What You Must Know About Web Application Development

What You Must Know About Web Application Development

What You Must Know About Web Application Development

Corporate worlds have embraced web apps for both internal and external purposes, which has led to many companies investing in them. There are certain things you need to be aware of, however, if you’ve never developed a web app before.

Considerations for Web App Development

It has become apparent that the software you create and deploy essentially becomes a competitive advantage for your company. You need to be strategic about how you approach web app development, however, if you want this investment to benefit your business in as many ways as possible.

To be more specific, you’ll want to consider the following three elements:

1. Relationships between data

In Marc Gayle’s view, any web application can be simplified into simple data relationships. Whatever its size or complexity, a web application must do these three things:

  • Users provide data to the app
  • Apps process data and decide what to do with it
  • An end-user specific output is produced by the web app

Thus, the app receives data, processes it, and then displays the results to the user. Using the example of Instagram, Gayle explains how users upload photos, the app applies filters and effects, and then the modified image is shared. Web apps should be viewed this way.

“I understand that at first, you don’t think about web apps in such a manner,” Gayle says, “but as you get to know other web apps, and as you think about them in all these little pieces of data relationships, it will be easier for you to conceptualize and build your own.”

2. Security for web apps

Hackers prefer to attack online businesses through web applications, did you know? There is a simple reason for this. In one study by HP, 69 percent of web applications contain at least one SQL injection error, and 42 percent are vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks.

During both the development phase and after deployment, you must prioritize security. Recognize where your vulnerabilities are and prepare to counter any issues that could arise because of them. You could end up compromising the entire operation if you don’t take these precautions.

3. Developing and Designing Cost-Effective Products

Web app development skills have grown as new features and technologies have emerged. The fact that there is such a dizzying array of options should not cloud your judgment and cause you to think more is necessarily better.

There is often more to be said for less… regardless of what others say. A designer explains that disregarding your own and your customers’ suggestions seems counter-intuitive. Every extra button you add is just another way to confuse and lose new users. “What would this app do if it only did one thing?”

Are Web Apps Right for You?

Every business cannot benefit from web apps. There might be a better type of software for your company. However, once you’ve researched the benefits of web apps and what else they can offer, you might find that a well-developed one is quite useful. Take the time to make your selections if you choose to develop a web app. You are better off spending a few weeks on app development and creating a highly functional app versus rushing through the process and creating an app that reflects poorly on your company.

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