Fixed-Android not connecting to Wi-Fi on all variants


Android not connecting to Wi-Fi

Fixed-Android not connecting to Wi-Fi on all variants

Android is the most popular operating system which is being used these days, because of it’s awesome features and ease of use. But, we all know that Android is not perfect either. We have had faced many problems while using. Today, in this post I’m discussing about one such problem, which is Wi-Fi connection issue. The Wi-Fi connection issue in Android devices are quite common. People face these issues very often.  actually I wrote this because some users ask us to write a post about WIFI problem so I decided to write.

 I accidentally turned off SSID Broadcasting on my router but then I turned it back on. Since then my phone cant find my router

I try to connect it always says Authentication Problem. I tried forgetting then connecting and entering the password but nothing worked.

Lenovo K6 Note can’t detect my office wifi network. samsung S4 I can still use the same network. Why my Nenovo Cant Find WIFI?

The normal problem includes

  • Network configuration issues.
  • Software glitch
  • Firmware glitch
  • Password mismatch
  • Radio wave distribution

Let’s deep dive in to the solutions which can be tried on your device to get rid of the problem and to have the network back on the Wi-Fi. this post you can use Samsung galaxy, Lenovo, Sony, oppo, huawei, lg etc.

Bluetooth status:

Yes, this might sound too silly. But, it’s the fact. When the Bluetooth is switched on in the device, many users had reported the issue that they could not connect to the internet. So, if it is switched on, then switch the Bluetooth off and try again.

How to fix Wifi problem

Power Save mode:

This mode is switched on to save the power of the phones. When the power save mode is switched on, it automatically takes down all the different things which consume power. So, Wi-Fi Wont connect in such cases. Make sure that your Power save mode is not switched on.

Power Save mode,How to fix Wifi problem

Forget all networks and retry:

The best approach to solve the Wi-Fi issue is to forget all the networks available and retry. But, before doing so, make sure that you have all the details required for connecting, especially the name and password.

Android not connecting to Wi-Fi,How to fix Wifi problem

Password mismatch:

Passwords are mainly meant to prevent the unauthorized access to the network. Knowingly or unknowingly you might have your caps lock switched on or something.

Make sure that you are entering the right password.

Misconception in names:

Sometimes, some networks belonging to the common main network might have similar names which looks exactly similar. You might have been trying to connect to the wrong network by mistake. So, make sure that you are connecting to the proper network.

Smart network feature

Some mobile phones come up with a special type of feature called Smart network feature. This automatically switches to mobile data when the Wi-Fi connection is weak. Steps to switch it off.

  1. Notifications ->Wi-Fi
  2. Tap on more on the right of the phone.
  3. A new screen will pop- up about Smart network feature. Select off.

How to fix Wifi problem

Restarting the phone:

Just restarting the phone sometimes can simply solve the issue. Just hold the power button and click on Restart. Retry connecting once it restarts.

OS Update:

Operating must be updated frequently when available. There might be some bugs in the mobile which is not letting the device to connect to Wi-Fi. When the company knows about bugs in the devices, they release the updates. So, keep the OS updated.

Go to Settings -> about device -> Tap on updates or download manually.

Restarting the MODEM:

reset WIFI Router to fix WIFi connecting

Sometimes, you might have trying to fix the issue from your end, whereas the issue might be at MODEM. If no devices are able to connect to Wi-Fi, then restart the MODEM rooter.

Some apps:

Some third party applications can also some issues which might cause this error. Uninstall the recently installed app and try connecting to the Wi-Fi.

Date and time:

Make sure that your phone’s date and time reflect the date and time of the location you are at. You can change the details by navigating to your phone’s Settings menu and then tapping on Date and Time. Next, you must change the date and time to your current location and then try to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Change the Date and time to fix the WIFi Connection

Hard reset Your Smart Device

If you have tried all the options and neither of them have helped you to get the connection with internet, then doing a reset might help. Doing a factory reset would bring the things back to the default mode removing all the junks, bugs or any other backlashes in the phone. Read More : hard factory Reset

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