How to OCR PDF Easily in 2022: Quick Way to OCR PDF

How to OCR PDF Easily in 2022: Quick Way to OCR PDF

How to OCR PDF Easily in 2022: Quick Way to OCR PDF

Working with PDF files often brings on the challenge of content modifications in these non-editable documents. While these files are the safest means of information mobility, their non-editable nature is a downside. Nevertheless, you can work with software solutions from the IT market to sort out the issue. Choosing the best alternative, the Wondershare PDFelement program is here at your disposal. The following article throws light on the process and merits of using the tool.

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Part 1: OCR- What is It?

When striving to make PDF documents editable, OCR technology is a handy solution. Most of you may have the obvious query of what is OCR PDF. The answer is straight and simple. Expanded as Optical Character Recognition, OCR is a functionality that converts PDF files into editable formats by recognizing the electronic footprints of their scanned copies.

OCR is a text-recognition utility that works on automated data extraction and possesses storage capabilities. The technology goes a long way in streamlining business processes and professional workflow by saving the time, effort, and cost of manual data entry. It extracts and repurposes text from scanned documents and image-centered PDF files to make them customizable.

OCR programs utilize a combination of software and hardware inclusions for converting printed physical documents into machine-recognizable text. Advanced circuit boards and optical scanners are used for copying and reading text. The software program takes care of advanced processing. The modern-day OCR programs use artificial intelligence to recognize handwriting styles and languages.

Part 2: Intro of Wondershare PDFElement

Having the answer to what is OCR; you may feel motivated to use the technology for PDF conversion. Proceeding with the task, however, requires the selection of an effective PDF converter tool. Choosing the best from a wide variety of tools available can be confusing. Take a breath, the Wondershare PDFelement program is here to make things a lot easier.

The aforesaid is a dedicated software utility to convert PDF files into popular editable formats for quick and convenient customization. You can convert PDFs into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., for editing them in their native applications. The program allows you to create, read, view, modify, annotate, and convert PDF documents for the most specific uses.

The tool is further, an excellent organizer and protector for your PDF files. It also grants you the liberty to fill out PDF forms and add digital signatures to the documents. The tool promises an accurate and precise PDF conversion with a high-speed task response. Ahead of the advanced features, the software greets you with a well-structured and responsive interface.

The impressive layout facilitates quick and easy navigation for newbies and professional users. Talking of the plans and pricing; you can choose among quarterly, annual, and monthly subscriptions at reasonable costs. The software also has a free trial version to make you familiar with the conversion process. 

To know more and download the product, you can click on Wondershare PDFelement.

Part 3: How to OCR Using Wondershare PDFelement

You can work with the tool on a Windows PC or use the PDFelement for Mac program to perform OCR on scanned PDF files. Let us have a look at the stepwise process of addressing the concern in what follows next:

Download and install the PDFelement program from its official website to your system. Take the following steps to proceed further:

Step 1: Launch Wondershare PDFelement

Click on the software’s desktop icon to launch it in your system. Tap the ‘Open Files’ button on the opening interface to upload the desired PDF files for format conversion.

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Step 2: Let’s OCR

When the file upload finishes, a pop-up message gets displayed on the program window, instructing you to perform OCR on the added files. You can begin by tapping the ‘Perform OCR’ button.

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Step 3: Editing the Scanned PDF

Wait for the OCR process to finish. Your file is now ready for customization. You can start editing the converted PDF by hitting the ‘Edit’ tab.

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Part 4: Why Wondershare PDFelement?

Looking at the software’s credibility, there are a host of reasons for regarding Wondershare PDFelement as the best PDF solution. The prominent ones are listed below:

  • The tool has a batch OCR feature for converting multiple PDF files into editable formats simultaneously. This goes a long way to save your time and effort while improving your efficiency.
  • The multi-terminal operability of PDFelement makes it convenient to access the software on a host of devices, in line with the user’s preference.
  • The software has extensive format compatibility for converting PDF files, and its OCR feature can recognize the document in your preferred language.
  • The program does not require you to be a tech geek for working with its features. Its intuitive interface is cohesively designed for experts and new users.

Part 5: Features of PDFelement

The most appealing features of Wondershare PDFelement are outlined in what follows next:

  • The software’s educational utilities allow you to create, combine, read, and annotate PDF files with utmost ease.
  • The professional features of the program include PDF conversion, editing, compression, and organization.
  • Professional users can fill out and sign PDF forms, and perform batch conversion and OCR on scanned documents. They can also protect and extract PDF data from documents with this tool.
  • The software can convert large-sized documents into long PDF images for convenient access and readability. It can also split a large PDF file into many smaller PDFs.


PDF files may be a convenient format for digital data transfer, but their non-editable nature is a problem. The software market caters to eliminating the issue with a diversity of OCR-enabled programs. When making a choice, you can pick the Wondershare PDFelement program without a second thought. The tool promises excellent performance accuracy in making PDF documents editable and searchable. The conversion process is quick and straightforward and does not have the limitations of size, format, and platform. The guided interface and a vast library of advanced features grant enough flexibility for working with the software.

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