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What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It


What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It


Hello Everyone! Welcome to flash stock ROM. Today, I am discussing about the Famous application from android devops community, Which is CloudworkMod. It was developed by  koushik Datta. ClockworkMod Recovery is an Android custom recovery image. Once installed, this recovery image replaces your Android device’s stock recovery image. Using this recovery image, various system-level operations can be performed. For example, one can create and restore partition backups, root, install / repair / upgrade system software and/or custom ROMs, and use other developer tools.

ClockworkMod Recovery is free and open-source software, released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0 software license. The ClockworkMod Recovery source code is included in the CyanogenMod source code tree.

I will walk you through some of the important topics such as Android Recovery, Installing and Booting the CloudworkMod.

Android Recovery:

All smartphone devices comes with a stock ROM which provides so many built in applications. You should go for a custom recovery if you want to clear cache, recover its OS using the official ROM. Custom Recovery is a user friendly ROM in many ways compared to Stock recovery. It also gives control on the applications which were installed by default in the device, adding a special control. Mounting storage card, wiping cache, fix permissions, Managing and restoring back-ups and so on.

What is CloudworkMod?

CloudworkMod is a custom recovery which works on almost all Android devices. It was developed by koushik Dutta.

Installing CloudworkMod

Installation of CloudworkMod is a super easy task. It can be called a cakewalk. First, you have got to root your device. The installation is as simple as installing ROM manager. But, this method fails in some cases. We can just follow some other methods to complete the installation. But, it works most of the time. So, as a major case scenario, I’m just taking the first installation method. Follow our other posts to see the other ways of installing the same.


Once the installation has been done, you should reboot the device. This is a pretty easy task too. This can be done by two ways.

  1. By launch ROM manager, by tapping on “Reboot into Recovery”
  2. By ADB commands. Use the command adb reboot recovery in command prompt of computer after connecting the device to the same.
  3. A quick insight

If you have followed all these steps, then CloudworkMod should be up and running in  a healthy state now. Now, let’s go through a quick tour to see all the features in it.                                                                                                                   What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It

Just tap on all these options to navigate to the specific and work on it. You can also navigate using Volume up/down buttons.

Sub option review- Rebooting System:

Just click on the first option on the prompted window. That’s all you have to do and wait for some time until the process is done.

Sub option review- install zip from SD card:

You will get the below screen when you click on the second option in the main window screen. It will help you in installing any zip file from any location on your device. This can be called as the highly used option.

Apply/sdcard update.zip -> This can be used to install any kinds of updates, which is in the zip format.                       What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It

Signature Verification -> This can be used to switch the signature on and off. If this is on, then you will be not be permitted to install nay custom ROMs on your device. When its off, then you can proceed without verification.

Install zip from sideload:

This will turn the device in to ADB sideload mode and allows you to install the zip files from the device using sideload commands.

Wiping Data

This can be used to wipe out all the data from the device. It will clear any other partition which is set up as well. When clicked on this option, it will bring up with another popup which asks for confirmation. The beauty of the application is that it is designed in such a way that nothing  goes wrong by building so many problem avoiding options!                                                                                                                                                                                         What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It

Wiping up the  cache partition:

This option Wipes the cache partition of the device to clear all the data accumulated there over use. This is often used before installing a new ROM, app, kernel or any similar mod via recovery.                                       

backup and restore

The backup and restore feature – also known as Nandroid backup – allows you to take a snapshot of your phone’s entire internal memory including all partitions, and save it on the SD card. Here is how it looks:                                 


This option helps in deleting the previously taken backup and have a free memory space.

Advanced restore:

Similar to restore option but lets you choose the partition.   

What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It                                                                                                   

Mounts and storage:

Can be used to do

  1. mount/unmount /system, /data, /cache, /sdcard or /sd-ext
  2. format boot, system, data, cache, sdcard or sd-ext
  3. mount USB storage

What Is ClockworkMod Recovery And How To Use It


I hope the post came in handy for the flashing. If you are facing any issues in following any of these steps, then feel free to drop a comment. One of us from our team will get back to you quickly. Also, go through the other posts as well. Thanks!

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