7 Features that Sustain Engagement in Real Estate Mobile Apps

7 Features that Sustain Engagement in Real Estate Mobile Apps

7 Features that Sustain Engagement in Real Estate Mobile Apps

Humans employ mobile apps in almost every aspect of their lives. From booking a cab to ordering the morning cereals, every other activity is backed by technology. Speaking of technology, if there is one thing that has become quite popular is finding properties with the help of mobile apps.

You need just one search on the internet to get engulfed with the humongous list of real estate applications. Since there are plenty of real estate platforms for users to consider, competition lies at the core of this sector. Even though the property sector is vast in the USA, many businesses and realtors struggle to connect with their audiences.

In this post, we will focus on the best features of a real estate mobile that can effectively engage a potential property seeker on your application: 

7 Must-Have Real Estate App Features

The real estate world is indeed vibrant, and every android app development company has gained momentum for all the right reasons. It opens numerous doors to possibilities like bridging communication, customer relationship management, task management, and so on. But without knowing the top features to keep your audience engaged, your real estate app might soon become faulty. 

1. Streamlined Navigation for Property Search

Buying a home is often a ‘dream come true’ experience for most people across the world. The real estate app should be designed in such a way that it resolves distinct queries of the end-users. One of the major recurring issues experienced by end users is the absence of easy navigation. A real estate app needs a convenient navigation option for the user to search through different locations with ease. 

Around 93% of people regularly visit websites and 73% employ those apps for searching for homes. A feature-rich app will elevate user experience including options like price, location, neighborhood, property type like a bungalow, number of rooms, and so on. 

2. Seamless Sign-Up & Login Process 

Having trouble signing up or logging in while accessing a real estate app might be one of the most annoying feelings ever. User onboarding can be regarded as a crucial element behind an app’s success. If your real estate app falls behind right at the beginning, chances are high that the user will not move forward with it. It should offer the facility to sign up or log in by just providing the email ID, phone number, or social media profile information.   

3. Profile Creation & Management

Your user will love it when they will find their profile creation made easy by the swift import of details from the social media handles. Every other mobile app development agency employs this method in gaining employee support since it greatly raises the level of convenience of the concerned parties. 

Real estate apps need to be comprehensive, and users should be offered the freedom to select properties based on versatile parameters, and get what they are looking for. There should be ample filtering options based on budget, location, and more. 

4. Consumer Demographics

The National Association of Realtors state that around 76% of purchasers have purchased their home by scanning through a smartphone, whereas 17% have found agents in a similar way. With the progression of days, it can be noticed that the younger generation is getting more involved in investing in property, and as a real estate app maker, you need to consider this factor. 

On closer scrutiny, you will notice how the new-age users require these things:

  1. Accurate online listings with thorough details about the property, features, and mandatory information like foundation year, on-site parking, power back-up, and so on. 
  2. Crystal-clear photos and videos
  3. Virtual tours 
  4. Nearby amenities like schools, hospitals, malls, etc

5. GPS-based Search Results 

One perfect way to gain your user’s applause is by offering them properties based on their GPS location. Every android phone is affixed with GPS in today’s time, and if you can offer your users the convenience of checking out their nearest properties available in a jiffy, they would be delighted. You can also offer the option of viewing the results in a map view. 

6. Immediate Messaging and Calls

Nothing is better than real-time communications, and when it is equally available in real estate apps, users find it mind-blowing. For instance, if you are from a react native app development company, ensure that your real estate app is affixed with the facility to directly call and message the property dealer.  The presence of additional facilities like ‘Call me back’ or ‘Book a Consultation’ would make it even better to increase the engagement level. 

7. Information About Loan/Credit Facilities 

When it comes to real estate, there is no dearth of understanding that it’s indeed a costly affair. Therefore, as an app developer, you need to ensure that the app should comprise every intricate detail about the credit or loan facilities offered. 

Why Hire A Professional Company for Real Estate App Development? 

With technological advancement prevalent throughout the world, the real-estate sphere is also undergoing the same, and there is always room for more breakthroughs. Securing continuous engagement in your real-estate app is certainly one step forward with Zazz and its bespoke real estate app design and development solutions. 

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