How to Use Touch ID on iMac

How to Use Touch ID on iMac

How to Use Touch ID on iMac

A simple guide to notify you about how to use Touch ID (T ID) on iMac. You can sign in, use Apple Pay, and more without entering your password.

What to Know

  • T ID on iMac requires the Magic Keyboard With T ID and a compatible M1 iMac.
  • Open the Apple menu and choose System Preferences > Touch ID > Add Fingerprint to enable Touch ID.
  • Through the T ID menu in System Preferences, each T ID feature can enabled or disabled.

Starting with the 24-inch M1 iMac that will be available in 2021, this article covers how to use Touch ID on an iMac. If you have a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with T ID, these methods will still work for you.

Does i Mac Have T ID?

As a safe sign-in and payment verification technique, Touch ID has been a part of iOS for a while. In 2016, MacBook series introduced the technology to macOS. Macs did not come with Touch ID out of the box since they are lacking an integrated fingerprint scanner. iMacs with an Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID are compatible with the functionality starting in 2021 with the 24-inch M1 model.

Where Is T ID on i Mac?

You need a Magic Keyboard with T ID and an iMac that supports the keyboard in order to use T ID on your iMac. In addition, T ID is not available if you have a normal Magic Keyboard without a T ID button or an iMac. It released before the 24-inch M1 iMac.

Look at your Magic Keyboard to see if T ID is supported on your iMac. You have a regular Magic Keyboard and cannot use T ID. Because there is an upper-right key has an eject icon on it. The keyboard supports T ID if it has a circle icon on the upper-right key.

Touch ID on iMac

How Do I Use T ID on My iMac?

Place your finger on the fingerprint reader when asked to do so by an on-screen message to use T ID on an iMac. When using Apple Pay or logging into your iMac, for example, you can sign in by touching the fingerprint scanner rather than typing your password.

Before using the T ID function on your iMac, you must first set up T ID if you haven’t already.

Here are steps to set up and configure T ID on your iMac:

  1. Click the Apple icon on the Mac menu bar.
Touch ID on iMac

2. From the drop-down menu, choose System Preferences.

system preferences

3. Choose Touch ID on the System Preferences screen.

Touch ID on iMac

4. Select Add Fingerprint.

Touch ID on iMac

5. When asked, place your finger on the Touch ID key on the keyboard.

Touch ID on iMac

6. Lifting and repositioning your finger on the Touch ID key repeatedly. As you proceed, your fingerprint starts to appear on the screen in red.

Place fingerprint

7. Once the entire fingerprint is red and the impression is complete, stop moving your finger on the Touch ID key. Click Done once Touch ID finished.

Complete T ID

8. Check the Touch ID settings, which are all set to “On” by default. Click the corresponding checkbox next to any of these features. That you don’t wish to use in order to remove them.

View T ID

Tip: On your iMac, do you want to use Touch ID with more than one fingerprint? You can add more fingerprints by just clicking Add Fingerprint once more.

What Does T ID Work With on iMac?

T ID has made to replace typing in your password in a number of times.  On your iMac, you get to choose what you want to use T ID for. For example, you can choose only that option in the Touch ID settings if you only want to use Touch ID to unlock your iMac. Otherwise, a password will still required.

Here are the different things you can do with Touch ID on an iMac:

Unlock your Mac: Use your fingerprint to unlock or wake up your iMac instead of entering your password. Your iMac may occasionally ask for your password in order to enable continuing usage of Touch ID in this way for additional security.

Apple Pay: You are presented with your saved payment methods and the option to use T ID rather than your password when making purchases through Safari.

iTunes Store, App Store, and Apple Books: Use your fingerprint to finish the transaction with your saved payment method when buying products through Apple’s services.

Password AutoFill: Use Touch ID to have the password fill in for you automatically when asked to enter a password you’ve already saved.

Fast user switching: If fast user switching has enabled, you can choose your account from the fast user switching option and proceed by using your fingerprint as the final step rather than entering your password.

Why Is My T ID Not Working on My iMac?

A few factors, such as issues with your fingerprint and the iMac’s security settings, can prevent Touch ID from working on an iMac. These are the most typical issues:

Fingerprint not recognized: If your iMac notifies you that your fingerprint has not recognized, check to see if your finger and the Touch ID button are both dry and clean before attempting again. Dry skin or cuts on your finger can prevent the sensor from properly recognizing your fingerprint It is rendering Touch ID ineffective. If you have more than one fingerprint set up, move your finger’s position on the sensor or use a different finger.

Password still required: When you initially turn on your iMac, it normally asks for a password. After that, you can use Touch ID to wake it up. If your iMac has been on for more than 48 hours or if Touch ID repeatedly fails to recognize your fingerprint, you will additionally asked for a password.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I remove a Touch ID fingerprint on my iMac?

Touch ID allows the system to recognize up to five fingerprints. Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Touch ID to remove one. Enter your password, pick the fingerprint you wish to delete, and then click OK. Delete

Can you enable Touch ID for apps?

To make purchases in the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, and online with Apple Pay, you can use Touch ID. Some third-party apps allow you to sign in with Touch ID as well. Make sure these options are selected when you set up Touch ID.

How do I use Touch ID on iMac 24?

Click “Touch ID” under “Apple menu () > System Preferences” on your Mac. After entering your password and clicking “Add Fingerprint,” follow the onscreen instructions. ou can add up to three fingerprints to your user account (your Mac can store up to five fingerprints total).

What does clicking the Touch ID button on Mac do?

You can set up Touch ID and then use your fingerprint to unlock MacBook Pro, quickly lock your screen, or make purchases from the App Store, Apple TV app, Apple Books, and on websites using Apple Pay. Install Touch ID. During setup or later, you can configure Touch ID in the Touch ID pane in System Preferences.

Why does my Mac say your password is required to enable Touch ID?

Mac computers with Touch ID are designed to request passwords after each login for security reasons. No matter if you’ve just set up Touch ID or not, if you’re signing in to your Mac for the first time, you’ll need to enter your password for security reasons.

How do I reset my Mac Touch ID?

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Touch ID . Do any of the following. Change a fingerprint’s name: To input a name, click the text that appears beneath a fingerprint. Removing a fingerprint Enter your password, select a fingerprint, click OK, and then select Delete.

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