How to Fix Glasses That Are Too Wide – Must-Known Hacks for Glasses Lovers

How to Fix Glasses That Are Too Wide - Must-Known Hacks for Glasses Lovers

How to Fix Glasses That Are Too Wide - Must-Known Hacks for Glasses Lovers

If glasses are too wide, you must be wondering how you are going to fix them. You should understand that live glass frames, human faces are different and can at times be cumbersome to find glasses that fit perfectly. However, there are a few things that you can do after you have bought your dream blue light reading glasses to be closer in your quest for comfort.

If you have been wearing glasses, you will know how annoying this can be when they fall because they are too wide. Whatever the problem that exists with the size of your glasses, you shouldn’t fear because there are a few hacks that glass lovers can use to correct the situation.

A step by step guide to help you fix glasses that are too wide

The first place where you can start is to look at the temple of your glasses. You will also need to check the nose pads because these are the softer parts of your eyeglasses that can be adjusted easily. Your eyeglasses should feel comfortable when you wear them, and shouldn’t be too tight or loose behind your ears. Use your judgment and apply a little pressure to bend the temple into shape if there is a need.

Tips to help you adjust the temple

  • Run the tips of your temple under warm water for about a minute.
  • For loosened frames, bend the tips gently downwards.
  • For tighter frames, bend the tips upwards.

Tips to help you adjust the nose pads

You have to be careful when adjusting your nose pads because this is what helps to keep your glasses firmly held behind your ears. You should follow the following process.

  • Hold the glasses by the lens as well as the nose bridge.
  • If the position of the nose pad is excessively high, bend those outwards.
  • Bend them inwards if you find your nose pads sitting too low.

 Adjusting the height of the frame (Plastic Frame)

When you wear your pair of glasses, your eyes should be positioned at the center. This should be in your mind when you are attempting to adjust it.


  • Soak your temple in warm water for about a minute.
  • To raise them upwards, ensure that you bend them towards you until it offers a nice fit.
  • Bend them outwards if you want to lower them.
  • After you have got to a perfect position put your temples inside cold water for a minute.

 When you should never try to adjust your glasses

Although the at-home options above can work, there are instances where you should let the professionals adjust your glasses. If a lot of adjustment is necessary, you may damage the frame since you will not know how to do it correctly. Also, if your pair of eyeglasses are made of titanium or metal, you are most likely to break them. If you aren’t sure about your ability, you should visit your local optician who will help you.

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