Different Samsung Odin tool flashing errors and their Remedies.

Different common error messages while flashing Samsung using Odin tool

Different common error messages while flashing Samsung using Odin tool

Common error messages while flashing Samsung using Odin tool


If you have ever tried flashing your Samsung device, then you might have faced some errors in the middle and might have stuck. This post lists out all such errors and the encountering strategies for all such issues in Samsung devices. Go through the complete post and follow if you are facing any issues.  Most of the times Samsung  Odin tool works without any major issues. But, nevertheless, can we ignore some the error message popping on the window saying error message.

Stuck at Samsung galaxy logo after flashing and not proceeding further.

Stuck at Samsung galaxy logo after flashing

Case 1: This error normally exists when the re-partition has gone wrong. Make sure you don’t tick in the re-partition and auto-reboot option and try flashing again. Once the flashing is done, reboot your phone to recovery and if required go for factory reset (Recommended).

Case 2: PIT files are very important when the flashing is done. If you have downloaded a random PIT file which is not the proper compatible version to your device then you might end up with this error sometimes. So, please search for the proper PIT file accordingly to your device and specify the proper firmware file in Odin.

Case 3: Some of the devices might not support the newer versions. So, give a try on the older versions. Try flashing the device again and I promise you will come over this issue successfully.


2. EXT4 image error

I have made a detailed tutorial for tackling this error in my previous post. Please follow the link if you are facing this issue on your device.  : Link

Fixing the invalid EXT4 image using Odin Tool - Samsung Galaxy


3. Error showing “SW REV CHECK FAIL” on screen


Remedy: This error occurs when the ROM (Read only memory) is not a proper supportable one for your device or is an old version. If you have already updated to a high level of the version, then you cannot roll back to the versions below that. Just find the recent versions and for your current phone versions.

4.Error displaying secure check fail

displaying secure check fail

Case 1: The cause for such errors is either the incompatible boot loader or the corrupt ROM.  Better   to check the ROM by the comparison of md5 signature with on some server.

Case 2: Reactivation lock may also create some issues while flashing using the Odin tool in Android devices. The solution is to change the settings a bit. Go to Settings ->look for “Reactivation Lock security” and deactivate it.

5. Screen showing a blank white screen

Screen showing a blank white screen

This might look scary but this is the easiest problem one could tackle without any difficulty. This is not actually a real problem. The phone would be completely functional but only that the display is broken. I recommend you to boot to download mode. Flash the stock firmware with Odin, Simple!

6. Error which displays “Nand write start fail”

Nand write start fail

Solving this error in Odin tool is challenging but not complex. There are many cases why this error exists and there are various remedies to resolve it. It is mainly caused by a corrupted NAND file system. Odin usually de-compresses the writes the firmware to the device, but while doing so, the file may be over-compressed where it fails to decompress quickly throwing the time out error. Try the below mentioned solutions.

  1. Try flashing again with proper PIT file.
  2. Download a new Odin firmware file and try flashing the device again.

#3: If the phone is already bricked and you cannot access anything, then you should modify and extract the correct firmware compatible with your device. You can download either Cygwin for Windows, 7zip or device correct PIT file for doing the same.

7: Error which displays “MD5 hash value is invalid”

MD5 hash value is invalid

Odin tool while flashing verifies the hash value present in the file. If it fails to verify this hash value, then it throws this error. There are multiple reasons for failing to verify this value. May be the file was not downloaded properly, the flash file being corrupt, or the file you downloaded might not have the md5 hash value to verify in it.

Solution: If you know properly the cause then you can try the particular remedy for it, else you can try all three together, so that it removes all the different possibilities of causes.

When you download any files, you should better check the source file memory and the memory after downloading. There might be some normal causes such as download interruption, file not getting merged after downloading or something. If this is the cause, then you should download the file again and try doing the same.

If the file is corrupt, then you should go for a corrupt free file. More Details About MD5 hash value is invalid


Fix Could not do normal boot odin mode

After Flashing, After rooting my Device, I got error. Computer does not detect my Device. and odin does not detect my phone and No ”added” message. Only Device says is “Could not do normal boot odin mode”. Actually. first time I tried to root my phone. then this problem happened to me. I search answer on google,forum but there are not suitable answer for me.However finally, I found a answer. Read More – FIXED – COULD NOT DO NORMAL BOOT ODIN MODE


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