DJI Mini 2 Firmware (Read Before Updating)

DJI Mini 2 Firmware (Read Before Updating)

DJI Mini 2 Firmware (Read Before Updating)

We are presenting you with the most enjoyable drone to embark on your dream to fly a drone, “DJI Mini 2 Firmware (Read Before Updating)”For sure, DJI Mavic Mini 2 would be energetic leisure activity that you can engage with. It weighs below 250 grams. You can freely enjoy the premium features even without registering. The features are as follows.

  • Flight time stays until 30 minutes
  • performance of intelligent flight mode
  • in 30 fps the 4K video resolution is available
  • the durability

Most recently, the firmware was released to update the drone. So, it will be more beneficial for the user. Let us see what the features are and how to update the firmware, “DJI Mini 2 Firmware (Read Before Updating)”

V01.03.000 is the newest firmware that has been released for DJI Mini 2. This firmware lets the drone be united with the controller. Moreover, gimbal FPV mode is introduced. The auto discharge issue in the battery and the stability while the drone is flying has been resolved.

Be with us to read the update method of DJI Mini 2 and the features it holds.

update DJI Mini 2; DJI Mini 2 Firmware (Read Before Updating)

When you check for the newest firmware, it will benefit you in two ways. One is you get the advantages of using it. secondly, you may enjoy the latest features that avoid trouble. Now, we will look for the steps to update the DJI Mini 2.

  1. You need to look for the battery level in your drone. It needs to have more than 40%
  2. Look for the battery level in the controller. It should be above 20%
  3. Power on both of controller and the drone. Check whether both are connected well
  4. Take the smartphone to connect with the controller
  5. Navigate the DJI app from the smartphone
  6. When the app connects to the internet, the available updates will appear
  7. If an update is available, a notification will request you to update the drone
  8. Do not let the drone or the controller go off
  9. During the update, the drone will reboot. So, do not get upset with it
  10. When the update completed, the drone will switch off but not the controller.

Note: After the update process it may bring back the settings into factory defaults such as return To Home Altitude, and Maximum Flight Distance, camera, and safety settings. So, better to check for each of them before a flight.

check the battery firmware on my DJI Mini 2

After the update process of the firmware, you need to check for the updates in the battery. Whenever you use a new battery, the notification will receive you to update the firmware. At times, you may receive a notification. So, you better check the firmware version in your battery. Here are the steps:

  1. Put the battery into the drone. Power on it.
  2. Navigate to settings. Go to about option.
  3. It will let you the firmware version in the battery that you are using. If new firmware is available, it will appear in the check for update section.

Note: Each battery consists of the firmware. It is essential to update. You better check them and update them properly.

what firmware does my DJI Mini 2 have?

The steps that you follow to check for the firmware in the battery relate to this. Here are them.

  1. Go to DJI Fly App. In the top of the right corner, you may see the three dots. Tap on it. Then, navigate to the “general settings”.
  2. Look for the option, “About”.
  3. You may find the prevailing firmware of your drone. Another option to check for the updates will visible next.

The latest firmware update for the DJI Mini 2

between the months of June and July the V01.03.000, the newest firmware introduced for DJI Mini 2. It consists of 49.5 MB. The remote controller is in the v04.11.016 version. Meanwhile, the DJI Fly app is v1.4. the smart controller is V01.01.00.58. 

Now, let us grab the newly added features in Mini 2.

Smart Controller compatibility

The users are keenly seeking the very update. It consists of a power antenna, a screen of 5.5 inches, and a number of drones that support with the drone. Surely, the controller is a multi-task item. DJI Mini 2 is included in the very list of drones that can be controlled by Smart Controller. We look for the rest of the eligible drones.

  • Mavic Air 2
  • Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
  • Mavic 2
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise

You can control the drone along with this smart controller other than using a smartphone. When you are using the smartphone, you may have to suffer from laggings and certain issues of battery. So, it is better to use the controller for the best journey.

The battery in the smart controller will stay up to 3 hours or so. The controller is good to use is it is a long-lasting item. It consists of both speakers and microphones. The very feature is helpful for Sky Talk. Moreover, it will be beneficial for live streaming to have the option to share the events with social media platforms.

