How to Flash stock ROM using Intel Phone Flash Tool

Flash stock ROM using Intel phone Flash Tool

From this post we would like to present you to how to Flash stock ROM using Intel phone flash tool.

  • This  process only works for the devices which have Intel chipsets.
  • check your device battery level is between 40-50 percentage.
  • Take a proper back up before start the process.
  • Find My chip set name

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Flash stock ROM using Intel phone Flash Tool

Step 1 :

 First download the Intel drivers.Then install it in to your PC.

Download and Install USB

Step 2 :

Download the Intel phone flash tool.Once it completes open it. Read More : Stock Rom vs Custom Rom

Step 3 :

Power off your device.

Turn off the Device

Step 4 :

Download the stock ROM file that you want flash to your PC then extract it.

Step 5 :

When tool is launched click the browse button.

Step 6 : 

Now locate the flash.xml file.(you can find this in above file that you downloaded before.) Read More Increase Ram Size on your Device

Step 7 :

Connect your device to the PC.

Step 8 :

When you connect your device flash tool will show it in the tool.

Step 9 :

Click the start flash button to start the flashing process.


Step 10 :

You can see the process progress from the bar at the right hand side. Read MoreEnable OTG (pen) on Your Device

Step 11 :

When flashing process over you can see the done message.

Step 12 :

Now close the flash tool then disconnect your device.

Done now you successfully flashed your device………

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Frequently Asked Questions Listed Below


When I plug in the USB cable the Flash tool shows that its connected but only for about 2 seconds, then shows disconnected.

  1. Unplug your device from PC
  2. Start the Flash Tool Lite
  3. Browse to file
  4. Click start flashing
  5. Plug your Edison to your PC

I can’t Flash My device With Intel phone Flash Tool

  1. Try with Latest Intel Flash Tool
  2. Try with different USB port
  3. Try with new Stock Rom

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