How to Convert PDF to PPT without Losing Quality in 2022?



Although PDF is the standard file format for sharing and storing data across all devices, if you’re going to use it for a presentation you may occasionally need to convert PDF to PPT. Is it possible to convert a PowerPoint file. So that it resembles the original PDF and keeps all of the original layouts, components, text contents, graphics, etc.? Yes is the response. Continue reading to learn the solution, which is an excellent PDF to PPT converter to address typical quality difficulties.

When Converting PDF to PPT, There Are 3 Most Common Quality Issues

There are a number of challenges with PDF-to-PPT quality. But the three most prevalent ones significantly increase how difficult it is to convert PDF to PowerPoint. Here, we’ll go over the specifics before offering some suggestions for fixing these problems.

1. Formatting

The original formatting of the source file, including the size, color, font, text alignment, spacing, letter case. And other factors that affect how text looks in the document, is retained by PDF. As we all know, PDF prides itself on its rich PDF components. When converting a PDF to a PPT on a Mac, formatting preservation will be essential to your presentation if your PDF contains a lot of elements.

And the truth is that formatting issues frequently arise when using free online PDF-to-PPT conversion services. That struggle to maintain formatting. Fortunately, there are specific applications to convert PDF to PowerPoint without losing formatting.

2. Image/Graphic Resolution

When you open the PPT after importing the PDF to it, you can notice that the images are less clear or sharp than they were in the original PDF file. One explanation is that PowerPoint provides an option that, by default, causes images to be automatically compress when the presentation is save. It might function flawlessly for a while before causing you problems the next. One more thing: JPG is a lossy format, although we frequently use it as the picture format in PDFs because it is less in size.

The program you’re using to import PDF to PPT could also be the cause of the lower image resolution. The image resolution can only be somewhat or barely changed if the tool you’re using is technically fully equipped.

3. Process Failure Due to Conversion Failure

In most cases, conversion errors are brought on by either huge files or a lack of compatibility between PDF and PPT. Since PDF and PPT are two different file types, there is always a compatibility gap between them. If your PDF is not compatible with Microsoft, the conversion may fail for no apparent reason. Even while not all desktop PDF-to-PPT converters are capable of converting huge size files due to subpar performance, online PDF-to-PPT services have made it apparent that there is a file size limit when discussing large size PDFs.

How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint without Losing Quality?

We require a qualified helper to handle these 3 most typical PDF-to-PPT quality concerns. For this reason, a PDF Converter is to convert PDF files into the highest quality PowerPoint format, without sacrificing quality, formatting, or font changes. Here, based on the test results, we recommend two PDF converters, one for Windows users and the other for Mac users.

For Users Who Convert PDF to PPT on Mac

Mac users who want to convert PDF to PPT or other formats are strongly advise to utilize Cisdem PDF OCR Converter. It is for converting any PDFs (both native and scanned) and photos into 16 other formats while maintaining the quality of the original files. Mac users can effortlessly export dozens of PDF files to PPT or other formats with only a few clicks. Additionally, this tool has a free PDF generator built in that enables users to create, combine, protect, and customize PDFs.

  1. Installing Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is the first step
  2. Import PDF File into the Software

After downloading the trial version and starting it on your Mac, open Cisdem PDF Converter OCR. Go to “Converter,” drag and drop PDFs into its work area, or click the “+” icon to add files.


3. Change the Output Format to PowerPoint (.pptx)

From the drop-down box, select the page range and PPTX as the output format (click the format icon).


4. Start Converting PDF to PPT on Mac

Finally, use a Mac to convert PDF to PPT. Turn on “OCR” if your file is an image-based scanned PDF. then “Convert” to convert the scanned PDF file to PPT format.

For Users Who Convert PDF to PowerPoint on Windows PC

Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), ePub, RTF, Text, and picture are just a few of the 15 formats that may be exported from PDF using the Windows program Tipard PDF Converter Platinum. You can preview the PDF file inside the software to select the page range for conversion. It supports batch and partial conversion. Offers OCR capabilities similar to Cisden to convert scanned PDF to PowerPoint or other formats. It performs the conversion quickly and precisely.

How to Use Tipard to Convert PDF to PowerPoint without Losing Formatting?

  1. Click “+” to add files to the software or drag and drop PDF files into it.

2. View the PDF pages in the “Preview” window and select the desired page range for conversion. the output format selection, and then select Microsoft PowerPoint as the result.


To convert PDF to PowerPoint on Windows without losing quality, click “Start” at the bottom of the window.

Bonus: Convert PDF to PowerPoint for Free

There are several free PDF converters available for consumers who want to convert PDF to PowerPoint for free. However, before making the purchase online, be sure you’ve noted that:

  • Since the uploaded files will be store on the web server for a time, there may be dangers of information leaking.
  • When you have a shaky Internet connection, uploading and downloading files will take some time.
  • Due to a size restriction, it cannot use with huge PDF files.
  • Converting a PDF to a PPT online is quite simple; just follow the directions on the webpage. Here, we list a number of high-quality free online PDF to PPT converters for your consideration.
  • Number One: Zamzar PDF to PPT Converter Number Two: Nitro PDF to PPT Converter Number Three: online2pdf Converter Number Four: Smallpdf
  • We’ll use Zamzar as an example to demonstrate the methods involved in converting PDFs to PowerPoint for all 4 of these online converters of PDF to PowerPoint.

How to Convert PDF to PPT Online?

  • Visit the page.
  • For the PDF to be uploaded for conversion, click Choose Files.
  • To convert PDF to PowerPoint format, click Convert Now.
  • The PowerPoint file should be downloaded to your local computer.

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