United Arab Emirates

  1. Job and responsibilities.

If you found out about the job through a recruitment agency and have not even spoken to your future boss over the phone, I advise you to stop and think about it. Are you sure that you see your responsibilities as they are seen by your superiors? Are you sure that your knowledge will be enough for the position? And are you confident that this position has growth prospects for you?

Our advice to you, do not make a spontaneous decision, it is better to think everything through. Remember, according to UAE law, every employee must endure a probationary period of 6 months. During the trial period you can be easily dismissed without a reason by giving one day’s notice, and the law will be on the side of the employer. So it is better to talk to at least one of the senior staff and discuss all the details.

  1. Migration laws.

In order to legally enter the UAE, you must obtain a visa. To “explore”, you can get a tourist visa – but it can`t get a job, but will be able to find accommodation and take a resume to possible employers. Tourist visa is issued for 30 days with the possibility of extension. There is also a visitor’s visa, which also can`t work. Violation of this requirement may result in deportation from the Emirates.

  1. Resident visa.

If an employer is already found or a firm decision to immediately get a job, you must obtain another working visa, the so-called resident visa. Work in the Arab Emirates for Russians is available only after passing this stage. If you do not want to experience the thrill of being illegal, you should ask whether an employer will provide you with it and take care of these costs completely, or just a sponsor, and then intend to deduct the money spent on the visa from your salary.

  1. The employment agreement.

This too should not be neglected, as all employees have an employment contract. Before signing this document, you should read it and agree with the conditions that the employer offers. After dictating your conditions will not work, strikes and sabotage in the UAE is a criminal offense. 

It is important that the contract was drawn up in accordance with the law, every employee has the right to:

  1. an 8-9 day workday;
  2. a paid vacation once a year;
  3. at least one day off per week (usually Friday);
  4. 45 paid sick days and another 45 unpaid sick days.

All employers in the UAE pay for a work visa and an employee’s flight. Hotels and restaurants also provide accommodation, transport to and from work, meals. For the accommodation of employees, employers rent apartments or villas. Accommodation is typically 2-3 people per room. The apartments are equipped with air conditioning and also have all the necessary furniture in the kitchen, washing machine.In the UAE, they hire from the age of 18 (in some places from 21) and consider candidates, as a rule, up to 30-32 years old. But, depending on your work experience, you can get a job at the age of 35+

Mandatory facts to pay attention to while you work

  1. Adherence to work etiquette.

In the Emirates, there is a very strict attitude to business cooperation. This means that there are some unwritten rules to follow during the work process, as well as during job placement. The local population, like most Central Asians, is not punctual. However, this should in no way extend to you. Especially when you consider that the majority of employers in the UAE are Europeans, who are very appreciative of their own and others’ time. Therefore, you should never allow yourself to be late for an interview or a job. It is important to address your conversation partner correctly, which is not always easy, considering the difficulty of pronouncing Arabic names. Speak clearly and concisely during the interview. Try not to use bad language or slang as it can be interpreted as bad form.

  1. Appearance.

Local employers have a special attitude towards appearance. Even if the company does not have an official dress code, you are not allowed to wear bright clothes and jewelry. This statement applies more to women, the male half should not relax either – the presence of official business attire is mandatory in most self-respecting companies and organizations. Proper preparation and successful completion of all the above procedures will guarantee you to get a job you like.

What makes you want to work in the UAE?

Many factors have made the UAE an ideal place for people to live and work.

  1. Diverse workforce.

The high level of employment has attracted a wide range of workforce, in fact, hundreds of nationalities are found here in the UAE’s diverse workforce. The location of this country on the world map makes it perfectly accessible to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, etc. That’s why you can see the diverse culture in your work experience  here.

  1.  The best opportunities to save money.

The United Arab Emirates is one of those countries where you get tax benefits. Investment opportunities are tax-free. Likewise, you can save yourself from paying high income taxes. These savings opportunities allow you to enjoy life and continue to increase your fortune at a steady rate.

  1. Impressive infrastructure.

The UAE is home to one of the most advanced and modern cities to work in. A well-developed transportation network, constant development, and strong economic growth make the UAE a job center.

  1. There is no language barrier.

you never have to face the language barrier in major cities. Because most people understand English.

  1. Financial haven.

Foreigners working in the UAE do not have to pay income tax. Expected wages can range from the amount earned in an expat’s home country to a much larger amount; this leads to many people moving to work in the UAE in an effort to save more money.

  1. The opportunity to develop your own business.

A survey showed that Dubai (the UAE’s largest city) is considered the second-best city in the world after Singapore for expats looking to start a new business. It is the perfect place. It has all the resources, including consumers, market and IT technology, to support your dream.

So, if you have certain dreams for your profession and lifestyle, this country is the right choice to move to. On my own behalf, I want to add that work in the UAE in most cases is suitable for those who want to build a career abroad, gain international experience and learn English very well. Chances are that in the first year or two, you won’t be able to save much or not at all, but during this time you will be able to improve your English level well, gain local work experience and earn more in the future.

And Layboard.in would not advise considering working in the UAE as an opportunity to travel for a short period of time to earn good money.

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