Must know facts about PIT files

Must know facts about PIT filesMust know facts about PIT files

Must know facts about PIT files

Complete guide on Samsung PIT files

PIT files? Does it ring a bell?! I would take it as a yes if you are a Samsung device user and are savvy about knowing the inside things of Samsung and has dealt with flashing the device using Odin or Custom ROM recovery. For all those who don’t know it yet, this post will make you understand what PIT files are perfectly. I have come across many questions on this, the PIT files are the needy files during Custom Stock firmware flashing. The reason for people getting confused eventually is due to the availability of different PIT files for the same model numbers too! I’m making a detailed post today on this so that I can put a period on this confusion. Sit back and enjoy the post. Leave a comment if you are finding anything difficult or confusing.

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I am writing the article today in a different kind of perspective. Depending on my experience, the one who deals with the PIT files are more likely to get some doubts. So, I’m letting you know these misconceptions first and then telling you the exact facts. The newbies who tries to flash the device would usually end up with this doubt. But, we cannot turn down the fact that an experienced one too gets stuck while selecting PIT files for flashing sometimes. The main reason behind this is the multiple PIT files rolled down for same model numbers. Isn’t that really confusing for anyone? Yes, it indeed is!

I will let you know the truths and facts behind each of them with an instance.

Instance for complete crystal clear understanding:

Samsung galaxy device has the following mentioned PIT files rolled out.

  1. s1_odin_20100512.pit
  2. s1_odin_20100513.pit
  3. s1_odin_20100803.pit

Which one should I go for now? The numbers at the end makes it really confusing to select the proper one. But, they are very simple. They just represent the roll out dates. The files are all of s1-type to be used with Odin, and if you look at the numbers , then you will quickly find out that they are dates as in YYYY/MM/DD, these are the dates where these files have been created or released. Sounds little weird though. Having said that, you can use any PIT files you want. If you fail using any in particular, then you can select a different one. So, a complex naming system of PIT files is simplified now!

20120316 > 2012-03-16 
20120316 > 2012-03-16 
20140303 > 2014-03-03 

Now, let’s deep dive in to the topic to know more about these PIT files.

What is The PIT file- A detailed brief description:

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PIT-> partition information tables. It contains the partition files for the galaxy android devices. It contains all the required information such as Partition name, Block size, Block count, and many more required technical information. The PIT files are must for flashing the devices. Selecting the proper PIT file is a must in the flashing process.

Why PIT file? What’s the significance?

Now, it’s the time to know about the reason for having this PIT file. What does it do?! All it does is re-partition the ROM of your device in to some sectors shown below.

  • Model
  • Cache
  • PBL
  • PIT
  • EFS
  • SBL
  • SBL2

These partitions will help the device in flashing in a very systematic way in the device, facilitating in flashing from top to bottom without any difficulty if done properly.

I have also written posts on using Odin tool for flashing and the usual errors we face and lot more. Please go through if you would like to try any of them.

Extra Add-on tip points on PIT files:

  1. If you get multiple PIT files for same model number, then you can go ahead and select any of them. The only difference between them would be the memory allocation for the different sectors in ROM.
  2. There is no proper reason behind the space trade-off between /dbdata and /partition. They might contain the partition fixes. There is no official detail on that though.

I hope the post came in handy for the flashing. If you are facing any issues in following any of these steps, then feel free to drop a comment. One of us from our team will get back to you quickly. Also, go through the other posts as well. Thanks!

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