Nintendo 2DS XL vs Nintendo Switch, which handheld console to choose?

Nintendo 2DS XL vs Nintendo Switch, which handheld console to choose?

Nintendo 2DS XL vs Nintendo Switch, which handheld console to choose?

Before you even get started, you know you’re going to have to give up a few things, starting with choosing between home and portable consoles. So here are 3 tips to help you make your choice between the consoles: the 2DS XL and the Switch.

Tip #1 for an unbeatable gaming experience? Without hesitation, choose the Switch

The Switch is a special case. It’s a hybrid console, since it can’t really be called a portable console (it’s best expressed on a TV screen), nor a full-fledged home console. Anyway, in terms of power, it is really above the 2DS XL. If only for the comfort of HD screens, the Switch is the one to choose for a comfortable gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con: discover a new world with this portable console

While the Switch is designed for the whole family (including children), new worlds are available on this console. It exploits new universes and graphics of a new kind. The Switch is therefore ideal for retranscribing the very specific atmosphere of the games.

Tip #2 The 2DS XL will offer you a larger catalog of games

You can’t really say that the 2DS XL is better in terms of the number of games. In fact, the Nintendo Switch is a very new system, and it hasn’t had time to show its full potential yet (although some titles, like The Zelda of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild have already reached legendary status). But under these conditions, the 2DS XL offers security: you already know what titles you’ll be dealing with.

New Nintendo 2DS XL with Mario Kart 7: the portable system with the timeless racing game

Can you imagine a Nintendo console without Mario Kart? The answer is no, so much so that the company offers it natively on its console. Besides, beyond the number of games, the console goes to the end of the portable format, the 2DS XL being less bulky than the Switch.

Tip #3 need a cheap console? On price, the 2DS XL wins again

Let’s face it: price is extremely important, whether it’s for video game consoles or in other areas. But if the Switch can be carried around, it still has the price tag of a home console. That’s why the point here will go to the 2DS XL. Much more affordable, it will delight parents who want to spoil their children without breaking the bank.

New Nintendo 2 DL XL White and Orange: the portable console at a low price

Indeed, if you have to respect a budget, nothing prevents you from finding a console like this one, offering only the essential. Here, nothing is superfluous: you simply get the console, and you can buy games later as well as different accessories (carrying case, headphones…), as and when you want.

Our choice : New Nintendo 2 DS XL Creeper Edition

It is finally towards the 2DS XL that the editor’s choice is made. If the Switch is promising, it’s better to wait for the home console to mature before launching. On the other hand, Minecraft has seduced millions of players around the world, both young and old. Ported to the 2DS XL, this game is interesting because it is a sure bet. If you don’t know what to give for Christmas or a birthday, chances are good that the person is a Minecraft fan.


The 2DS XL wins the battle of games, mobility and price. But keep an eye on the Nintendo Switch, because this console could still surprise you!

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