Optimized gimbal FPV mode

Mini 2 brings you the very feature of FPV mode in the newest update even though it comes only with the expensive drones. What is the FPV mode? truly, when you navigate to the mode, it will lock the gimbal and let you watch the movements of the drone.

The gimbal balances and get into a firm way. Then, it will not affect the movements of the drone. It will not be as in DJI FPV. When the sport mode is turned on in Mini 2, you may get an exciting experience.

Optimized battery auto-discharge process

The very trouble in auto discharge in the battery is solved. DJI has built the batteries by using art technology. The battery stores the maximum levels with this new feature. The tendency to damage the battery will increase when you empty the charger or when you let the battery charge full while storing. Be alert on the fully charged battery. Keep an eye out when the battery is unplugged. Keep in your mind to get fireproof bags to locate the batteries.

Get to know how to discharge the battery including more features.

Later, the battery did not discharge automatically when it was kept either in the drone or the charging hub. So, now it has been solved. In 96%, the battery will discharge within a day while 65%-72% will in a week.

However, in this new update, the firmware will discharge when it reaches the proper level. So, do not worry to get into the latest update so quickly. 

Flight stability

DJI always boosts up to operate at its maximum capacity. Soon after you go for the update, it will function well, reducing the issues and you need not go for the manual methods.

refresh the firmware on DJI Mini 2

It is kind of difficult task to refresh the firmware with DJI Mini 2. So, you need to have DJI Assistant 2 to refresh the firmware. However, Log Export is the only method that is available for Mini 2 in DJI Assistant 2. It means You cannot use the DJI Assistant 2 with Mini 2.

But the drone users have created a method to overcome the issues. Now you are free to refresh the firmware. In case, if you need to downgrade the firmware, try it too. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Navigate to DJI Assistant 2 either in your computer or the laptop. It will appear among the options as DJI download center
  2. Swipe down and look for DJI Assistant 2.
  3. Download the (exe) version of it
  4. Soon after it downloads, click to install it
  5. The cable you took to connect the drone with the laptop needs to connect the drone.
  6. turn on the drone,beep sound will emerge. after that connect the other corner of the cable to the PC.
  7. DJI Mini 2 will appear in the google assistant and then tap on it
  8. The log export is visible
  9. Move towards the optionback” and turn off the drone.
  10. Take out the cable. Move away from DJI Assistant 2
  11. Go to the program files in your PC
  12. Open the folder and search for “DJI Product”. Tap on DJI Assistant 2.
  13. Tap on DJI Engine. Swipe down for default settings
  14. Navigate the default settings via notepad
  15. Make the changes for the command as follow. “Upgrade enable=1”. Then save it
  16. Unless you are not the admin, you cannot make the changes. So, a notification will receive.
  17. Exit from default settings and right click on it. Navigate to properties and go to security and then tap on edit. Finally, let the steps to happen.
  18. Turn back to default settings and do the same steps as follows. “Upgrade enable=1”. Then save it
  19. Navigate to DJI Assistant 2
  20. Turn on the drone. Beep sound will emerge. After that connect the other corner of the cable to the PC
  21. DJI Mini 2 will appear on DJI Assistant 2. Tap on it.
  22. If the process is over, the firmware will ask for the update
  23. Then, tap on it and the all the available updates will see
  24. It depends on you to select either refresh or downgrade

The following given video will inform you further.

DJI Mini 2 works with the DJI Assistant 2

It is true that Mini 2 performs having limits. But it will perform with DJI Assistant 2. So, the best tip that fits you is to log Export. When you go for an update in firmware, kinds of methods may be visible to overcome the issues that arise. The above-given steps may help you.

the correct app for the DJI Mini 2

“DJI Fly” is the best and smart app that you can use for each of DJI FPV, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mavic Air 2, Mavic 3, Mini SE, and Mavic Mini 2.
You can check more about the app that fits you to update your drone: More DJI apps

Conclusion; DJI Mini 2 Firmware (Read Before Updating)

All in all, the main facts are wrapped up. So, before a flight, get to know whether you are using the newest version of the firmware. For sure, Mini 2 is quite enough for a flight but the newest updates may include more features for a smart flight. Personally, I prefer the improvement to a 4K 60 fps drone. Moreover, the upcoming updates may release with either Follow Me or obstacle avoidance.

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