The Best EV Chargers for Tesla Model 3

The Best EV Chargers for Tesla Model 3

The Best EV Chargers for Tesla Model 3


Have you just bought an EV Tesla or are you thinking about it the typical question arises: What are the best EV chargers to charge a Tesla? Well, you are in the right place to find out.

Having a charger at home and not having to visit a station again is one of the main advantages of having an electric car. However, there are some innovations taking place in this area, so we are getting more and more questions about what is feasible for you. 

Below are the features of some of the most compatible EV chargers for the Tesla model 3. Get a look on it and decide which one suits you the most. They are as follows:

  1. EV-TOP
  • Power

The EV top portable charger has 3kW power, which ensures the safety of your Tesla. The power cord plug is nay Schuko power outlet, so you don’t worry about compatibility issues anywhere.  The charging speed of the charger is the same as the original. wall connector of the Tesla

  • plug-and-play

You do not need to do any settings to use the charge. Just plug in the charger, and your car battery will start recharging automatically without any complex procedure. 

  • protection grade

EV top is a top EV charger manufacturer that are CE certified and have an IP65 rating to avoid any adverse weather conditions and dust. These chargers are safe to use at outdoor locations also. 

  1. Tesla Wall Connector

• Charging Speed

The best charger for Tesla is a Tesla wall connector, as it comes with the car on purchase. It will charge the battery 100% in just seven hours

• Power output 

The charger provides power up to 11.5 kW, which is 50% faster than a common portable connecter that has an outlet called NEMA 14-50.

• Easy to use

You can customize power settings to obtain maximum charge levels. The charger can be used in outdoor and outdoor locations. 

Before buying, always check the compatibility. The electric plugs of chargers are mainly designed to be used in the USA. If you wish to use them outside America, then you need an adaptor or converter.

  1. Juicebox 50 Next Generation Smart EV Charging Station
  • Fast charging

Juicebox 50 Next Generation Smart EV Charging Station has High Power of 40Amp 10KW and can be used indoors and outdoors. Compatible with all-electric vehicles equipped with type 2 charging connectors.

  • Performance

Recharge connected to a three-phase power supply, either 11 or 22 kW, with a charging intensity of up to 32 amps.\nIn ideal conditions, it fully recharges the vehicle in between 3 and 4 hours.

  • Material

Waterproof according to the degree of protection IP67, resistant to accidental knocks, suitable for use at ambient temperatures between -25 and +45 degrees Celsius; Maximum security in accordance with the most recent standards in force.

  1. Morec EV Charging Station
  • Usability and ease of operating:

Morec EV Charging Station has the power of 40A Level2, 220V-240V, a large LCD display and a long 29ft cable to connect the charger with an outlet. The display can be used to keep updated on the status, current, voltage and heating temperature. 

  • Protections and certification. 

All of the items of chargers are CE certified and have a waterproof rating with type A Leakage protection. All this makes a charge of high quality and more reliable. 

  • Quality and excellence 

Materials used in these chargers are of high quality. For the body, aluminum alloy and PC alloy is used to make it strong up to 1K 10 collision

  • Remote App

You can use the Morec EV app, which gives you the leverage to charge the app remotely via Bluetooth or Wifi. 

  1. Blink Home Electric Vehicle Charger
  • Current and voltage

Blink HQ is a level 2, 32-amp electric vehicle (EV) charging station which can speed up the charging rate more than the charger which comes with the car.

  • Unique designs

The charge has a sleek and unique design with 25 foot long cable which can easily be installed indoors or outdoors. No app needs nor any home network connection is required. You also have the option to mount the charger with the help of a bracket and NEMA 6-50 plug.

  • Compatibility

Blick HQ is compatible with every plug-in vehicle which has a J1772 adapter. The charger is Energy star certified


In the article, the list of EV chargers and superchargers allows you to make long journeys through access without fear of having problems with autonomy. Select the one which you find the best for your car after comparing the features of the car and charger.  To learn more about EV chargers and their manufacturers, you can visit our website, where you will find all the information you need.

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