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Download All Samsung galaxy Stock Roms | Fully Tested


We collect And Share All Samsung Stock Roms here. If you have Any Samsung Stock Or Custom firmware Please give us A Link to And help Others to fix their Phones. You Are Able to use Below Stock Roms when your Phone needed to unroot. Rollback, full system restore, Or when Phone dead. Also, I want to say. we have dedicated guidelines for All these Phones.

Before Download stock ROM. You Must Read This

Dual Sim issue – If you have a dual sim phone. For example if you have Note 8 SM-N950F/FD then you have to download Note 8 SM-N950F stock ROM. it will works on both of the devices, because some of the dual phones have no separated stock ROMs.

Country not found – Samsung develops stock Roms are Country based. In Note 8 SM-N950F, it has 30+ Stock Roms Based on Country and Android version. I can’t see any difference each other. instead of Pre -Installed apps and Main Language. IF you cant find your Rom then you can install another Country Stock ROM.

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Only one file include in my zip – If your zip file having only one extracted file then it is “AP” and otherwise select other buttons and locate other suitable firmware files


Alternative Link – Search Stock Rom model and Download


Samsung Galaxy J7 V J727V – Download

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N916SKSU2DQJ2 N916SSKC2DQJ2 SKC.zip odin Korea (SK Telecom) Link
  2. N910PVPU3BOF5 N910PSPT3BOF5 SPR.zip odin SPINT (CDMA) Link
  3. Samsung E1200Y SPD6530 04152014 MIRA.zip miracle Box  Link
  4. Samsung E1200R 03072014 MIRA.zip miracle Box Link
  5. Samsung B313E 06052015 MIRA.zip miracle Box Link
  6. Samsung E1200i 12262013 MIRA.zip miracle Box Link
  7. SM-G611F G611FDDU1ARA6 G611FODD1ARA6 ODD 4file.zip samsung stock firmware All  Link 
  8. SM-A530F A530FXXU1ARAB A530FOXM1ARAB OXM 4file.zip samsung stock firmware  Poland  Link
  9. N5110XXDNF1 N5110OXXDNF2 XEF.zip odin France Link
  10. N5110XXDNK1 N5110UVSDNK1 ARO.zip  odin  Argentina Link
  11. N5110XXSDQA7 N5110UVSDNK1 TPA.zip  odin Panama Link
  12. G965USQU1ARB7 G965UOYN1ARB7 USC USA 4file.zip stock firmware files  USA Link
  13. J727VVRS2ARC1 J727VVZW2ARC1 VZW 4file.zip stock firmware files  USA Link
  14. T818XXS2BRB1 T818TUR2BQI1 TUR.zip stock firmware files Turkey Link
  15. G960FXXU1ARCC G960FOVF1ARC1 VD2 4file.zip stock firmware files Germany Link
  16. G960FXXU1ARCC G960FOXM1ARCA BTU 4file.zip stock firmware files United Kingdom Link
  17. G960FXXU1ARCC G960FOXM1ARCA VAU 4file.zip stock firmware files  Australia Link
  18. G960FXXU1ARCC G960FOXM1ARCA XEF 4file.zip stock firmware files France Link
  19. G965FXXU1ARC5 G965FOXM1ARC4 AUT 4file.zip stock firmware files Switzerland link
  20. S968CUDUAMH1 S968CTFNAMH1 TFN.zip odin  Link Tracfone
  21. G892USQS1ARB3 G892UOYN1ARB3 TMB 4file.zip stock firmware files  USA Link
  22. A320FLXXS2BRAA A320FLBTU1BQI5 BTU 4file.zip stock firmware files  United Kingdom (BTU) Link 
