How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With EdrawMax

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With EdrawMax

How to Draw a Circuit Diagram Easier With EdrawMax

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The circuit diagram helps understand the physical locations of different components and images that help create a functional electrical circuit. A circuit diagram, also known as an electronic schematic, helps us understand any circuit and its components. Additionally, all the circuit diagrams should follow universal guidelines and be accurate, so everyone can easily analyze them.

Some of the most common circuit diagrams are:

  • Block Diagrams
  • Schematic Circuit Diagram
  • Pictorial Circuit Diagram
  • Closed Circuit Diagram
  • Open Circuit Diagram

A circuit diagram is more of a simplified representation of an electrical circuit, meaning that whatever components you see in the circuit diagram will go to the circuit board. This is one of the primary reasons to go ahead with professional circuit diagram software to create a circuit diagram.

Some of the other reasons behind going ahead with circuit diagram software are as follows:

  • Circuit diagram software will enable you to create highly functional circuit diagrams.
  • With the in-built sharing options of circuit diagram software, it becomes convenient for teams to share and brainstorm on different schematics.
  • Circuit diagram software, like EdrawMax, offers a wide range of options that helps amateurs to create and share highly distinctive circuit diagrams.

Frequently Used Circuit Symbols

Circuit diagram symbols represent the actual components that go into making an electronic system. These standard symbols are mostly used to draw different components, like wires, diodes, inductors, logic gates, ground, amplifiers, antennae, transformers, and more. 

Some of the most frequently used circuit symbols are mentioned below:

  • Wires: In electrical circuit systems, a wire is a two-terminal flexible material that allows power flow. There are different types of wires in a circuit diagram, like Jointed Wires and Not-Jointed Wires.
  • Power Supplies: Some of the most common power supply symbols that we use are cell circuits, fuse circuits, transformers, DC circuits, AC circuits, AC voltage sources, voltage sources, and more. Each of these symbols has an important role to play when it comes to depicting the power supply in any circuit system.
  • Resistors: In electrical circuit diagrams, resistors work as a passive element that creates resistance in the current flow. Some frequently used resistors are Rheostat, Potentiometer, and Pre-set.
  • Capacitors: In electrical systems, capacitors are referred to as a condenser — a two-terminal passive component that can hold energy. Some common capacitors are polarized capacitors, variable capacitors, and trimmer capacitors.

One might need thousands of circuit symbols while creating a detailed circuit diagram. Thankfully, at EdrawMax, you get access to a 25,000+ vector-enabled symbol that comes in handy when planning to create a circuit diagram.

How to Make a Circuit Diagram Effortlessly?

Students and beginners sometimes get worried when it comes to creating circuit diagrams. Most often, the reason remains the same:

  • Lack of understanding of components and respective symbols
  • Lack of accessibilities tools that would help them get started with circuit diagrams.

In order to rectify such issues, we highly recommend going ahead with EdrawMax. This all-in-one diagramming tool comes with free templates, symbols, customization options, and online resources, which makes it the best circuit diagram software in the market. Check out the following steps to draw a circuit diagram effortlessly:

  • Download EdrawMax: The first step for you is to download EdrawMax from the official website. The tool is available for multiple operating systems, like Windows, macOS, Linux, and even Web. So, if you are comfortable accessing the circuit diagram online, check out EdrawMax Online.

Once you are in the system, you will need to register if you are planning to get remote collaboration or trying to save your circuit design files to your cloud storage. After signup, you will see 280+ diagram categories on the homepage.

Head to the ‘Engineering’ segment and check out different circuit diagram types, like Basic Electrical, Industrial Control Systems, and more. Select the one close to your requirement and create your circuit diagram.

  • Template Access: EdrawMax comes with a humongous template community. Head to the ‘Templates’ section from the left and look for ‘Circuit Diagram.’ You will see user-generated circuit diagram templates, like Home Automation Circuit Diagram, Flip-Flop Circuit Diagram, Mechanical Function Circuit Diagram, Circuit Breaker Panel Diagram, and more.

Click on any of these templates, followed by ‘Use Immediately’ to replicate the content of the existing template to your canvas board. You can replicate multiple user-generated templates and copy the circuit components to your diagram.

  • Symbols: This 2D graphical diagramming tool comes with 25,000+ vector-enabled symbols. Head to the ‘Symbols’ section on the topbar, followed by clicking on ‘Predefined Symbols.’ You can import different circuit diagram symbols from this section, like Protective Earth, Earth Electrode, Resistor, Pre-Set Resistor, Capacitor with Taping, Antenna, and more. All these symbols are vector-enabled.

Head to the Pen and Pencil Tool to create your personalized circuit diagram symbol.

  • Blank Drawing: Once you have imported all the circuit diagram symbols, you can start with the blank drawing. These symbols would get you a head start. Start by adding the layout for the circuit system. Now add different components as and where they are required. Once added, you can now start connecting them using the connector’s feature of this diagramming tool.

Following this, you can label them accordingly. After you are done creating the circuit diagram, you can customize them to the fullest.

  • Export & Share: After completing the circuit board diagram, you can save it in different formats. From graphics to Office, this tool lets you export the diagrams in multiple formats.

You can export the circuit diagram to high-definition PDF or as HTML codes. With the built-in sharing feature, you can share the circuit diagrams to social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Line.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a student or a system engineer, there will come a time when you will need to create circuit diagrams. As mentioned in this guide, circuit diagrams help plan and develop an electronic system. With the help of a correctly designed circuit diagram, one can easily understand the relative locations of all the electrical complaints and their interconnections. EdrawMax is a circuit diagram software that helps beginners and professionals draw circuit diagrams easily. The built-in templates and symbols allow beginners to create circuit diagrams in just a few minutes.

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