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Download Qcom Phone Download Tool

Hello friends from this post we would like to present about Qcom download tool.Qcom download tool is a small application that allows you to Flash qualcomm devices.

Qualcomm Flash Image Tool is compatible with windows 10, windows 8.windows 8.1,windows 7, windows vista, windows XP.

Features of Qcom Phone Download Tool

Supports for multiple languages

Qcom tool is supports for multiple languages like English and Chinese.In Chinese language you can see multiple tabs but in English you can’t see multiple tabs.You can choose any language from  the first icon in the right hand side.

Multiple platforms

It supports for the multiple platforms including 8974 and 8 * 26

Multiple download types

Qcom is supports for various download types which are Auto,Sahara,Firehorse. Auto is the default download type for the flashing Qualcomm devices but you can change it to one of above types.

Mutiple download data types

There are many download types available in this tool.Those are Save user data,Save production data and Wipe all data.In Save all data type will protect your data while doing the Flashing process but in Wipe all data type will erase your data within the Flashing process.

Download Qcom Phone download Tool


Qcom Phone Download Tool  Link


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