  23. A320FLXXS2BRAA A320FLOXX1BQH5 BGL 4file.zip stock firmware files  Bulgaria (BGL) Link
  24. A320FLXXU2BRA2 A320FLDBT2BQL2 DBT 4file.zip stock firmware files   Germany (DBT ) Link
  25. G920SKSU3EQL1 G920SSKC3EQL1 SKC.zip odin  Singapore Link
  26. SM-N920R6 N920R6WWU2DQD1 N920R6LRA2DQD1 LRA.zip odin  USA Link
  27. SM-N910CQ N910CXXS2DQHG N910CQOJT2DPJ3 TUR.zip odin  Turkey Link
  28. SM-N930FD N930FXXU2BPI7 N930FUUB2BPI1 TPA 4file.zip stock firmware files  Panama Link
  29. N930SKSU1BPJ7 N930SSKC1BPJ7 SKC 4file.zip stock firmware files  South Korea Link
  30. N930LKLU1BPJ7 N930LLUC1BPJ7 LUC 4file.zip stock firmware files  South Korea Link
  31. G615FUDDU1AQL4 G615FUODDU1AQL2 INS 4file.zip stock firmware files  India Link
  32. G750FXXU1ANJ1 G750FOLB1ANJ2 XME.zip odin  Malaysia Link
  33. G750FXXU1AOE2 G750FOLB1AOE1 THL.zip  odin  Thailand Link
  34. G900LKLU1CPL5 G900LLUC1CPL5 LUC.zip odin  Korea Link
  35. G920KKKU3EQL1 G920KKTC3EQL1 KTC.zip odin  Korea Link
  36. G920SKSU3EQL1 G920SSKC3EQL1 SKC.zip  odin  Korea Link
  37. N9150ZCU1CQH5 N9150CHC1CQH5 CHC.zip  odin  China Link
  38. N9150ZHS1CQH1 N9150ZZH1CQH1 TGY.zip odin   Hong Kong Link
  39. N920VVRS3BQA1 N920VVZW3BQA1 VZW.zip odin  USA Link
  40. N920W8VLS4CQK1 N920W8OYA4CQK1 XAC.zip odin  Canada Link
  41. G5108QZCU1AQA2 G5108QCHC1AQA2 CHC.zip odin  China Link
  42. G355MUBS0AQA2 G355MTCE0AOJ1 TCE.zip  odin   Mexico Link
  43. G355MUBS0AQA2 G355MTFG0AOI1 UFN.zip  odin  Argentina Link
  44. G355MUBS0AQA3 G355MUUB0AOJ2 ARO.zip odin  Argentina Link
  45. G355MUBU0AQB1 G355MZTO0AQB1 ZTO.zip  odin  Brazil Link
  46. C900FDDU1BQL3 C900FODD1BQL2 BNG 4file.zip stock firmware files   Bangladesh Link
  47. C900FDDU1BQL7 C900FOLB1BQL3 XME 4file.zip stock firmware files   Malaysia Link
  48. C900FDDU1BRA1 C900FODD1BRA2 INS 4file.zip stock firmware files  India  Link
  49. C710FDXU1AQI4 C710FOLB1AQI5 MM1 4file.zip stock firmware files  Singapore Link
  50. C710FDXU1ARA1 C710FOLB1ARA1 XME 4file.zip stock firmware files  Malaysia Link
  51. C710FDXU1ARA1 C710FOLE1ARA2 XID 4file.zip stock firmware files  Indonesia Link
  52. C7010ZCU1BQL3 C7010CHC1BQL3 CHC 4file.zip  stock firmware files  China Link
  53. C7010ZHU1BQL4 C7010ZZH1BQL4 TGY 4file.zip  stock firmware files  Hong Kong Link
  54. C7000ZCU2BQL2 C7000CHC2BQL2 CHC 4file.zip stock firmware files   China Link
  55. C7000ZHU2BQL2 C7000ZZH2BQL2 TGY 4file.zip stock firmware files   Hong Kong Link
  56. C5010ZCU1BQL3 C5010CHC1BQL3 CHC 4file.zip stock firmware files  China Link
  57. C5010ZHU1BQL5 C5010ZZH1BQL5 TGY 4file.zip stock firmware files   Hong Kong Link
  58. A800IXXS2BQC3 A800IOLB2BPJ3 GLB.zip odin  Philippines Link
  59. A800IXXU2BPJ1 A800IODD2BPJ1 BNG.zip odin   Bangladesh Link
  60. A800IXXU2BQG1 A800IODD2BQE1 INS.zip odin   India Link
  61. A730FXXU1AQL8 A730FOLM1AQL8 XSP 4file.zip stock firmware files Singapore Link
  62. A730FXXU1AQLE A730FOJM1AQLE KSA 4file.zip stock firmware files  Saudi Arabia Link
