What is the best way to evaluate a Fiber optic home Internet offer?

The activation of an Internet home offer should include an evaluation of some elements, to ensure you have selected the promotion that meets your needs. 

Let’s look at the following factors to consider before choosing a given promotion, so as not to choose it just because it is convenient at the time. 

Councils can choose from a variety of home Internet Fiber offers

It is important to know some information about Fiber offers casa internet before you activate your service. Below are the top three things you should know. 

At present, Italy is not entirely covered by fiber optic cable (which can reach 2.5 Giga in some cases, while 1 Giga in others). 

Due to this, this type of offer will not always be available, and you will have to “settle” for promotions which allow you to surf at lower speeds, such as those in fiber optics, ADSL, and FWA. Before enrolling in an offer, you should check your network coverage to determine which network technology you have reached. 

Check your network’s coverage by following these steps 

A fiber optic home internet promotion should also take into consideration the following factors:

  • On the market today, there are many all-inclusive promotions, but not all of them include free calls from landlines: you may have to pay an extra cost in order to receive this benefit or you may be required to pay much more simply by taking advantage of the offer online;
  • It is generally a mobile SIM card with unlimited giga or subscriptions related to streaming TV. Other services can be added to customize offers: generally it is a mobile SIM card with unlimited giga. 

A fiber optic home Internet plan costs less than 30 euros per month on average: if you have a promotion that dates back many years, you will probably be paying a much higher price. Additionally, you may be using an old modem and surfing at speeds that do not conform to current standards. 

Fiber optic comparison: the best deals 

In addition, using a comparator online to compare the available promotions makes the search and activation of a new fiber optic home Internet offer more effective. 

You can, for instance, do the following on SOStariffe.it:

  • See what the best Internet rates are that can be activated at your own home;
  • Select the offer that best suits your needs, without any commissions;
  • You’ll save money overall. 

In our current ranking of the best rates, we find Internet Unlimited from Vodafone, available at a discounted price of € 24.90 per month, with which you will receive unlimited Internet, up to a maximum download speed of 2.5 Giga, voice calls from landlines, and a modem with Wi-Fi Optimizer. you can optimize your home’s connection. 

Find out more about Vodafone Internet Unlimited

Fastweb offers different plans starting at 24.95 euros per month (which are reduced to 18.95 euros per month for existing Eni Gas and Light customers) and with which you can:

  • Download speeds of up to 2.5 gigabytes;
  • Landline calls;
  • Modem FASTGate free of charge;
  • There is a WOW Space included. 

A mobile SIM can also be added to customize the promotion. 

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