Fedora Hat vs. Panama Hat: Everything You Need to Know

Fedora Hat vs. Panama Hat: Everything You Need to Know

Fedora Hat vs. Panama Hat: Everything You Need to Know

Do you know the difference between a Panama hat and a fedora hat? The debate regarding the Panama hat and fedora hat is there since the introduction of the hats. There are multiple factors and aspects you need to consider while determining the difference between a fedora hat and a Panama hat. Both the Panama hat and the fedora hat have similar styles and shapes. If you don’t know about their materials, you cannot differentiate them easily. However, there are a few major differences between the Panama hats and the fedora hats that you should know of. The most important difference is their building material. But, let’s talk about the hats first. 

What is Panama Hat?

Panama hats are one of the most popular and effective hats in the fashion industry. Nowadays, most men prefer choosing the Panama hats over any other type of hat. A fascinating fact about the Panama hats is that they didn’t originate in Panama Canal, despite their name. They were created in Ecuador. They were given the name because they were transported to California through the Panama Canal. 

Panama hats come with flat or slightly curved brims. Some unique types of Panama hats also come with a center dent or pinched crown. Despite the color, the richness of the Panama hats is extraordinary. 

What is Fedora?

The design of the fedora and Panama hat is almost the same. However, the fedora hats are generally less expensive than the Panama hats. 

Now let’s discuss the difference between a Panama hat and a fedora hat. 

Material Matters

Both the Panama hats and the fedora hats might have a similar style as well as shape. However, the material of the hats is one of the few major differences that will help you to know which is which. 

Panama straw hats are crated from toquilla straw. This is one of the finest grain straws that are accumulated from the toquilla tree. On the other hand, straw fedora hat mens can be crafted from leather, felt, or any other type of durable straws. Some types of fedora hats can also be crafted through the traditional hot-making methods. Genuine and high-quality Panama hats are hand-crafted and woven in build in Ecuador. 

It’s a fact that fedora hats have similarities to Panama hats. However, keep in mind that not all Panama hats are fedora and not all fedora hats are Panama. 

What to Wear?

Deciding which type of hat to wear is undoubtedly a challenging task. Make sure you choose hats depending on your taste and style. But you need to consider a few things. Panama hats are great during the hot summer months. They are not only lightweight but also offer excellent protection against the sun. Additionally, the weave makes the hat breathable. Panama hats are also portable. Some of them can even be rolled easily without damaging the structure. This is why many people wear Panama in tourist spots. 

On the other hand, straw fedora hats offer some similar features but you can find fedora hats that can overtake the Panama straw hats. If you’re traveling to a location that is extremely hot and humid, you should consider the Panama hat over the fedora hat. It will keep you comfortable and offer better protection from the sun. The Panama hats are also eye-catching and stylish. 

However, if you want to showcase your style and fashion statement, consider choosing fedora hats. The style and elegance of the fedora hats cannot be beaten by the Panama hats. Nothing can beat the beauty and attractiveness of high-quality fedora hats. 

Style and Shape

The shape of the Panama and fedora hat is almost similar to each other. Each of the hats has a pinched front, low crown, and moderate wide brim. The shape of the Panama hat is sometimes the same as the fedora. Since the materials define the look and functionality of the Panama hats, they can also be shaped as porkpie hats or boater hats. On the other hand, the fedora hats will always have a low and pinched brim and crown. Both hats often come with a ribbon as well as narrow brim styles. 

How to Style Panama Hats?

Panama hats are great for both casual and formal events. However, you need to pay close attention to the weather as well as your dress code before wearing the Panama hats. Panama hats will look great in any fabric outfit such as linen pants and cotton chinos. You can also pair it with a formal white shirt or funky t-shirt. Make sure you wear the Panama hats during hot summer months as the hat will help you stay protected from the sun rays and UV rays. As per Verywellhealth, UV rays can affect the immune system. 

How to Style Fedora Hats?

Wearing the fedora hats is extremely easy as you don’t have to worry about your fashion statement. Any type of outfit will work best with the fedora hats. But make sure the fedora hats are relevant as per the occasion you’re attending and the dress code you’re applying. 


These are the difference between Panama hats and fedora hats. Do you want to purchase attractive men’s straw fedora hats? Contact us today. 

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