Install All USB Driver for MTk device manually

Hello MTK user, If you want to Flash Stock rom on Your MTK Device then you need to install USB Drivers.In this page we share 3 USB Drivers. Vcom and CDC for Flashing Stock rom. and ADB is Normal one which help to Connecting the device to Computer. you need to install them manually after Installing, 

Normal File Transferring 

you can transfer files, photos, videos with ADB Derives. It help to connect your device to computer. (No more Not recognize error messages)

Flashing Firmware

If you MTK android Device having a Boot-loop, dead, or can’t switch on then you have to  flash Stock ROM to it. so that case you need to connect to the computer. in that time CDC and Vcom Drivers allows you to do that Flashing.

CDC Driver – For Flashing | How to install (Video)

Vcom Driver For Flashing | How to install (Video)

ADB Driver For Normal use | How to install (Video)


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