Knowing The Different Ball Valve Types

Knowing The Different Ball Valve Types

Knowing The Different Ball Valve Types

For those who don’t know, ball valves are mechanical devices that manufacturers use to allow or prevent the passage of fluid in a piping system.

Some manufacturers call them quarter-turn valves since it only requires a 90-degree rotation of the handle to change the position of the valve from fully closed to fully open.

Ball valves come in various types. The difference between these types is based on the size of the ball and the valve itself. 

Every type of ball valve enables a different amount of flow. So, if you want to know the different ball valve types, here are some of them.

V-Port Ball Valve

A V-Port ball valve is your best bet if you require control of the flow rate. In this type of ball valve, the ball is shaped like a V. This enables a tiny opening to be managed or a complete opening.

This enables better control compared to other forms and is ideal if you want to maintain a proper flow rate. 

The V-port ball valve is also perhaps the most commonly used ball valve types in the world. 

Reduced Port Ball Valve

This type of ball valve has a reduced ball to help limit the flow when required. It’s a lot smaller compared to the pipe. The flow through the valve is also one pipe size smaller compared to the size of the valve’s pipe.

This kind of ball valve produces a pressure drop in the pipeline.

Standard Port Ball Valve

With a small port and small ball, the standard port ball valve is sometimes more affordable compared to other forms of valves.

This is an ideal choice and does not limit flow too much. Unlike the full port, the standard port ball valve has a smaller ball and port.

While they’re more affordable compared to other ball valve types, they have higher pressure drops, unlike other types of the ball valve.

Standard port valves are best for systems with high flow coefficient. They are usually utilized in most medical plastic injection molding companies. 

Standard port ball valves are extremely popular. They are utilized in most industries that need the use of ball valves. They’re often used as a one-size-fits-all valve. 

Full Port Ball Valve

This enables an unrestricted flow of fluid. Because the pipeline and the hole have the same size, the valve is big and has extremely little friction.

Compared to other forms of ball valves, the full port ball valve is also more expensive.

What Are Ball Valves Made Of?

There are various materials utilized to produce various types of ball valves. A couple of the more popular materials include:


While iron isn’t as flexible as PVC, it has its own benefits when it comes to the production of ball valves. 

Since iron can withstand a huge range of temperatures and pressures, it is considered a well-known material for creating ball valves.

Almost every reliable auto accessories supplier use ball valves made of iron because of its advantages over other materials. 


Chlorinated PVC (CPVC) is almost the same as PVC. However, it can tolerate higher temperatures than PVC. 

This material is ideal for ball valves that will be used to handle hot fluid.

Stainless Steel

Various types of ball valves utilize stainless steel as one of the materials in their design because it contains a lot of positive properties. This includes corrosion resistance and durability. 

Ball valves that are made of stainless steel are usually utilized in general plant systems and geochemical systems. 

Brass And Bronze

Brass and bronze are best for ball valves that are utilized in the systems under medium or low pressure. In addition to that, these materials are corrosion resistant and water resistant.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a type of plastic that is utilized in the design of ball valves. One of their benefits is that they’re smooth and flexible. 

This offers easier movements for ball valve parts.

How To Choose A Ball Valve Type?

Keep in mind that every type of ball valve has its own benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the ideal ball valve type will greatly depend on where you want to use it and its application.

For example, reliable manufacturers that use a ball valve for the production of high-quality custom milk bottle should opt for iron ball valves since they can withstand high heat. 


It does not matter what you’re using the ball valve for. It is vital that you get the correct type of ball valve for your needs. 

Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to determine what type of ball valve is ideal for your application. If this is the case, you can always rely on professionals for help.

A professional ball valve manufacturer should help you choose the right ball valve. They’ll ask you about your application. Once you give them all the information  they need, they’ll recommend the best type of ball valve  fast.

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