6 Apps You Can Use to Increase Productivity

6 Apps You Can Use to Increase Productivity

6 Apps You Can Use to Increase Productivity

We’ve all been there.  Going back and forth between the same 3 applications. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It’s exhausting. And it wastes too much time. You spend hours scrolling through endless tweets and videos until there’s no time left for anything else. You’re left feeling unproductive, guilty, and demotivated. But what if you discovered applications that will help control this feeling? In fact, they will only enhance productivity and thus, more positive feelings. Yes, the internet can also be used for things other than online shopping and cat videos. Here’s a list of applications that help with productivity.  

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6 Apps You Can Use to Increase Productivity

Khan Academy  

Khan Academy is an online tuition center that gives lectures on several topics. And the best part is, it’s absolutely free. All you need is an affordable internet service like the ones that come with Optimum bundles. These will give you easier access to this site. Not only this, the lessons are designed in a way that makes them easy to understand and fun. Khan Academy also has questions and reviews at the end of each lesson which tests your knowledge of the subject learned. Plus, the lecture videos are very aesthetically pleasing. The tutors use different colors for different concepts which make learning both easy and visually appealing. Online classes may not attract you at first, but give Khan Academy a try. You will learn new concepts and spend your time gaining knowledge. There’s nothing more productive than that.  


Okay, hear us out. This might seem like a giant black hole full of everything mindless. But it’s not. At least not when used correctly. YouTube has a lot of channels that dispense information you wouldn’t find anywhere. It has the most unique content that is both engaging and useful. For instance, you can find the greatest takes on history, literature, film, and politics and develop a worldview unlike anybody else. Also, it has great animations to go along with these videos. And the best part, you can spend long hours on these channels and you’ll gain nothing but knowledge. Here’s a list of YouTube channels that will help you.  

  • Kurzgesagt: Explains complex theories in a simple, fun way 
  • Lemmino: For mystery and history 
  • Sam onella academy: For science  
  • Life of Philosophy: For Philosophy and other concepts 
  • AntsCanada: On ants  


What if you could spend all that wasted time on learning a new language? Duolingo is an application that teaches any language you want to learn. It has French, Dutch, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, and many more. Duolingo teaches simply and quickly. It starts with a beginner level and eases users into learning languages. It also keeps testing your knowledge on a daily basis so you don’t forget. Plus, it’s free. So, you can learn as many languages as you want and it’s won’t cost a penny. Duolingo also has a great interface that is easy to use and understand. It ensures productivity and knowledge.  


Toggl is a time tracking application that helps you control the amount of time you spend online. Those hours spend arguing on Twitter? Or that entire day spent stalking random Instagram profiles? Toggl will make sure that doesn’t happen again. It tracks the time you spend on each such application and warns you when you go too far. In cases of overconsumption, it alerts you so it’s easier to not be trapped in an endless cycle of scrolling. Moreover, when you’re aware of how you’re spending time, you’re less likely to waste it. Apart from this, Toggi also offers detailed reports of your data in easy-to-read formats.  


Who doesn’t need a to-do list every now and then? Todoist is an application that helps you manage everyday tasks and responsibilities. It lets you write notes and things to do in every form you can imagine. Tables, lists, charts. Everything that helps in organization. Plus, it also sends you timely reminders so you can stay on top of the work you’re supposed to do. You can also record your own tasks so it’s easier to remember what’s done and what’s left.  

Google Docs 

Google Docs has gained popularity over the last few years. This is because it is an amazing application for file sharing and collaboration. It helps you edit and write documents while also sharing and collaborating on projects. You also don’t need to keep saving or sharing files and documents. It has an option that allows its users to view the same file you’re viewing and to also edit it. This is especially helpful if you’re cowriting a paper.  

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