Pixy, Snap’s New Selfie Drone: How to Purchase

Pixy & Snap's

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You can record aerial footage for your Snapchat Memories with Snap’s new Pixy drone. How to obtain Pixy is provided here.

Pixy & Snap’s a straightforward and user-friendly flying camera that costs less than the already prevalent solutions. With the release of the new drone, Snap formally enters the drone manufacturing industry.

But where can you purchase Pixy? And what is the price? To learn how to order Pixy & Snap’s drone, continue reading.

Launch of Snap’s Selfie Drone, Pixy

Pixy & Snap’s gaining ground in the drone industry. The business revealed Pixy, its first drone, during the keynote address of the Snap Partner Summit 2022. It’s a pocket-sized drone that costs $230 that serves only as a flying selfie camera. Snap’s blog post pointed out that the business prefers to refer to it as a flying camera. Simplicity is a crucial concept throughout Pixy, from the design to the way it works, and is Snap’s main priority.

Pixy’s standout features include a detachable 860mAh battery with a USB Type C connector for charging and 16GB of internal storage. Unfortunately, the drone lacks a microSD card port for additional storage. Pixy offers 12MP selfies and video clips with a quality limit of 2.7K. With the default flight modes, Snap claims that a single battery charge can last five to eight flights.

How the Pixy Mini Drone from Snap Works

Pixy is simple to use because it makes things as straightforward as possible. First things first: Pixy lacks a controller. Instead, it has a straightforward dial that you can use to turn it on and choose from among the pre-programmed flight courses. It can fly in four different ways: orbit, follow, reveal, and hover.

As the name implies, the orbit mode allows you to have the drone rotate around you, whereas the following mode enables the drone to travel wherever you do. In addition to the four, you can alter one of these flight paths to your preferences and store it as your preferred model.

Flying it is simply because it is a flying camera rather than a skilled drone. When you set it on your hand’s palm and press the activation button, Pixy will take off. Simply place your palm beneath the drone to stop filming and land it. The computer program takes care of everything.

However, if you need to land the drone quickly in an emergency, you can use the force landing button in the Snapchat app. Because drone crashes are frequent, we recommend that you always carry out a number of tests before flying a drone.

Pixy & Snap's

You can then use Snapchat Memories to access your image or video files. The image or video can then be edited using Snapchat’s editing features before being shared wherever you like. For this, you might find our tutorial on using Snapchat’s image editing features useful.

How to Buy the Pixy Flying Camera from Snap

At the time of writing, France and the United States are the only two nations where Pixy may be purchased. By visiting Pixy’s store or looking for Pixy in the Snapchat app, you can purchase the drone starting at $230. For $20 more, you may purchase the specific Pixy Flight Pack, which comes with two rechargeable batteries. Expect your order to ship in 15 to 16 weeks, according to Snap.

Is It Time to Buy a Pixy Drone?

Depending on what you want, you should either purchase Pixy or not. The Pixy drone from Snap is not intended to compete with more potent and seasoned companies in the market like DJI, Parrot, or PowerVision. Keep in mind that Pixy is only a basic flying camera. Don’t anticipate stunning 4K video or cinematic shots. So long as you are clear on your goals, you already have the solution.


How can I purchase a Snapchat Pixy drone?

The only location where you can presently purchase the Pixy drone is on Snap’s own website. Open your online browser and go to the Pixy website from your phone, tablet, or computer. Choose the configuration you want to purchase, click the yellow “Shop Now” button, add it to your basket, and then proceed to the checkout.

Describe the Pixy drone.

The Pixy is a little, light drone that’s intended to be easier to interact with than other drones. The $230 gadget starts up right in your hand and records videos that sync to the Snapchat app so you can share them with your pals. A Verge

The location of the Snapchat store

Using your settings Tap the Profile button in the top-left area of Snapchat after opening it. To access Settings, tap the symbol in the top-right corner. Toggle to the “Snap Store” tab. Navigate to store.snapchat.com from our website.

How long is the Pixy battery good for?

A full battery only has enough power for roughly five flights, and each flight lasts for 10 to 20 seconds, so you’ll need the second one. The majority of the time, it simply sinks to the ground after each flight.

What does the flying camera cost?

A flying camera drone dubbed Pixy that fits in the palm of your hand is Snapchat’s latest method for users to take pictures and movies. The drone will be available for purchase starting at $230 starting on Thursday on Pixy.com in the US and France. By the end of May, according to Snap, pre-ordered drones will start to arrive.

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