7 Websites to Make a Free Collage Photo

7 Websites to Make a Free Collage Photo

7 Websites to Make a Free Collage Photo

Crafting your very own collage photo may sound costly, time-consuming, and strenuous to achieve the perfect outcome. For this reason, various websites have come up with free software that enables you to create collage photos with a collage maker online that is deliberate just to meet your needs. Whether you are an amateur or a pro promo.com can work right for you. The following are some of the best collage makers you can pick from as per your criteria:

Promo’s Collage Maker 

Not only is this one of the best video editing software but now provides a platform where one of their clients can use the collage maker online tailored to combine your pictures into a marvelous collage photo. The site alone is beautifully structured with a white and pink theme that provides a warm and exciting working environment for you.

Professionalism is not a requirement as the process has been simplified into 3 easy steps which are: First, select a template that best suits the occasion. Secondly, add photos from your library or theirs and finally customize them with tools such as filters, color contrast, shadows, and texts to produce your desired result. 

There is a stock library for free collage templates such as product, event, or business promotions helping you save on costs. You can edit each photo beforehand on the site by adjusting the filters, saturation, and size. 24/7 customer support is at the beck of your call in case you encounter any problem. Using this collage maker online guarantees you striking collages provided you do not overuse the features present in the software.

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This is available for both android and IOS users as soon as you sign up and log in to the website. From fun and gleeful to corporate designs, the site has you covered with layouts, colors, and fonts that best suit your needs. You can save your photos as a PNG or JPG and share them directly to social media such as Facebook and Instagram or print and hang it on your walls.

This process does not have to weigh on you alone, you can do this with family or friends on this site together regardless of where they are! Share and enjoy this treasure for life.


The use of Befunky’s collage maker online depicts work made easier through its collage wizard that automatically creates a collage for you as soon as you upload your photo. You can also customize the layouts for yourself with endless options and effortless editing tools to express yourself without limitations.


Most Adobe applications require a high learning curve but Adobe Spark Post was specially designed with an all-around friendly interface. This means that you do not require a special set of skills and the procedure has been simplified as well. You can search for templates by task, mood, aesthetic, or platform and work from there. Amp up the flair with the site’s exclusive design assets such as animated stickers. To save time, you can auto-apply your brand colors, logos, and fonts. But for this feature, you will have to subscribe to a premium plan.


Fotojet, a product of Pearlmountain, is a free online collage maker that has gone an extra mile with its features. It makes your creation and editing a breeze. With these, you can create the most unique posters, banners, and headers that will boost traffic into your posts. It is effortless because no download or registration is required.


Just like the site’s name, this online collage maker has a unique set of tools. These tools enable you to create gorgeous collections of pictures in the shortest period. It allows you to combine videos with your photos. The site offers you a variety of templates from which you can choose and customize to fit your desires.

In addition, Picmonkey has an amazing set of effects. Such include the color changer effect. This can change the color of one specific part such as your sweater or shirt only. You can change your background or edit it out. It doesn’t end there! This site gives you a guide through every step towards a stunning collage.


Many people will attest that this site was specially designed for beginners. The site is easy to navigate with on-screen tutorials. It offers templates and grids for every occasion you intend to create your collage for. Each week, new stickers and backgrounds are added just so you can unleash your creativity without struggle. Download and editing are free. But for more features, you have to pay a certain subscription fee to join the VIP.

Final Thoughts on Free Collage Maker Online Tools Recommendations

Creating a collage photo is not as difficult once you get a wind of it. Begin with inspiration and a goal in mind then work your way towards it. Before choosing a website, create a checklist for what you need from it and use it. Do some research, explore, and do not be afraid to think outside the box. Working on the collage maker online requires the software and your imagination only making anything is possible.

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