  63. A730FXXU1ARA6 A730FODM1ARA2 INS 4file.zip   stock firmware files  India Link
  64. A500YDVS1CQC2 A500YNZC1CQA1 NZC.zip odin   New Zealand Link
  65. A500YDVU1CQC1 A500YUUB1CPL1 TPA.zip odin   Panama Link
  66. A500YDVU1CQC1 A500YXSA1CQC1 XSA.zip odin   Australia Link
  67. N920SKSU2DQL1 N920SSKC2DQL1 SKC.zip  odin Korea Link
  68. N920R7WWU2CQH3 N920R7ACG2CQH3 ACG.zip odin   Nextech Link
  69. N920PVPS3BQB1 N920PSPT3BQB1 SPR.zip  odin   Spint Link
  70. N920PVPS3DQJ1 N920PSPT3DQJ1 SPR.zip   odin   Spint Link
  71. N920LKLU2CPL5 N920LLUC2CPL5 LUC.zip  odin  Korea Link
  72. N920KKKU2DQL1 N920KKTC2DQL1 KTC.zip  odin    Korea  Link
  73. N920CXXS3CQK1 N920COJV3CQJ1 XSG.zip  odin  United Arab Emirates  Link
  74. J530YMDXU1AQHA J530YMOLD1AQG1 OLD 4file.zip stock firmware files  All  Link
  75. J530YMDXU2AQI4 J530YMOLD2AQI4 THL 4file.zip stock firmware files  Thailand  Link
  76. J530SKSU1AQK1 J530SSKC1AQK1 SKC 4file.zip stock firmware files  South Korea Link
  77. J530LKLU1AQH2 J530LLUC1AQH2 LUC 4file.zip stock firmware files  South Korea Link
  78. J530KKKU1AQH2 J530KKTC1AQH2 KTC 4file.zip stock firmware files  South Korea Link
  79. J320VVRU2BQJ1 J320VVZW2BQJ1 USA.zip odin  USA Link
  80. J320PVPS1AQG3 J320PSPT1AQG3 SPR.zip odin  Sprint USA Link
  81. J320PVPU1APK2 J320PSPT1APK2 VMU.zip  odin  Virgin Mobile USA Link
  82. J120ZNDVU1AQG2 J120ZNTLP1AQJ1 TLP.zip  odin  Australia Link
  83. J120WVLS2AQK1 J120WOYA2AQK1 RWC.zip odin Canada Link
  84. I896UXKH2 I896RWCKH2 2.3.6 Canada 3Files.zip  stock firmware files  India Link
  85. G928CXXS3CQJ3 G928COJV3CQJ1 PAK.zip odin  Pakistan Link
  86. G9287ZHU2CQK2 G9287ZZH2CQK2 TGY.zip  odin  Hong Kong Link
  87. G9287ZHU2CQK2 G9287ZZT2CQK2 BRI.zip odin   Taiwan Link
  88. G9287CDXS3CQL2 G9287COLB3CQJ1 GLB.zip odin  Philippines Link
  89. G5528ZMU1AQH1 G5528CHM1AQH1 CHM 4file.zip stock firmware files  China Link
  90. A320FXXU2BQI2 A320FOJV2BQI1 WTL 4file.zip stock firmware files Saudi Arabia Link
  91. A320FXXU2BQI3 A320FOJV2BQI3 ECT 4file.zip stock firmware files  Nigeria Link
  92. A320FXXU3BRA1 A320FOXY3BRA1 SER 4file.zip stock firmware files  Russia  Link
  93. G930FXXU1DQJ8 G930FODD1DQIL INS 4file.zip stock firmware files India Link
  94. G930FXXU1DQJ8 G930FOLB1DQI4 GLB 4file.zip stock firmware files  Philippines Link
  95. G930FXXU1DQJ8 G930FOLB1DQI4 XSP 4file.zip stock firmware files  Singapore Link
  96. G930FXXU1DQJ8 G930FOLB1DQI4 XXV 4file.zip stock firmware files   Vietnam Link
  97. G930TUVS4BQL2 G930TTMB4BQL2 TMB 4file.zip stock firmware files  USA  Link
  98. J250FXXU1AQL2 J250FOJV1AQL2 ACR 4file.zip  stock firmware files  Saudi Arabia Link
  99. J250FXXU1AQL2 J250FOJV1AQL2 MID 4file.zip stock firmware files   Iraq Link
  100. J250FXXU1AQL2 J250FOJV1AQL4 LYS 4file.zip stock firmware files   United Arab Emirates Link
  101. J250FXXU1AQL2 J250FOJV1AQL2 OJV 4file.zip  stock firmware files   Morocco Link
  102. J320VPPVRS2AQF1 J320VPPVZW2AQF1 USA.zip odin USA Link
  103. J320VPPVRS2AQI1 J320VPPVZW2AQI1 USA.zip odin USA Link
