All About Disposable Phone Numbers: 5 Amazing Trivia That You’d Be Surprised To Know About It

All About Disposable Phone Numbers: 5 Amazing Trivia That You’d Be Surprised To Know About It

All About Disposable Phone Numbers: 5 Amazing Trivia That You’d Be Surprised To Know About It

VoIP has been the cornerstone of business growth through the last decade. It’s so popular right now that it’s almost hard to overemphasize just how useful it is to enterprises that want to take their communication to the next level.

And in pursuing that endeavor, voip providers like Telnum have been integral in providing smart and easy solutions that are much needed by your modern enterprise.

But they’re not only useful at the business level. Even individuals who want to become part of the future can also avail themselves of VoIP services in the form of virtual numbers.

These numbers are in essence like their SIM-based counterpart, but because they’re created using the internet, they can do so much more.

Fortunately for individual users, that’s not where the amazingness ends. A subtype of VoIP number that performs an ultra-specific function is the disposable phone number (see at:

Also known as one-use phone numbers, they really are just meant for one use.

But you’re probably thinking, how useful could one really be if you can’t use it for a long time? You’ll be surprised. We’ll get to this and everything else that this tiny piece of tech has to offer in the rest of the article.

If you want to know more about it, then keep reading.

It’s still very popular among entrepreneurs and businesses

Even though this digital product is widely advertised among individuals, businesses still get them all the time.

Here’s why: sometimes, they want to try an app or software where they’re required to register a number. But since they don’t want to permanently be hounded by calls and texts, they sometimes opt to get a burner number instead.

This way, they’d still be allowed to complete the registration and verification even without giving any relevant personal or business information.

If the product’s good, they can always give out their real information. But having this option allows them to delay that decision until they’re ready.

You can’t use it to text or call

It’s technically a phone number, but it’s made for a very specific purpose. And beyond that purpose, there’s not much to it.

But again, just because its purpose does not fit what’s expected of a traditional number, it doesn’t mean that it’s not valuable.

If you’re keen on using your personal number to register to various sites (especially the ones that seem a little shady!), you may find yourself later on getting a lot of spam calls and texts.

If you’re lucky, they’d only be from companies you gave your number to. But if you’re not, they’ll sell your numbers to some marketer who will contact you out of nowhere.

Good thing you can’t use the disposable number to text and call, right? Plus, it’s not really your number. It ceases to exist once you use it to verify a newly-created account.

It’s the cheapest protection to privacy there is

We’re not saying that you should forgo other measures that you’re taking to protect your information right now. You still need those as well as implement personal precautions in dealing with the online world.

But imagine permanently protecting your personal phone number for an incredibly affordable one-time payment? That’s one of the most amazing benefits that a one-use SMS number for verification can give you.

What websites usually do is offer their services for free in exchange for your personal information. This is a way to outsmart them while still enjoying whatever service was promised after the registration.

It’s very convenient

After you’re done using the temporary phone number, you don’t have to think about it ever again. That’s why they’re called disposable in the first place!

And because all access to it is terminated once it’s served its purpose, you don’t have to worry about anyone getting into your account using it.

Once you’ve used it, it ceases to exist. This means that it will forever be a dead end to anyone who may want to get into your account using the number.

Should you need one again, you can just as easily make another purchase. Then, the entire process just repeats again.

It looks exactly like a regular number

That’s why it works! Websites don’t know the difference at all. To them, you’re registering a number that you’re actually using.

This type of anonymity makes you less vulnerable to fraudsters who would want to obtain your personal information and take advantage of it.

Having this neat little weapon in your arsenal, you don’t have to worry about that. You get all the anonymity you need.

Disposable numbers are an amazing tool when you need them for the very specific purpose that they’re made for. That’s the beauty of technology. It provides you with all the conveniences never before possible in your wildest imagination.

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