How to Secure Your Front Door With Smart Devices

Secure your front door

How to Secure Your Front Door With Smart Devices

You don’t need to pay for an expensive home security system to protect your home. Here’s a look at some great smart devices to Secure Your Front Door in the home.

Before the Internet became widely used, the only method to secure your front door was with a costly home security system. A home security company will monitor it for a monthly fee. 

However, modern customer smart home gadgets are widely available and can help you protect your house. Compared to conventional home security systems, these smart gadgets are less expensive, easier to install, and more convenient to operate. Additionally, you can keep an eye on everything using your smartphone.

Smart Video Doorbell

Secure Your Front Door

A smart video doorbell with a built-in camera is the most important smart gadget to secure your home’s front door. And also it is simplest to install. In addition to serving the same purpose as a normal doorbell, which is to notify you when someone hits the button, a smart doorbell also allows you to see who is at your front door before you open it.

There are basically two different setups for video doorbells. Some replacement devices connect to the same wires as your current doorbell and replace it.

When someone presses the button on this type of doorbell, your existing doorbell will ring. Because it has powered by the wiring already present. The main disadvantage of this kind of smart doorbell is that you need a functioning doorbell to replace it, and dealing with electrical wiring is also necessary.

Some types run on batteries. You can position the unit anywhere since there are no cables to attach. This kind of video doorbell requires periodic recharging. You can do it commonly via USB. They are ideal for apartments and condos because battery-operated smart doorbells can install almost anyplace. When you move, you may take this style of doorbell with you.

Secure Your Front Door

Smart Video Doorbell Con’t

It is possible to combine both varieties of smart doorbells with a wireless chime that plays music when you press the button. Most smart doorbells also allow you to wirelessly connect them to a smart speaker so that, voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. They can alert you when someone is at your front door.

When someone has pressed the doorbell, you can receive notifications on the doorbell’s mobile phone app as well. Thanks to the doorbell’s built-in camera, you can see who is at the front door on your phone’s screen. Any smart display, like the Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show, can show the camera’s output.

The good thing about this is that, even if you’re not at home, you may, if you choose, respond to anyone is at your door. When you are actually at work or out shopping, you can make it like you answering the door. They won’t even realize you weren’t there if you simply instruct the delivery driver to leave the box at the door.

The majority of smart doorbells also include a motion sensor, which turns on when someone knocks on your front door without ringing the doorbell.

In this manner, you can receive notifications when a shipment is delivered or if a stranger is waiting outside your house. You don’t even need to open your front door to see what’s going on outside. Just open the alert on the doorbell’s mobile app.

Consider looking at the top smart doorbells for your house.

Smart Door Lock

Secure Your Front Door

A smart door lock is the next vital smart device to Secure Your Front Door of your home. Like a smart doorbell, a smart lock replaces your old door lock and communicates to your home network via Wi-Fi. You can use your Google Nest or Amazon Echo smart speaker, as well as the lock’s smartphone app to operate the smart lock.

You can enter your home without needing physical keys by using your smartphone to operate the smart lock. Simply approach the front door, and the lock will unlock itself after detecting your presence through Bluetooth.

Additionally, you may lock or unlock the door using the lock’s smartphone app. You can do it from any location inside your house, even when you’re not there. To check out who is at your door, use the camera in your smart doorbell app. If it’s someone you wish to let in, use the door lock app to have the door immediately unlocked for them.

A smart door lock is particularly beneficial if you frequently forget to lock your front door. Using the phone app for the lock, you can lock it if you forget to do so and check the lock status from anywhere you are. There are plenty of smart door bells you can purchase.

Smart Security Lights

Secure Your Front Door

Using one or more smart security lights is another way to secure your home’s entrance as well as the entire perimeter. You can manually turn on or off traditional security lights in response to movement.

The majority of smart security lights use motion sensors to activate them. But they also connect to other smart home appliances and smartphone apps. So you can control them from a distance or with voice commands. When activated, the majority of smart security lights will also notify your phone.

A few smart security lights also have cameras inside. Due to the camera’s automatic activation whenever the motion sensor of the light detects movement, this increases security. On the device’s smartphone app, you can see footage captured by the camera.

Smart Security Cameras

Smart Security Cameras

Check out the newest generation of smart security cameras if you simply want a security camera without a floodlight. When a motion is detected, a smart security camera is triggered and feeds video (and frequently sound) to a smartphone app or to any smart display. You can choose to manually start the camera at any time if you want to see what’s going on outside your front door.

Recognize that most manufacturers produce security cameras for both indoor and outdoor use. Of course, you want a camera you can use outside of your house. A wired or battery-operated outdoor security camera is a little more durable than an interior one. Even solar power used in some models.

Install a variety of cameras all the way around the outside of your home for best security. Including on the corners, front door, garage, and rear. With no blind zones, you can see what is happening across your entire house thanks to this.

Multi-camera kits are sold by many manufacturers specifically for this use. To flip between camera perspectives, connect all of the cameras to the same camera app on your phone.

Securing Your Front Door—The Smart Way

You can still secure your front door of your home with a smart doorbell, smart lock, security light, or security camera without having to spend a lot on a typical home security system.

Each gadget connects to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to lock or open your door from the comfort of your couch. And see who is at your front door.

Thanks to today’s reasonably priced and simple-to-install smart devices, you can even operate your front door while you’re away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are smart front door locks safe?

Smart locks are more convenient to use and can be locked from anywhere. But when it comes to security, they are fairly similar to traditional locks if you forget to lock up. They are just as secure as conventional locks because the majority of smart locks work with a conventional deadbolt.

What is a smart lock for your door?

A smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home device. It allows users to lock and open doors with a simple voice command or finger tap. It also allowing them to leave their house keys at home. Even when you’re at work, you may unlock a door to let a visitor in thanks to smart locks’ remote access feature.

How does a smart video doorbell work?

Similar to security cameras, video doorbells record audio using a speaker and microphone and video using infrared LED sensors or a spotlight during the day or at night. The video is either locally on a micro-SD card that is already embedded into the device or remotely on a cloud server.

Are smart door locks worth it?

Yes, smart locks are network-connected, and owners should always keep their apps updated, passwords protected, and PINs handy for voice assistant opening. Smart locks do, however, reduce the possibility of someone stealing the key from under your doormat.

Can wireless cameras work without Internet?

Yes, wireless cameras can function without an internet connection. But you won’t have access to all of its functions. Of course, the type of camera, how it was set up, and how it stores video all affect whether or not the camera would function without an internet connection.

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