Quick Solution to Fix Blurry Pictures: A Handful Guide to Repair Blurry Images

Quick Solution to Fix Blurry Pictures: A Handful Guide to Repair Blurry Images

Quick Solution to Fix Blurry Pictures: A Handful Guide to Repair Blurry Images

Images are extensively used in personal and professional environments for addressing data transfer and storage concerns. Looking at the widespread data management needs, you may often face the common inconvenience of images getting blurry or unclear. There are a host of causes behind the issue, but the software market has intelligent solutions as well. When pondering on how to fix blurry pictures with ease, you can rely on the Wondershare Repairit program. The following article throws light on the software’s credibility in enough detail.

Part 1: Common Ways to Fix Blurry Pictures

Blurry pictures are a common issue that can be tackled through inbuilt features and applications on your device. Moving along the line, let us have a look at the process of addressing the photo repair concern on Android and iOS devices in what follows next:

  • For Android Users
  1. Navigate to and launch the ‘Settings’ application on your Android device.
  2. Hit the ‘Applications’ tab in the welcome window.
  3. Within the ‘Applications’ window, click on ‘Application Manager’.
  4. Swipe left till you reach the ‘All’ tab.
  5. Locate and hit the ‘Camera App’.
  6. Tap on ‘ Force Stop’ in the tab that appears next for closing the application.
  7. Re-launch the ‘Camera App’ to get clear photos.
  • For iOS Users
  1. iPhone 8 and earlier: Open the ‘App Switcher’ by double-tapping on the ‘Home’ button.

iPhone X and later: Swipe to the screen’s center from the bottom.

  1. Swipe off the ‘Camera’ app at the top to close it manually.
  2. Re-launch the app to click finer images.

Part 2: Intro to Wondershare Repairit?

Ahead of the inbuilt apps and tools, you can work with advanced software solutions to fix blurry photos without any hassle. Talking of the best alternatives, the Wondershare Repairit program is a market leader in this regard. The software promises excellent results in repairing unclear images through a high-speed and accurate process. 

The program works well with Windows and Mac-supported devices and comes with reasonably priced subscriptions. There is also a limited period trial version for making you familiar with software operation. The major advantages of the Repairit tool are its remarkable recovery rate of 96%, along with the image preview facility.

Output quality and resolution are the prime concerns with image and video repair applications. The software takes care of these constraints by retaining the original quality and resolution of the repaired images. The preview facility allows you to check and validate the image characteristics before saving them to your system. Other attractions of the tool include extensive device and format compatibility. You can fix blurry images from cameras, SD cards, external storage devices, and a host of other spaces with this tool. The software supports more than 1000 file formats for a quick and convenient recovery process. You can click on Wondershare Repairit to know more and download the product.

Part 3: Fixing Blurry Pictures with Wondershare Repairit

Having talked enough about the software’s credibility, let us take a look at the stepwise process of working with the tool to fix blurry pictures in what follows next:

Head to the official Wondershare website and download the program to your system. Take the following steps when the software is successfully installed:

Step 1: Upload the Blurry Images

Launch the program and select the ‘Photo Repair’ feature in the sidebar. Next, tap the ‘Add’ button to open the browser window. Select the blurred images from the locally saved files in your system and upload them on the program window.

The thumbnails and properties of the uploaded images appear on the screen.

Step 2: Repair and Preview the Images

Tap the ‘Repair’ button at the bottom and wait for the recovery process to complete. You will be notified when the picture repair finishes.

Click on the ‘Preview’ button or the image thumbnails to open the ‘Image Preview’ window.

D:\Anusha\2022\October\31-10-22\Quick Solution to Fix Blurry Pictures- A Handful Guide to Repair Blurry Images\Article Images\5.JPG

Check the results and tap on the ‘Advanced Repair’ button if the image preview does not seem fine. You should upload a sample image to proceed with the process.

Hit the ‘Repair’ button and wait till the images get repaired. You can preview the results again and change the sample image as well.

Step 3: Save the Repaired Images

Hit the ‘Save’ button in the preview panel to save a single repaired image. You can also select and save multiple files together by clicking on the ‘Save All’ button. Choose a location in the ‘File Explorer’ window to locally save the repaired images.

Part 4: Can Photo Blurriness be Avoided?

There is no doubt about the repair photo capability of the Wondershare Repairit program. However, there are some simple methods to avoid the issue of images getting blurred. Your body language while taking the snaps matters a lot for ensuring good capture quality. Keep your hands steady while making the clicks to avoid unclear images. Other things that may improve the image quality are using a tripod, and increasing the shutter speed.

You can also use remote controls and self-timers, or shoot in burst mode, make focus adjustments, etc., for capturing high-quality images. Take care of lighting while decreasing the aperture and ISO values for best results. Cleaning the lens and using Autofocus can also help through the process.

Part 5: Other Functions of Repairit

The Wondershare Repairit program is a one-stop solution for repairing blurry photos. Ahead of this, it can also repair broken, damaged, and corrupted videos. The software’s Advanced Repair mode can fix unplayable videos in the quickest span. You can repair damaged videos with the software under a diverse range of corruption scenarios with utmost ease.

The software can repair single and multiple video files together in almost all popular file formats. You can drop the concerns about video quality and resolution when working with this program. The tool can repair your largest video files quickly and conveniently.


Images are convenient file formats to save and share information. The credibility, however, comes with the issue of pictures getting blurred due to a host of reasons. Focusing on the solution, you can repair unclear photos with software solutions available in the market. When making a choice, the Wondershare Repairit program is the best alternative. The tool has a diversity of new and exciting features to quickly fix damaged images. The software promises a high-speed recovery process and retains the original characteristics of the image in the final output.

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