Update DJI Mavic Mini Firmware with New Features

Update DJI Mavic Mini Firmware with New Features

Update DJI Mavic Mini Firmware with New Features

It is better to update the Mavic Mini firmware and the usage of the new firmware is essential nowadays. The very update brings you more features plus fixes to the drone. In this article, we support you on how to ‘Update DJI Mavic Mini Firmware with New Features’. The task consists of the remote controller, the batteries, the software of DJI Assistant 2, and the DJI Fly app.

In detail, we have listed the new features and the solved cases in each updating process of Mavic Mini firmware. The most recent firmware, v01.100.0500 was introduced on 2020.04.23. It is true that there are some crucial features to discuss. In case, if your drone brings more cases, you better adjust the Mavic Mini. Here, three parts of the Mavic Mini have to adjust if you attempt that method. They are IMU, gimbal, and the compass.

DJI Mavic Mini Update Firmware Using Fly App

Let us move on to the guidelines that help you to update the DJI Mavic Mini to the latest version:

  1. First, check whether the battery level is at least above 50%.
  2. Connect the smartphone with the Mavic Mini Controller.
  3. Go and connect them to internet.
  4. Then, power on Mavic Mini and connect it with the remote controller.
  5. Search for the latest version of DJI Fly App. Download and install it.
  6. Now, go to the DJI Fly App. It will check for the firmware version. It will generate automatically.
  7. In case, if new one is for you, it will display in the very app.
  8. It will show you to download the Mavic Mini Firmware. Next, click on “Install”.
  9. Next, choose the “Update” option in the new firmware and tap on it.
  10. As the next step, you will notice a circle. There, the installment of Mavic Mini firmware is happening.
  11. After the process is done, the progress will show 100%. You will receive a notification, “Update successful”. Then, the drone will turn off automatically. Finally, set to restart the drone.

Update Mavic Mini Drone Firmware applying DJI Assistant 2 Software

In this section, we will see how to update the Mavic Mini firmware:

  1. Switch the Mavic Mini on.
  2. Use USB cable to connect the Mavic Mini to a PC.
  3. Go to the DJI Assistant 2 software in your laptop.
  4. Then, log into the app and choose your drone.
  5. Now, you will see the new version of firmware.
  6. Click on update button. There, you need to select the newest Mavic Mini firmware.
  7. Tap on the option to Start the Update.
  8. Next, you will visible enough the firmware is downloading with a progress bar.
  9. Soon after it downloads, the notification “transmitting” will inform you the firmware sends to the drone.
  10. After the transmission arrives 100%, the firmware in Mavic Mini will update.
  11. The bar will reach 100%. Then, the message, “Update Complete” will receive. Then, the Mavic Mini will power off automatically.

Update Mavic Mini Remote Controller Firmware applying DJI Assistant 2 Software

How do you need to update the Mavic Mini remote controller to get its’ latest version? Here are the steps.

1.            Turn the Mavic Mini remote controller on.

2.            Take a USB cable to connect the Mavic Mini remote controller to the computer.

3.            Go to the DJI Assistant 2 software on your laptop and open it.

4.            Search for the remote controller of Mavic Mini.

5.            There, you will see the new version of the firmware.

6.            Click on the update button. Then, select the latest firmware of Mavic Mini.

7.            Choose “Start Update”.

8.            Next, you will notice the Mavic Mini firmware is downloading. Then, it will transmit and update the remote controller.

9.            The notification, “Update Complete” will receive when the bar reaches 100%.

10.          Finally, Mavic Mini remote controller restarts after the firmware completes the task.

Related to the Mavic Mini Update ; ‘Update DJI Mavic Mini Firmware with New Features’.

When the Mavic Mini is Updated, the settings including the main ones like maximum flight distance, RTH altitude, and the unique settings will reset. So, you need to note down the settings in DJI Fly and set them back after the update is completed. In fact, you better Check for the modern version of the DJI Fly app. That is just because some of the features and firmware fixes perform well only with the latest version of the DJI Fly app. In case, if you fail to update go through these steps.

  • Restart the Mavic Mini drone including the remote controller.
  • Try the same method either for DJI Fly or DJI Assistant 2.
  • Finally, try once again to update DJI Mavic Mini

Note: You will notice a variety of parts, updates, and items in Mavic Mini. Click here!

