Fixed- Android heating problems

Fixed- Android heating problems

Fixed- Android heating problems

Fixing the Android heating problems

Android Smartphones, despite being the most Powerful and popular application comes with some constraints and issues as well. One among those issues is the battery heating. This is the most common issue faced by the users using Android Smartphones. We cannot overcome this issue back to completely normal, but surely can be brought down for a very great extent.

There are lot of reasons for the device getting heated up, first we got to find the reason for the device getting heated and then to apply the solution to bring it down.


Over use of Phone:

The sole reason for the device getting heated may not always be due to the battery. This  can  also be due to the heating of CPU of the phone. It is not always true that the device should never get heated. It is pretty normal that the device heats up during some of the activities done on phone. some of them includes,

  • Playing games
  • Playing advanced graphic games for long time
  • Using phone continuously while charging
  • Shooting and watching HD videos for longer time etc.

These are completely normal, but in some cases, the device gets heated up with very less use too. So, to check whether the problem does exist or the normal heating, just install some heat management apps and check for the temperature frequently.

Issue with battery, charger or USB:

If the battery is draining too quickly after charging or while using, then there is more probability that either the USB or battery might have some issue. It is always recommended by the manufacturers to use the particular respective charges for the given phone given by the manufacturers. If you are facing the issue even after doing so, then

  • Use another charger of the same manufacturer and check whether it heats up. If not, then kudos! You have find out the problem. Now, all you have to do is to replace the USB of the charger.


External Conditions:

It is not always that the issue always rises due to battery or USB or overusing. It also depends on the external environment and factors. You should never place your phone in a hot sunlight or in the very cold places either. Don’t be so choosy on the protective covers you buy. Some cheap are made from poor quality products and these also become an issue in the heating of the device.

Software is Out of date

Phones Companies release their update and debug your Device’s errors. So, you have to check Device Updates and if you have any update then install it. as wel as i want tel that You don’t lose anything. Only system files are replaced. Most of people don’t concern this but this may be the reason for heating, Go to setting and go to about phone and update





Cleaning Apps and phone:

Installing the new app means that you are increasing the load on the device.

Take your own time and uninstall all the apps which are not in use.

Use some app to clean the junk files from your device. I would recommend clean master play store app for that.


Decrease the Color of Device’s Screen

If You use Full HD Pictures with Full Colors Wallpapers then  it can be make small heat. we recommend you to use Null Black Wallpaper because black color don’t need much pixel. and there is a advantage, It is your battery life will increase


Installing some heating control APP:

Install some play store application which controls the device from getting heated up.

Check for the apps properly before installing right away. After installing, you can find some causes resulting the device heat up. I would recommend Device cooler, Heat Control and cooling master apps for this.


Adjusting the setting for normal/Optimal use:

Use the apps which you really need like location, sync, hot spot, Bluetooth etc..

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