  104. G930AZTUU4BQF2 G930AZAIO4BQF2 AIO 4file.zip stock firmware files  USA Link
  105. G930AZTUU4BQK2 G930AZAIO4BQK2 AIO 4file.zip stock firmware files  USA Link
  106. G9300ZCU2BQK3 G9308CHM2BQK3 CHM 4file.zip stock firmware files  China Link
  107. G9300ZCU2APL2 G9300CHC2APL2 CHC 4file.zip stock firmware files  China  Link
  108. G9300ZCU2BQK3 G9300CHC2BQK3 CHC 4file.zip  stock firmware files  China Link
  109. G928W8VLS4CQK1 G928W8OYA4CQK1 BMC.zip odin  Canada Link
  110. G928W8VLS4CQK1 G928W8OYA4CQK1 RWC.zip odin  Canada Link
  111. G928W8VLS4CQK1 G928W8OYA4CQK1 VMC.zip  odin  Canada Link
  112. G928SKSU2AOK5 G928SSKC2AOK5 SKC.zip  odin  Korea Link
  113. G928SKSU3BPL5 G928SSKC3BPL5 SKC.zip odin  Korea Link
  114. G928SKSU3DQL1 G928SSKC3DQL1 SKC.zip odin  Korea Link
  115. G928PVPS2AOK3 G928PSPT2AOK3 SPR.zip  odin Spint Link
  116. G928PVPS3BQB1 G928PSPT3BQB1 SPR.zip  odin   Spint Link
  117. G928PVPS3DQH1 G928PSPT3DQH1 SPR.zip  odin  Spint Link
  118. G928N0KOU1AOJ2 G928N0KOO1AOJ2 KOO.zip odin  Korea Link
  119. G928N0KOU2BQA1 G928N0KOO2BQA1 KOO.zip odin  Korea Link
  120. G610MUBU1BQI3 G610MJDI1BQI1 JDI 4file.zip stock firmware files  Jamaica Link 
  121. G610MUBU1BQI3 G610MUWM1BQJ1 COL 4file.zip stock firmware files  Colombia Link
  122. G610MUBU1BQK9 G610MUUB1BQL2 ARO 4file.zip  stock firmware files  Argentina Link
  123. G532MTVJU1AQE1 G532MTZTO1AQE1 ZTO 4file.zip stock firmware files   Brazil Link
  124. G532MTVJU1AQK1 G532MTZTO1AQK1 ZTO 4file.zip stock firmware files Brazil Link
  125. G530TUVS2AQE3 G530TTMB2AQE3 TMB.zip odin USA Link
  126. G928LKLU2AOL5 G928LLUC2AOL5 LUC.zip odin USA Link
  127. G928LKLU3DQL1 G928LLUC3DQL1 LUC.zip odin  USA Link
  128. G928LKLU3BPL5 G928LLUC3BPL5 LUC.zip odin   Korea Link
  129. G928LKLU2AOL5 G928LLUC2AOL5 LUC.zip odin  Korea Link
  130. G530T1UVS2AQE3 G530T1TMB2AQE3 TMB.zip  odin  USA Link
  131. N920GUBU3CQJ2 N920GUUB3CQI2 ARO.zip  odin  Argentina Link
  132. N920GUBU3CQK1 N920GUUB3CQK1 TPA.zip  odin   Panama Link
  133. N920GUBU3CQK1 N920GZTO3CQK2 ZTO.zip odin    Brazil Link
  134. J727PVPU3AQJ3 J727PSPT3AQJ3 SPR 4file.zip  stock firmware files  Spint Link
  135. J727PVPU3AQJ3 J727PSPT3AQJ3 VMU 4file.zip  stock firmware files  Virgin Mobile USA  Link
  136. J500N0KOU1AQI1 J500N0KOO1AQI1 KOO.zip odin  Korea Link
  137. J500FNXXS1BQG1 J500FNOXX1BPL1 XEF.zip odin   France Link
  138. J500FNXXS1BQG1 J500FNWIN1BPL1 WIN.zip odin   Italy Link
  139. J500FNXXU1BQF1 J500FNVIA1BPL1 VIA.zip odin    Germany Link
  140. J500FNXXU1BQF2 J500FNEVR1BQG1 EVR.zip  odin   United Kingdom Link
  141. J320ZNDOS1APK2 J320ZNVFJ1APG2 VFJ.zip  odin  Fiji Link
  142. J320ZNDOU1AQH1 J320ZNXSA1AQH1 XSA.zip  odin Australia Link
  143. J320ZNDOU1AQK1 J320ZNPNG1AQK1 PNG.zip  odin Papua New Guinea Link
  144. J320W8VLU2BQK1 J320W8OYA2BQK1 RWC.zip  odin Canada Link
  145. J320W8VLU2BQK1 J320W8OYA2BQK1 VMC.zip  odin Canada Link
  146. J320W8VLU2BQK1 J320W8OYA2BQK1 XAC.zip  odin Canada Link
  147. J105HXWU0AQK1 J105HOJV0AQK1 EGY.zip  odin Egypt Link
