How to update the Mercedes COMAND firmware

How to update the Mercedes COMAND firmware

How to update the Mercedes COMAND firmware

Mercedes-Benz is a high-end automobile manufacturer with some of the greatest software and firmware on the market. However, like with other cars, these characteristics become obsolete and must be updated. The Mercedes COMAND firmware is one system that will require upgrades.

It is really simple to update Mercedes-Benz COMAND software. You will need to copy or download the installation data. The updates will then be installed before being activated by restarting the machine. When there is an upgrade, the multimedia system will usually notify you.

It is critical to install updates. If you do not install updates, your vehicle’s status will be out of date. It simply takes a few minutes to install updates. It’s also worth remembering that once you begin the procedure, there’s no stopping it.

Furthermore, when you begin the setup procedure, you will not have access to individual functions or control features. It is possible that only a few functionalities are available. COMAND firmware upgrades will keep your vehicle’s electronics up-to-date and working.

COMAND firmware

Can I upgrade the firmware on my Mercedes COMAND using a USB, CD, or SD card?

The device you use to update your Mercedes COMAND system is determined by the model, year of manufacturing, and software to be updated. Here’s how to upgrade various firmware and software on your Benz:

  • The COMAND system’s maps may be updated by CD or USB. CDs are excellent for all COMAND systems, whereas USB drives are ideal for the most recent COMAND systems.
  • Bluetooth cradle device firmware to be downloaded from the internet.
  • Some older COMAND systems can have their firmware changed using a CD.
  • Garmin Map Pilot maps should be updated on a new SD-Card, whilst Becker Map Pilot maps should be updated via a PC.
  • Most Mercedes automobiles equipped with me connect to have the ability to download software upgrades immediately from the internet.

Aside from the firmware and software upgrades mentioned above, further updates require MB Star and a valid Mercedes-Benz membership.

What features does the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system have?

The Mercedes COMAND system’s features differ based on the Mercedes model you choose. The most basic amenities are available on the cheapest Mercedes models, while the mid-range Benz vehicles offer mid-level COMAND capabilities. If you want a high-tech COMAND system, you’ll have to buy a high-end Mercedes.

Basic Mercedes-Benz COMAND system features

In low-end Mercedes cars, the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system is fairly rudimentary. It has a 7-inch touchscreen display in the dashboard and another 7-inch touchscreen behind the steering wheel. Bluetooth, a USB port, satnav, and a DAB radio are among the other amenities.

The screen on the mid-level Mercedes COMAND system is somewhat bigger. It boasts a 10.25-inch touchscreen with better graphics, voice commands, 3D mapping, and a hard drive integrated into it. This system, depending on the Mercedes model, also includes a 12.3-inch TFT instrument panel that may display satnav maps, vehicle information, and much more.

Features of the top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz COMAND system

Last but not least, the top-tier Mercedes COMAND system is standard on all high-end Mercedes cars. This system is more sophisticated than the previous two. It sports a gigantic 24.6-inch dashboard display and two 12.3-inch panels hidden under one piece of glass. One is on the dashboard, while the other is in front of the driver.

Mercedes-top-tier Benz’s COMAND system is available in high-end cars such as the current E-Class, S-Class, and GLS-Class. The entry-level COMAND system is available in Mercedes A-Class cars, while the mid-level COMAND system is available in C-Class models.


Is it possible to update Mercedes COMAND?

You certainly can. Most customers prefer updating Mercedes’ COMAND system since it falls short of competing systems on the market. You may, for example, improve the navigation by obtaining a GPS navigation COMAND update DVD.

Why is it critical to keep COMAND firmware up to date?

Updating your Mercedes-COMAND Benz’s firmware provides free and instant upgrades to the car’s operation, which improves your entire driving experience. It also patches any existing issues and protects you against vulnerabilities.

How do you utilize your Mercedes COMAND navigation system?

The Mercedes navigation system is part of the COMAND infotainment system, and there are several options to personalize your display and navigation preferences to meet your needs and make it easier to comprehend and follow directions.

To go to your location, type:

  • On your steering wheel, press the voice activation button.
  • “Enter destination” should be said.
  • Say the address aloud.
  • The navigation system will quickly confirm the destination, and you will be able to correct it if it is incorrect.
  • Say yes if the destination is suitable.
  • If it’s not right, either say no or make the appropriate revisions.
  • After you answer yes or correct the destination, the COMAND navigation system will advise you and show instructions to assist you to get to your destination.

What are the most common Mercedes COMAND issues?

The Mercedes COMAND system, like any other vehicle’s system, has certain flaws. The audio gateway consuming the car’s battery is one of the most prevalent Mercedes-Benz faults, as is the COMAND system switching off sporadically, the COMAND unit not turning on, the COMAND screen shutting off automatically, and a defective control knob.

If you discover any of these problems with your COMAND system, it signifies you have a problem and should see a technician. To avoid any disruption, have it fixed as soon as feasible. Before you take your automobile to a professional, attempt a reset and see if the problem goes away.

Is the COMAND system standard on all Mercedes-Benz models?

They do, indeed. The COMAND system in Mercedes, on the other hand, differs from model to model. The most basic COMAND system is found in the A-Class, while the most complex COMAND system is found in the GLS. Any Mercedes model, however, may be upgraded with a more powerful COMAND system.

Keep up to date

Don’t hesitate to update the software in your automobile now that you know how to update Mercedes-Benz COMAND firmware. Rather than procrastinating, it’s always a good idea to take the car to a Mercedes dealer and get it updated. If you’re already in for service, the Benz dealer may not charge you for this service.

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