Trendy bags to try in spring 2022

Trendy bags to try in spring 2022

Trendy bags to try in spring 2022

2021 has come and the year is almost over. In 2021, we were able to witness several trendy bags from popular and even upcoming brands like Versace, Brother Vellies, Kara, Fendi, Isabel Marant, Hermes, etc. With 2022 on the way I’m pretty sure you are are excited about the trendy bags 2022 has to offer.

2022 spring is also on its way – a season where you’ll have to get clothes you’ll be comfortable with because it’ll get chilly outside. Picking the right type of clothes and shoes to wear during springtime isn’t rocket science but deciding on which bag to rock with your beautiful dress might be a little tricky. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the bags you should definitely try in spring 2022.

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags aren’t new because they have been around for quite some time and they are not going anywhere either. These bags have gained popularity over the years due to their design. Bucket bags were trendy in 2021 and they made it to a lot of runways. 

Cylinder Bags

Cylinder bags are great and they are likely to be seen everywhere come spring 2022. This stylish bag has a compact design but don’t let that fool you, it’s surprisingly spacious. If you believe that smaller is better, then you are going to love this bag. You can get cylinder bags from popular brands like Hermes, Jill Sander, and Isabel Marant.

Basket Bags

Ever heard of a basket bag? Are they even a thing? Yes! They are and they are also quite trendy. Brands like Givenchy, Prada, Chole, Johannesburg Ortis, etc., all make basket bags. You can’t go out of style while using this bag. 

Bowler Bags

Yes! Bowler bags are back. Bowler bags have made their come back and it’s a bag you should definitely grab. The bag comes with dual top handles which makes carrying it easy regardless of its size. You can get bowler bags from brands like Christian Dior, Isabel Marant, Courreges, and Louis Vuitton.


Is there something better than carrying one bag? Yes! Carrying two bags. Carrying a big heavy bag doesn’t cut as trendy these days and then some people don’t like carrying big bags too. If you are like that and you want something that can carry all the things you need and also make you look stylish and trendy then your best bet is going for multi-bags. Top designers like Ulla Johnson and Altuzarra are making multi-bags.

Weekender Bags

For some people, springtime is a time where they to go out, visit new places, and gain new experiences. It’s one thing to go out and it’s another thing to go in style. There are a lot of weekender bags out there but if you are like me then you’d want the best weekender bag for women. The Apollo 1 XL Duffle bag is a trendy weekender bag you should consider adding to your collection.

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