Using PIT Magic tool- Creating, Editing and Analyzing PIT files.

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Using PIT Magic tool- Creating, Editing and Analyzing PIT files.

Using PIT Magic tool- Creating, Editing and Analyzing PIT files.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to flash stock ROM. Rooting and flashing the device would give an enhanced control on the device. So, the one who needs all these features would usually start flashing their device. Odin is a flashing tool developed by Samsung. It is too easy to use and get the flashing done. Today, I’m writing a very important post for using PIT Magic tool.

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I have already mentioned that using the Odin tool is too easy for flashing. Having said that, it never meant that we don’t encounter any errors while flashing. (“Invalid Ext4 image“ and “Get PIT for mapping…”)There are many errors which we does encounter. I have already made detailed post on fixing all those errors. Please go through the same by browsing in our page. Using PIT Magic tool- Creating, Editing and Analyzing PIT files.

What’s PIT File?

PIT-> partition information tables. It contains the partition files for the galaxy android devices. It contains all the required informations such as Partition name, Block size, Block count, and many more required technical information. The PIT files are must for flashing the devices. Selecting the proper PIT file is a must in the flashing process.

While flashing the device using Odin tool, it will ask you to locate the PIT file. But, you light even end up with some error, if the PIT file is corrupted or the PIT file is not detected etc.

Note: The PIT file is device specific; you should download and use the particular PIT file which is meant for your device only. You can easily find the PIT file on internet, but if you don’t get, then you can also get it from the device manually.

Detailed Steps for using PIT Magic tool:

DownloadDownload Magic Tool

PIT Magic tool can be used to create the PIT file from scratch, make any modification if there is any need. I guess that’s the reason why it’s called Magic tool 😛 You can also make the modification in partitions, add new partitions and lot more. It’s potentially a very useful tool that will allow users to edit, anayze, and otherwise manage PIT files. Since there aren’t a lot of tools that allow you to do this, this could be very useful for learning about PIT files or creating your own PIT file, should the need arise.

Salient features of PIT Magic tool:

  • Create a very new PIT file from the scratch.
  • Edit the already created or the one created from scratch and modify all the properties or some properties if needed.
  • Analyzing and creating the Human readable files or reports.
  • Export the already created PIT files by User interface.
  • Saving feature once you have done making changes.
  • Remove, modify or add any new partitions as you wish.


I hope the post came in handy for the flashing. If you are facing any issues in following any of these steps, then feel free to drop a comment. One of us from our team will get back to you quickly. Also, go through the other posts as well. Thanks!

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