Solving Mavic Mini Disconnect, Flight, and RTH problems

By the way, are there any issues that you have to come through while you are using the Mavic Mini? If, it troubles you, here is a simple article for you to read and get to know about the tips. Fix them easily.

Videos related to Mavic Mini Update Drone and Remote Controller

In fact, We attached two videos that depict the way to update the Mavic Mini drone and the remote controller. As we discussed that both of DJI Fly app and DJI Assistant 2 software help with the task, you can get to know about both. The next video will inform you of more facts about it.

The following video lets you know about the way how to update the firmware in Mavic Mini. The very video brings you more facts on how the DJI Fly app will help you to check updates and the current firmware version.

Moreover, the second video makes you aware of the new features and how to fix the issues in Mavic Mini firmware.

DJI Mavic Mini Care Refresh

Beyond, the DJI Mavic Mini Care Refresh brings a couple of units for replacement. It will cost a small amount of money for a year. Do you know its’ benefits? It supports you to cover several types of accidents. For sure, it will a great relief for you. For more details tap on the following link and read the FAQ.

DJI Mavic Mini Care Refresh

Updates of Mavic Mini Firmware Releases

By the way, It is pretty sure that you can enjoy and get to know about each type of Mavic Mini firmware by reading the new releases. So, we present you release note of Mavic Mini updates. Further, you can check them on the Mavic Mini download page.

Mavic Mini Firmware Release v01.100.0500 – Date 2020.04.23

  • It is essential to have either DJI Fly v1.0.8 or later version to enjoy the manual exposure in the videos.
  • The above versions need to perform the 1080P 24/48 fps and 2.7k at 24 fps resolution
  • either DJI Fly v1.0.8 or later version requires to set the manual white balance adjustment
  • The download speed of the images and videos have quickened.
  • Within some of the scenes, the flight stability enhances
  • The performance in the remote controller improved.

Note: In case, if the remote controller produces a beep sound, set it again.

Mavic Mini Firmware launches v01.100.0400 – Date 2019.12.31

  • The versions of either DJI Fly v1.0.4 or later versions need to perform the unlock GEO zones
  • The above versions are required to disable the launch in case the GPS signal lower than 8 and when the outside lights are not enough. The very feature will disable in the manual method.
  • If the outside lights are not enough and if the compass does not perform well, you can set the compass again just before departure.
  • The payload mode helps you to adjust in the flight altitude
  • The remind for the battery level generated
  • After the drone is power on, the sound that produces will reduce
  • The connection in some areas have interrupted and now it solves

Mavic Mini Firmware Release v01.100.0300 – Date 2019.12.04

  • In some of situations, the flight stability is improved
  • The hazard for the propulsion is generated by the system
  • When the drone departs in highest areas the performance of the drone is optimized
  • The status of aircraft orientation is leveled up
  • The gimbal control is improved
  • The model numbers in remote controllers have visualized incorrectly and it was fixed.

Mavic Mini Firmware launches v01.100.0200 – Date 2019.11.11

  • The QuickShots makes enable in all sorts of flight modes. The flight stability is improved
  • The facility of 2.7k video shooting is improved meanwhile the quality of video recording is enhanced
  • The images are illustrated with pious nature of them
  • The default image size is given as 16:9. The full screen view is denoted in the image preview section.
  • The troubles of sounds that occur while shooting is solved
  • Even the signal disturbs to get exact images with previews from the outside, The quality of the image transmission will support. Then, image transmission for the nighttime will help to get clear previews of the images.
  • The duration to connect is reduced
  • the Japanese version of Mavic Mini is added more functions for the security of the flight. It will support while the drone departs in lowest areas of the temperature. In addition, when the drone flies in stormy situations, the feature “Return to Home” will support to avoid the risks.
  • The gimbal performance improved
  • GPS speed for the searching improved
  • The performance of the Mavic Mini in high altitude places is secured
  • When ever the charging does not sufficiently work, the LED will remind. Further, LED makes you aware about the charging procedure. When the LED blinks quickly, it is for fast charging whereas LED blinks slowly for the normal charging.

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