Fixed “MD 5 Hash Value is Invalid” error in Odin tool.

MD 5 Hash Value is Invalid

MD 5 Hash Value is Invalid

Fixing “MD 5 Hash Value is Invalid” error in Odin tool.

There is no other tool in market which is as handy as Odin to install Rom for Samsung galaxy devices. But, we cannot say that Odin always does its work smoothly. There are many handful of situations where Odin might be challenging. But, it is not a big deal to tackle at all. Today, I’m going to provide you the details by step by step to tackle one such error. The error is “MD5 Hash value is invalid”.

If you are stuck with this error, then follow this in detail.

Causes and Solution:

There are many reasons for the error and there are some remedies depending on the error. Please go through the causes one by one to find the particular cause which happened and get it solved by the solution given.

  1. Corruption of File:

Sometimes, the file which you have downloaded might be a corrupt one. But make sure that the file you downloaded was from a reliable source. Download the file from reliable source ad try flashing using Odin tool again.

  1. If file was not downloaded properly

Sometimes, the downloaded file may be improper or incomplete. The interruption during downloading may be one of the reasons. Better check the file size before downloading and then on the downloaded file. If there is a mismatch, then downloaded the file again and try following the same steps on Odin tool.

  1. File renaming from .tar to .tar.md5

The file which you might have used was .tar.md5, this should be .tar . This is one of the reason for throwing this error. Renaming it back to .tar solves this issue. But, sometimes it can cause more error if the file contains something else. So, better to check the files again.

We have also written many guides, errors and solutions. Please go through all those. For any doubts, just drop a message and one of us will get back in a while. Have a good day everyone!

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