Top 4 Custom Vinyl Banners Designing Tips

Top 4 Custom Vinyl Banners Designing Tips

Top 4 Custom Vinyl Banners Designing Tips

Custom vinyl banners are one of the most famous traditional marketing techniques. Many business owners use custom vinyl banners for their business at networking events or trade shows. However, the custom vinyl banners will only become effective when you focus on the design factors. Remember that banners need to be simple. 

When you use traditional marketing efforts such as custom vinyl banners, you won’t have more than a few seconds to catch the attention of your targeted customers. The irrelevant design will look unattractive. Therefore, customers won’t read your signage. If you use smaller fonts, the message will become hard to read. On the other hand, pouring much information will make the customer banners messy. 

Hence, you should focus on the designing factor of the custom vinyl banners. Here are the top 4 custom vinyl banner tips you need to remember. 

Choose Legible Font Size

Think about the scale and size of your vinyl custom bannersWhat will be the legibility of your banners? Do people need to read the banners from a specific distance? Are the fonts effective enough to be interpreted? Make sure the height of the letter is 10 inches for every 100 feet of legibility. 

Additionally, keep in mind that you need to use larger fonts if you’re placing the custom vinyl banner in a faster traffic area. The fonts should be bigger than the general size so that the custom banners can target the freeway traffic without any problem. 

Pick Your Words Carefully

As mentioned earlier, you will only have 2-3 seconds to gain the attention of customers with custom vinyl banners. If your potential customers cannot read and understand the texts within a few seconds, you won’t be able to engage with them. Additionally, simplicity is one of the most important factors of vinyl custom banners. Make sure you don’t pour too much information on the banners. Additionally, make sure you use 15 words or less in your banners. While showcasing the brand message, use simple words because you’re not showcasing your vocabulary skills. This way your customers won’t have to provide too much effort reading the content. As per Business2community, brand messages drive future marketing.  

Focus on Your Competition

Nowadays, many small business owners use custom vinyl banners to promote their business. Therefore, you might have to face tough competition. If you’re placing custom vinyl banners in an area where there are other banners around, you need to find ways that would stand your banner apart for the crowd. For instance, using more vibrant colors and bigger banners will help you stand apart from your competitors. However, make sure you visit the location of installation to see the dominant colors. This way you can choose something unusual yet attractive and bright colors. 

Consider the Backdrop of the Banner

Determine the background before placing the custom vinyl banners. If you’re placing banners of green backgrounds, you need to change the colors as per the visibility. When you know the background beforehand, you can choose the contrasting graphics and colors that will prevent the content from blending with the background. Remember that custom vinyl banners that stand out will have a better chance of capturing attention. 


These are the top 4 custom vinyl banner designing tips you need to know. Do you still have questions about the designing process? Contact us and we will create a high-quality custom banner for your business. 

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