  148. J105HXWU0AQK1 J105HOJV0AQK1 LYS.zip  odin United Arab Emirates Link
  149. J105HXWU0AQK1 J105HOJV0AQK1 WTL.zip  odin Saudi Arabia Link
  150. G928FXXS3CQK1 G928FDBT3CQJ1 DBT.zip  odin Germany link
  151. G928FXXS3CQK1 G928FPHE3CQJ1 PHE.zip   odin Spain link
  152. G928FXXS3CQK2 G928FOXX3CQI1 XEF.zip  odin  France link
  153. G928FXXS3CQK2 G928FOXX3CQI1 XEO.zip  odin Poland link
  154. A300YZUJS1BQB1 A300YZUUB1BPD1 CHO.zip  odin Chile link
  155. A300YZUJU1AOJ2 A300YZTFG1AOC1 PBS.zip  odin Panama link
  156. A300YZZTS1BQD1 A300YZZZT1BQD1 BRI.zip  odin Taiwan link
  157. N935LKLU3AQI4 N935LLUC3AQI4 LUC 4file.zip Korea  stock firmware files link
  158. P350XXU1BQE1 P350OLB1BQD1 XSP.zip  odin Singapore link
  159. P350XXU1BQE1 P350XSA1BQD1 XSA.zip  odin Australia link
  160. P350ZCU1BQJ1 P350CHN1BQJ1 CHN.zip  odin China link
  161. Samsung Metro E2252.zip falsh loader All Link
  162. N7505XXSDPL2 N7505DBTDPB1 DBT.zip odin Canada Link
  163. N7505XXUANB1 N7505OJVANA4 KSA.zip odin Saudi Arabia Link
  164. N7505XXUCNH1 N7505OJVCNH2 XSG.zip odin United Arab Emirates Link
  165. J330GDXU2AQI2 J330GOLB2AQI2 XME 4file.zip stock firmware files Malaysia Link
  166. J330GDXU2AQI2 J330GOLB2AQI2 XSP 4file.zip stock firmware files Singapore Link
  167. J330GDXU2AQI2 J330GOLE2AQI2 XID 4file.zip stock firmware files Indonesia Link
  168. I8190NDXANF1 I8190NQLBANF1 XSP.zip odin Singapore Link
  169. I8190NXXAMG1 I8190NOXAAMG1 DBT.zip odin Germany Link
  170. I8190NZCAMG2 I8190NCHNAMG2 CHN.zip odin China Link
  171. G730W8VLUBNF3 G730W8OYABNF3 FMC.zip odin Canada (Fido Mobile) Link
  172. G730W8VLUBNF3 G730W8OYABNF3 RWC.zip odin Canada (Rogers) Link
  173. G730W8VLUBNF3 G730W8OYABNF3 TLS.zip odin Canada (Telus) Link
  174. I257MVLUBNG2 I257MOYABNG2 RWC.zip odin Canada (Rogers) Link
  175. I257MVLUBNG2 I257MOYABNG2 TLS.zip  odin Canada (Telus) Link
  176. I257MVLUBNG2 I257MOYABNG2 VMC.zip odin Canada (Virgin Mobile) Link
  177. S7272XXUAOD1 S7272OJVAOD1 EGY.zip odin Egypt Link
  178. S7272XXUAOD1 S7272OJVAOD1 PAK.zip odin Pakistan Link
  179. i257UCU2BNG4 i257ATT2BNG4 USA 4.4.2 4File.zip stock firmware files USA Link
  180. I257UCU2BNK1 I257ATT2BNK1 USA 4.4.2 4File.zip  stock firmware files USA Link
  181. COMBINATION FA70 G955USQU1AQG3 G955XUCL11932669 QB14369537 REV00 user mid n odin All link
  182. COMBINATION FA70 G955XUQU1AQD8 CL11249373 QB13326524 REV00 user mid noship M odin All link
  183. COMBINATION FA70 G955XUQU1AQDA CL11303241 QB13386458 REV00 user mid noship M odin All link
  184. E1200YDDND1 ODDAND1.zip no link
  185. S6012BVJUBMH1 S6012BZTOBMH1 ZTO 4.1.2.zip odin Brazil link
  186. G930VVRU4BQA4 G930VVZW4BQA4 VZW 4file.zip stock firmware files France link
  187. S5280XXANF1 S5280OXXANF1 DBT.zip odin Germany link
  188. S5280XXANG2 S5280OXAANF3 ITV.zip odin Italy link
  189. Samsung Galaxy J7 V link

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  1. Tony Wooten says

    Do you have a link to a ROM for the SM-J327T ?

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