A dedicated server explained: What you should know before rent 

A dedicated server explained: What you should know before rent 

A dedicated server explained: What you should know before rent 

Imagine a remote 24/7 computer that stores your website’s data and performs all operations. It ensures uninterrupted operation, a high level of data protection, and a personal configuration that suits your business. What is a principle of a remote computer, what is it for, and what to look for when you rent server? Read this article. 

Dedicated server vs. personal computer 

If you meet the term “dedicated rental server” for the first time, you should understand the main thing: no personal computer will give you such a level of reliability. If the PC is intended for one or several people, an external server is used to process requests from hundreds.

The more traffic you have, the more performance is required. When you rent a dedicated server, you can choose any number of cores and RAM. Thus, your site will always work quickly. Moreover, the external server is protected from power issues, overheating, or data loss. 

Main characteristics 

When people rent dedicated servers, they become the owners of a certain amount of resources. These resources can be described by key characteristics that are standard for any computer:

  • RAM. This parameter determines how many operations the machine can perform at the same time. Each additional gigabyte increases the cost, so you must accurately calculate your needs, taking into account future growth.
  • Processor type and number of cores. This is the main characteristic that affects computing power.
  • The size of the hard disk or SSD. Every website contains data. The more data, the more volume you need.

As you can see, when renting a web server, there is no need to delve into technical difficulties. The key selection criteria are intuitive. However, to ensure the economic and operational efficiency of your business, we still recommend that you consult with representatives of the professional company and select a configuration that best suits specific business needs. The detailed information you can find here: https://deltahost.com/dedicated.html.

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